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Boating honeymoon


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7 hours ago, Heffalump said:

We will keep an eye out! Planning to stop around Braunston tonight. 


Hope you didn't get too drenched today

Some work came up so I've not even made it to the locks yet - I'm between the locks and that big bridge that's being worked on.

stop for a cuppa on your way past if you fancy, blue boat with stuff on the roof :)

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Thought I'd very slightly necro this to reiterate my thanks, we had a fantastic week and didn't get very wet at all.


Unfortunately it has rekindled our interests in liveaboarding and we're now considering looking for a project boat to live and work on. (Idiots I know)


LoneWolf it was lovely to see you, thanks for the tea!

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On 12/05/2019 at 16:42, Mac of Cygnet said:

Congratulations!  Can we the younger members of the forum expect a pic like this in 40 years time, then?



Ruby Wedding.jpg

Ooh I like that! I think boating is a perfect way to celebrate a relationship, closeness, relaxation, and slowing down! 

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On 22/04/2019 at 22:28, Keeping Up said:

Congratulations. My wife & I had our honeymoon on a hire-boat in 1976; we're still married and still boating, I hope that's a good omen for you.

And we had ours going from Constellation Cruisers at Higher Poynton on the Macc. to Llangollen and back from 7th May 1977.  We had a fortnight!  Lovely.



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Congratulations, we saw you the other day, my wife and I spent our honeymoon on our boat 10 years ago and we are still in the honeymoon period (I am 70 )but still life in the old dog.

whats not to like.


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