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  1. Well I would like to see a zero emission narrow boat, hydrogen powered , perhaps, LPG , that did work for road vehicles in the seventies. a boat that could be used all year, not just when the suns out .
  2. I have nothing against cyclists who are considerate, but there is a few who think they own the towpath. my comment was a joke the same as the comment about using a stinger.
  3. Just lay blackthorn branch across the towpath, punchers the best of cycle tyres.
  4. Looks like summer has finally arrived, good boating weather πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  5. Yes I thought the same thing, but there was no sign that the film was removable. having researched these flexible panels on the Internet it would seem they have only a short life, I should of gone rigid.
  6. Racing canoe’s cause the worst disruption, anyone who has moored between Cropredy and next lock will of had the experience.
  7. Update on my stripy FlexibleSolar panels, it would seem the offending covering comes off with the application of soapy water and a sponge, now they look as they should and work back to 100% .
  8. Slowing down before you get to a moored boat is what to do, not going to tickover at 4mph just as you get level with the boat. ive seen this done many times and not always by novice boaters. But good mooring is always better.
  9. Yes I think you are right, they were sold as suitable for narrow boat use, but the roof does get very hot. and normal panels can be angled to face the sun better. we live and learn.
  10. Was a good idea having flexible panels, or so I thought. only three years old, warranty was for two. will try removing the coating, looks like a thin layer of varnish, it comes of quite easy. 😒
  11. Hi, has anyone had crystal solar panels? The flexible types you can walk on. My panels have gone stripy, diagonal stripes in the top coating and some of the thin coating is peeling, but they still work. they were ok before lockdown. vernon.
  12. 60ft but that winding hole is very tight.
  13. Just seen this when we tried to use the winding hole , bridge 28 Leicester section of the GU. work boat blocking the winding hole. there was a perfectly good mooring 50 metres away. 😀🀯🀬
  14. Not yet, just trying to see who is recommended for future reference and approximate cost, getting rust round the windows. In the midlands most probably, but will travel for good recommendations
  15. Hi, any recommendations who to do a complete bare metal repaint. thanks.
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