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  1. From 1961 Just a few views of canals early on. Anyone seen it?
  2. The Grand Junction Case - On Talking Pictures TV now. In the "Scotland Yard" series - a dismembered body in the cut!
  3. None of my business, BUT why would you buy a lock cottage and not want to see the lock?
  4. I don’t know if the Two Ronnies ever did a canal-based sketch but this is a canal forum and “The Prendergast File” is 15 minutes of canal history gold.
  5. Stellar2lw – interesting view of canals in the mid-1960s. Humour more like the mid-1950s. In colour but on the blurry side. No point judging things from the past by today’s standards but yes, once is probably enough! ?
  6. Just watched this on the Talking Pictures channel. The Prendergast File 1964. Spoof documentary. The Ministry of Public Apathy sends Prendergast to assess Britain's canal network Never heard of this before. You can watch the film here ---- http://www.eafa.org.uk/catalogue/4088
  7. John6767 – yes, it is now both ends of the same lock (the last photo steps top right shows it is lock 4) I visited "the scene of the crime" on Saturday but have not been back to see the result of the second event – I've got no idea what is going on!
  8. James Brindley “Lichfield, here I come! – On reflection, perhaps I won’t after all………..” https://www.facebook.com/groups/LHCRT/?fref=nf say …… “Peter Buck, our Engineering Director, at Speakers Corner in Lichfield telling the story of James Brindley and the Lichfield Canal, including a proposed route into the City Centre which was never built. This year is the 300th anniversary of Brindley's birth. A video of Peter's talk will be available soon.”
  9. Thanks for the information. Other parts of the maps appear to match exactly with the remains - but I have only just started using these overlays. As for the pond - I have wondered about it appearing to be at right angles to the line of the canal and the size of it (but I wasn't there at the time to see the remains). So its a "work in progress" as far as I am concerned!
  10. Churchbridge Locks - is anything left? I have followed various comments online and blundered about in mud and brambles (and main roads) but did not achieve much. Then I discovered the National Library of Scotland who offer "This application that allows a set of historical map overlays to be viewed (against current maps)". I have posted the results of my toil here http://www.thehodgkinsons.org.uk/wyrley-walk8.htm The various ponds mentioned do not align and are also in the middle of the opencast mine workings. If I have got this right I did it without leaving the front door an
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