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  1. Whether it can or not will depend on what is contained in the as-yet unpublished document (trust deed, perhaps, or Articles of Association) that contains the rules and regulations of the charity. Normally a board has powers to co-opt.
  2. This is fascinating. What is it about Mr Mayall that attracts the smelly voters? Does he own an after-shave factory, and has he promised freebies? Has he patented an anti-flatulence device that promises to bring relief to those with turbulent bowels? Or has he simply promised to hold his election meetings in the open air? I think we should be told.
  3. Not sure about your use of the plural, Lady M, but Kiki's lone voice certainly contained a ringing endorsement. And although I take your point (books and covers and all that), successful committee workers tend to be consensus-seekers (like Mr Fincher). A tendency to be dogmatic doesn't work so well (unless you're the chairman, and can't be voted out). But it would be good if Mr Mayall's undoubted talents could be brought to bear in some way. It's my view that CART will only work if it is able to harness a vast army of volunteers to work on canal maintenance, and perhaps Mr M could us
  4. Only if you are an idiot. With epoxy, an annual inspection, and repair of any scrapes, should ensure a very long life. But there won't be many scrapes; it's incredibly strong stuff.
  5. Sound advice, Blackers.
  6. Mr Mayall, since you seem to want me to prolong this derailment, I shall do so, but briefly. I first became aware of your existence when you started a poll a year or more ago on the subject of continuous cruisers. The poll questions were craftily selected so that the results would come out the way you wanted them to. You weren't actually seeking information at all (which is the ostensible purpose of a poll), but instead you were using the poll mechanism to promote your own agenda. If you wish to debate this further, feel free to start another thread. I honestly do not wish to interfe
  7. That's no doubt the intention. We should probably call this the Camel and Drivel Trust.
  8. Who cares? It really doesn't matter how many there are, as long as you have a decent-sized tank. You seem to think everybody with a pump-out loo fits a 20 litre poo-tank. Whilst that may be what you did once, it's not what intelligent people do. If all the pump-out machines on the Thames were removed, I would simply cruise down to the estuary four times a year and discharge at sea. Your posts on this subject are really very silly.
  9. Indeed. I have very mixed views about you. It's because I don't see things in black and white terms! I can appreciate your good points without pretending the bad don't exist. As for dishonest arguments, stop being disingenuous. We don't want to derail your thread, after all.
  10. Actually, Mr Mayall, it wasn't. The last thing I want to do is to get you cantering off on your hobby-horse again. I was merely making the point that you are basically a one-trick pony, with an inability to see shades of grey, and a tendency to argue dishonestly. Apart from that, you're great!
  11. Hmm. If MPs voted for what their constituents wanted, they'd bring back hanging and all sorts of unsavoury things. I prefer to vote for a good man who will do what he thinks is right, whatever the herd might want. In my opinion, you have shown yourself to be both devious and malicious when it comes to the matter of your personal bête noire, the continuous cruiser whose commitments limit his cruising range (and who usually can't afford a paid mooring). You therefore don't pass muster as "a good man", so you won't receive my vote. Which is a pity, because you are well-informed a
  12. Convert? What a strange word. It's the word a missionary would use when trying to persuade savages that his magic was more powerful than theirs. I don't seek to be converted. I just seek information. I can make my own mind up, providing I have the facts. As a "journalist" that's where you could be useful, if you had any interest in truth rather than "conversions". Do feel free to come back when you have some information to impart, rather than slogans and empty assertions.
  13. sebrof

    JP2 Overheating

    Tiggers, it's really very simple. If the water is returning hot from the skin tanks, then they are too small. Simple as that. It's not a pump problem, because if the pump were too slow, the water would have extra time to cool, and would therefore be cooler, not hotter. And if the pump is too fast, and the tanks adequate, the engine would not be getting too hot. If the water is returning cool, and the engine is still too hot, then it COULD be a pump problem, in that the water may be being pumped around too slowly to remove all the heat. If that is the case, the water coming out of
  14. If you have a fan-assisted oven, turn the fan off.
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