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  1. in cases such as these I think guilt comes in degrees, someone who panics and drives off and later calms down and gives themselves up can be understood to a certain degree but anyone who stops to use a victims phone or inspect their own damage suggests a total lack of empathy. Sub clinical psychopath perhaps? Link to old thread
  2. Those were the days, ate as much as I liked.
  3. Same skeg draught as ours and we had no problem.
  4. Let's commission Robin2.
  5. I was 'reliably' informed that our 60' nb shell was 5 ton, turned out to be over double that, also was informed that we needed much more ballast and the distribution was wrong, it was spot on when we launched. There's a lot of 'experts' around
  6. The aim of a seller should be to persuade someone to part with their hard earned money, better if a bit of haggling takes place, that way the seller gets a profit and the buyer gets a discount, everyone's happy, it's all a game but the seller needs the buyer to leave with a smile and therefore come back for more when he checks around later.
  7. Calculating the shell weight is time consuming but really has to be done, I spent ages working out the volume of steel in the whole shell, not too bad with patience and a calculator, completely different to the various estimates we were given btw. Then add on the fittings, bit iffy that one needs more patience than the shell, then the engine and ancillaries. Calculate the displacement at your desired draught, from that deduct your first calculation and what's left is you ballast requirements. Next bit is fore and aft distribution which is roughly a ratio of two thirds forward and one third rearwards from the centre of gravity. The rest needs adjustng when afloat so make your ballast accessible.
  8. My reasoning is you can easily and will inevitably abuse and eventually destroy batteries be they cheap or expensive so why not abuse cheap ones, forget all the stuff about nursing them and giving them lots of love and attention, they will die on you sooner or later. If you can get two years out of el cheapos then you aint doing too bad. Shop around and try to buy from specialist battery dealers who have a high turnover then you stand a better chance of getting fresh ones. Personally I have always had good results from Multicell, they can do a good deal if you buy enough. They also came up trumps when I told them that I had been supplied with their batts from someone who was supposed to be doing me a favour but had supplied me with starter batts, Multicell without hesitation delivered me a replacement set to avoid any bad feelings. Always found them good to do business with.
  9. The best fuel economy for cruising is to propel the boat as slow as possible to reduce drag though that needs to coincide with a low economical engine speed, if a small enough engine can idle and at the same time propel a boat which is still steerable then that's the most economical you can get IMO. Drag is the killer, it increases at an alarming rate with speed.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  13. I've been meaning to do an accurate record in exactly the same way as Robin, but assessing as accurately as I can I came up with 1 litre per hour at 1200 rpm cruising with our LPWS4 which is very handy for calculating fuel split as we do 3 mph at those revs and as we have an hour counter actuated when we are in gear we can easily work out the ratio of cruising to generation. Don't knock Robin for doing stuff like this, after all he's only playing like the rest most of us.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Funny that, a couple of years ago when I saw the rough job made with a cratch cover I sarcastically suggested to a certain person from Wi*sons that it would be a good idea to remove their label.
  17. Maybe some sort of idler between alt and water pump and mounted on top alt pivot? It would increase wrap on alt and pump.
  18. Imagine the horror of having a finger wagged at you, it doesn't bear thinking about...
  19. I suppose school lessons are an attempt to reduce death by drowning, but that's my point, maybe being able to swim increases the chance of falling in, also we keep hearing of swimmers getting into difficulties and paying the price. Being able to get to the bank can be handy but not being in that situation in the first place is handier still, I wonder how many don't bother with a life jacket because they can swim. Just a thought that's all
  20. Don't get me wrong I have always had good service from MC but in this instance PP came up with the goods and MC didn't. Maybe PP are not up to speed with the modern internet, perhaps they can't afford the services of a good web designer due to keeping profits to a minimum and passing that on to their customers? It's a pleasure to do business with someone who has their heart in the business and try their very best to keep customers happy. Good old fashioned retailer that tries to give value for money. I always walk out of there with a smile on my face and that says it all IMO.
  21. If he carried on at me I would studiously ignore him but if he frightened and upset my missus then by hook or by crook I would ensure that he did regret his behaviour. Mind you if my missus lost it I probably wouldn't have to intervene, I have a hot temper she has a cold one.
  22. I sometimes wonder if being able to swim is more risky, giving people a false sense of security, a healthy fear of water can be a life saver.
  23. When I went in through 1" of ice and into 4' of very cold water on the o/s of the boat I found the cold a stimulus to get out, can't quite recall how I did it but I whizzed up the side of the well deck and really didn't notice the cold too much, that is until I tried to speak! Gasp gasp gasp!
  24. We've just come back from a few snatched days on the boat, on our way up to Skipton where it's moored we rang Midland Swi...Chandlers to see if they had a 24v Jabsco pump in stock, 'no sorry we will have to order one'. Got to Skipton and rang Puffer Parts to be told she was sure they had one but to hang on while she double checked, back she came to say yes they had. They usually sell about 60 12v models to 5 24v ones each year and order that ratio each time, why can't MC do that? Seems easy enough to me, if a small outfit like PP can do it then MC have no excuse. PP really are the business, no bullshit, just a bit of banter and back chat, the main reason they are so good is the fact they are boaters and know what's needed + they always try to do better next time round, full marks. No connection to them btw.
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