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  1. Sorry Mike that was unnecessary of me to react like that. Please accept my apologies. We being the Much Beloved and myself have witheld our mooring fee, the other couple have left so that is about as much as we can do really. Yes yes yes....absolutely. That sounds like the one we had. I did ask around this weekend to see if anyone was up for just buying a lock and getting keys, but honestly they were about as enthusiastic as a pot plant. All just want to "wait till the new owners get here" - in other words as long as they did not get punched in the eye they are not prepared to spend a fiver on a new key. Where about are you. I guess it will be expensive to post that is the problem.
  2. I agree that this would have been a very logical thing to do....which we did not have to offer, we just end up doing it anyway.....cuttig the grass, doing repairs, electrics etc......we are just not acknowledged as doing anything.
  3. Hi All, since the Brammers desisted and deserted New Mills things have not really moved on at all. CRT took over the Moorings....and this is in the loosest sense of the word. They paid the rates and had the rubbish removed. Other than that, there has been no maintainance at the marina and things have really gone from bad to worse. We have all faithfully paid our mooring licenses and they have even more faithfully taken our money but since they took over: Letter box rotted and fell off the gate: Boaters clubbed together and bought a new one, put it up and share a few keys between us. Breakin in the buildings through a bit of hardboard over the windows: One of the boaters repaired this after CRT asked someone to do it for them. The driveway has disintigrated into a quagmore which is now almost impossible to drive or walk on. But the most worrying thing is that the lock which was used to keep the gates closed at night was stolen. Since there is no lock the gates are now left open to the public day and night. Our security was badly compromised 3 weeks ago when an intruder who I approached and asked to leave punched me in the side of my head and pushed me to the ground (I am a girl and 57 so really didn't expect that reaction) blackend my husbands eye and knocked a neighbours 3 front teeth out and really damaged his eye. A police case was opened and the intruder was caught. However when we called CRT and asked them for a new lock we were told "no you have already had one, you are not getting another one". They have not even had the decency to reply to the indicent reports we filed with them. Things have really deteriorated there, Since the beginning of the year we have had 3 boats leave and another 4 due to leave at the end of March. Whoever the poor person is who finally does take over the property are going to take over a ghost town...dogs are running free around the moorings, pooing wherever they choose, strangers stoll in and out on weekends and we are thinking of charging entry fee to stare at us. Its such a shame but really I do think that CRT should be taking a bit more interest in their property. Aparantly there is a "taker" for it but it has been delayed for 3 months, so I don't think we will even see a new lock. One good thing that came out of this is that people have been able to pull together in adversity, but for how much longer I just don't know. Nothing to really be done except sit and wait...just thought a catch up might be in order.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. I found a nice surprise in our local Buxton Advertiser - a photograph of our boat with a bicycle leaning up against it surrounded by my pots of flowers. Found out in the end a local bike shop thought it was the best backdrop for thier artical. Was I annoyed.......hell no.
  6. The way I feel about cyclists on towpaths, the best place for your bike is on the road where it belongs, and not on the towpath, digging it up, harrasing walkers and their dogs and generally being a pain in the rear end.
  7. Your doubts are correct, even when the situation was explained very politely to him he still continued to rant. Nope sorry he is a dickhead and tonight when I am home I am going to explain it to him nicely and also that his attitude stank and did not represent the feelings of the other boaters who treat the esssential services with respect.
  8. All safe and sound fortunatly but one of the units at the top of the marina, luckily just behind a nice thick wall, which is used to fix up old cars went up in smoke last night. We had a very ineresting evening sitting in our robes, PJ's etc, and watching the action (for this read: 12+ firemen). The reason I am sharing this with you is because of the amazing reaction of one of the boaters. While gas botles were exploding, paint tins exploding, firemen desperatly trying to put out this fire, and the water pump going crazy in the canal, one of the boaters who lives in a plastic rat at the end of the moorings came out and yelled at the fireman to switch the ****%%^% pump of, or they and it would land in the cut - they had woken him up. Words fail me - eventually the fire chief came down to try and calm him down but he was giving it all that !!! How much more self absorbed can one person get ??? The firemen did apologise for keeping us all awake but we thanked them for providing such an entertainment as no one was hurt....I called after them that they were my hero's and that I loved them all.....the Much Beloved at this point did remind me that he was standing "right here" - well of course I knew that !! So today we are without electricity but its being reconnected. Luckily as I say no one hurt and the unit is insured.
  9. Yesterday the Much Beloved got an email from C&RT after contacting them re: lack of electric cards, the loss of the gate lock and the general concern of the boaters. They have come back and said that they are busy sorting out the details of taking over the moorings, and as they stand nothing will change as far as our moorings are concerned and the costs will also remain the same. They have no plans to sell up or sell the lease on so we can breath a sigh of relief for now, at least we are keeping our homes, electric cards are on the way and the utilties are being connected in C&RT name. So here's holding thumbs for a bright future for this lovely little marina. It should never have got into the state it is in, but we have all tried our best to keep it looking neat while we have had no landlord so at least we know know what is going on. Just thought you might like to know.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. I can assure you that it has nothing to do with the boaters - of that I will be quite confident. The gates are never locked, peole are in and out and many of the units are rented out. I know the boaters and although I was sorry about his tires, none of us would be one teeny bit interesed in his wifes clothes or paintings. stated in my previous email when I told you all about the tires, that I thought it was a disgraceful thing to have done. I think I am ducking out of this conversation - I dont like being accused of being gleeful or my neighbours being cast in a bad light...we are the bloody victims here.
  12. For those of you who were following the saga of New Mills Marina and their liquidation, I just wanted to say that the lease has temporarily been passed to C&RT who I am sure will sort something out in due course. We all feel a bit more comforted now that its in proper hands for a while. There seems to have been some interest in buying the lease from various sources so we wait and see. On the gossip side of things the Brammer flat was broken into 2 weeks ago, only thing stoles was an "empty" safe, Mrs Brammer's designer clothes, shoes, bags and two of the most hideous paintings on Christendom. The claim according to High Peak radio is for thousands of pounds worth of jewelery and 2 ancient battle axes (to which Pauline and I looked at each other to make sure we were both still in situ) ....worth thousands ?? Mr Brammer has now left for Ghana again I think, safe in the knowledge that the wheels of insurance will grind in his favour.
  13. Seriously can they do that ?? Well we certainly do live in interesting times I must say. I am missing all the action as the office and flat at the marina have been broken into last night - Police are everywhere at the moment. Of course the gate was most likely not locked. its ironic really isn't it. We begged for the lock to be fixed for months and our pleas were ignored. Now there has been a break in, and the only damage done was to the home and office of the landlord. Things just seem to be going from bad to worse. I wish we at least knew something, this is the problem when all you have is runour and conjecture, everyone is feeling a bit disgruntled by now as you can imagine.
  14. editied becuase i repeated myself, repeated myself
  15. Awwww she says, thanks for that guys, my temper tends to sit on the back burner for months and then I just explode like that unpronouncable Volcano thing....I really dont have the time or tact to deal with lazy people. I saw Tony looking dejected today sitting outside in the dark with his tea and really felt for him. It makes me outraged that this has happened to him. ONE good thing that might come out of the Brammers return is that at least he and Chris and Enid will not lose their money.
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