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  1. IMO you need a bigger bank (and bank balance more like!) We have a similar usage to you and we average about 65-70ah @24v, 100ah if we do a wash, it's only down to the fact we have double your capacity that we are hanging on, only 4 batts and they would have died on us long ago. Don't know what inverter you have but ours is a 3kva Victron and they recommend a min of 200ah (24v) so 4 batts would only just exceed that (when new)
  2. Oh right, missed that! So sealed FLAs? Then got to careful with voltages unless they are AGMs.
  3. We have 8x120ah AGMs connected to give 24v(480ah) After a couple of years without shore power and doing a monthly long absorption/equalisation we noticed a drop in voltage, batts seemed effectively knackered so I tried doing a weekly raised absorption (29 -29.4ish volts) for 8 hrs or more with a gennie and our Victron, big improvement and they are still hanging on two years later, should have done that from new! So maybe your occasional 8 hr charge from the alternator isn't long enough or would be better with a higher voltage, say, 14.8 - 15v (assuming you have FLAs) and keep an eye on the electrolyte level. You could perhaps just charge with the alternator alone and set the Sterling to a higher voltage and switch it in weekly when doing a long absorption?
  4. That was my post, yes I use it at 200:1 based on suggestions on various forums, I don't think it's critical, I accidentally mixed at 100:1 and it seemed to run even better though it is difficult to judge sometimes, trying not to kid yourself. Is the seemingly better running down to the 2 stroke oil raising the cetane rating? Maybe the extra lubrication is causing the injection pump to run quieter? I can't really say but my wife and I both agree that our mk5 turbo Transit camper runs quieter on 2 stroke oil with less diesel 'knock'.
  5. What do you describe as very careful use?
  6. We dry glass with a towel soon after use so it doesn't form in the first place. Cillit Bang does the trick in the flat we are renting at the moment.
  7. I suppose that as the surface area would greatly exceed that of anodes then the loss of paint would be evenly spread out and a couple of reasonably thick coats would last a couple of years or so (assuming it didn't suffer pitting like an anode does)
  8. So if overprotection causes blistering, and in our case we usually get it next to the anodes, then it follows it's overprotected near the anodes? so better to use more anodes of a smaller size but closer together? coreng? gibbo? anybody?
  9. Our flexi runs uphill so can't drain but we stopped it smelling by ensuring only clean water stood in it. We use kettle acid (Killrock) on a regular basis to dissolve any limescale in the pipe which could retain smells.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. If it's doubtful whether you have shit batts or not then play safe and pay cheap shit prices.
  12. The time when the canal breached and us and our 60' nb were swept into a cobbled street, we managed to keep going for a while before we ended up high and dry in a cul de sac. Boy was I glad to wake up.
  13. A ccer's batteries get totally abused, period, there's no other way, so get cheapest ones and don't waste too much diesel on them and replace when knackered. A consideration when choosing, get ones with nice moulded handles which makes replacing them on a regular basis a less arduous task, also get ones with different coloured caps then every time you look at them it gives you a pleasant feeling, very important this as it compensates for the bitter disappointment when they don't live up to their hype.
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  15. Tony said the Smartgauge will tell the truth but actually it doesn't, what it does is make a guess as shunt monitors do but instead of that guess getting more inaccurate as time goes on the SG's guesses get more accurate with time until they are very near the truth,much more truthful than anything else. Trying to set up a shunt based monitor to give accurate percentage readings is an impossible task as the parameters keep shifting, good to do though as it acts as a sort of training gadget to help you understand batteries and charging/discharging.
  16. You could do with the windscreen modifying so that the top part can be folded down giving a wide 'letterbox' to see through.
  17. Not reliable enough for starter batt.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. Dedicate alt to domestics and trickle charger for starter run from a small inverter? I know a boater who uses the trickle charger in his Victron.
  20. Yes that's my point as well, a duty of care to customers to help them estimate a reasonable split if they aren't sure, they may ask the seller for guidance, my wife once declared 100% on the advice of the seller, he advised her that declaring 100% was ok so he didn't exercise his duty of care and caused his customer to make an improper declaration. If most sellers were like that a lot of buyers would find themselves in the brown stuff.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  22. If that buyer was local and the seller saw him regularly he might be aware of his movements. The point about duty of care is it is mentioned by HMRC, a bit ambiguous and that's why we had sellers checking if a boat had a diesel heater chimney etc. Selling at 60/40 to e.g. a hire boat using, say, 90% for cruising (which is quite a realistic figure) is denying HMRC some revenue. As I see it HMRC recommend 60/40 if there is any doubt as to usage not just as a default figure. If HMRC think they are losing out on a substantial sum I think they will take advantage of that ambiguity and question some 60/40 splits,
  23. I think there is a lot of mythology around this subject, our gland is watertight and runs nice and cool. We are very generous with grease but when we were in dry dock recently it took a full greaser load before clean grease emerged outside pushing out quite a bit of water in the process. So my way of thinking is make greasing the shaft a priority and keep water out, a small amount of grease inevitably escaping past the gland will ensure it lasts a long time.
  24. Thing is the supplier does have a duty of care and if he thinks someone is claiming too much discount he can voice his concerns and perhaps eventually refuse to sell any more to that person if he thinks he may get hassle from HMRC, but he cannot be absolved of that responsibility by insisting on 60/40 as that could equally be construed as denying HMRC revenue if the seller thinks the buyer is exceeding 60% leisure use.
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