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    Away from coding, I like being near all types of water, canals, rivers, lakes and the sea. I think it's good to be a Devil's advocate and will deliberately take a counter view to test a person's argument - I find it a great way to learn new stuff and about the people you're talking with. *cough* I also like fishing*cough*

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  1. Hello, We deployed a fix for the Home option on Friday. This *should* address some of the problems mentioned in the thread in terms of returned results when that option is selected. Paul
  2. Hello, Yes, the problem resides mainly with the "Roles from home" checkbox. We've been going through the code and we think we have a fix that will work with the other specific ways the search has been defined to us. We should hopefully get this rolled out next week, based against the other priorities we currently have. Thank you for the feedback, it's genuinely useful to gain an insight into how different people use, and expect things to function. I will also send this thread to the National Volunteering Manager who is looking at the whole process of how we collect Volunteering opportu
  3. All being well, should be back-end of next week. Some new changes are being tested and the initial final data is being entered by the respective regions for their planned notices. I think they should be entered by next Friday, so check back later on that day. Cheers, Paul
  4. I've passed the thread onto Victoria Peckett - Digital Media Manager. No promises that anything will come of it, but we are updating various elements of the site - just comes down to time, resources, priorities and other requirements as always. Leave any further feedback in this thread if you like, I'll check it later this week. Cheers, Paul
  5. I've posted this response from Sarina in Customer Services at Canal & River Trust. I hope it clarifies some queries expressed in this thread. Hello Alan, A colleague of mine alerted me to your thread on Canalworld discussion forum today about our notices site. I hope you don’t mind me writing to you directly but it’s something I’ve been personally involved in so I’m naturally quite passionate about it! You’re all right, the detail in bold at the top of the notice e-mail alert is automated text. It’s extracted from the location data that the waterway team enters when they create
  6. Hello All, I've corrected the problem, it was caused by us having a redirect in place for the registration sign up that was put in place for others urls .e.g the boaters update, but the stoppages page was obviously missed. My apologies for the frustration experienced by you all. To be clear on some other points raised in this topic. - The login details used on waterscape should be your waterscape details, NOT your CRT site sign-in details. We have added a note on the login page for the waterscape login to point this out based on your comments. - Yes, both sites are still ru
  7. Hi, We stopped the stoppages services yesterday just after 12pm. We had asked the Works managers to send out the ones they could at that time knowing there would be a gap whilst we moved server networks and they could then add them quickly this morning hence the very small window of interruption. The network move happened quickly for this and we have been going through tidying up various things for various sites. The stoppages mailer came back online just after 11am today. We did not think that you would want another stoppage mail saying it had been activated as you would obviously see the st
  8. Hi, Just saw the thread. Have posted the stoppage onto waterscape, so at least people should get an email shortly. I'm sure Jeff and his team will amend as more details become available. =35&search_data_by[]=stoppage&start_day=8&start_month=1&start_year=2012&end_period=all&end_day=8&end_month=1&end_year=2012&subtn=+Find+Stoppages+"]Link Looks like there will be a few stoppages from Feb onwards in that area, from Fishery Lock upwards. Kind regards, Paul
  9. @Allan hi Allan, finally managed to grab some quick time with the lawyer involved in the case and they are happy with the wording in the press release. It sets a precedent at that court level and within that level there are also different levels of judge: circuit and then district AIUI. In future cases, judges in higher courts are not obligated to adopt the ruling, but if they disagree they will need to set where those points of difference occur and why. AIUI, there are few other cases that will come up shortly and so there is a possibility that some of the greyer areas may or may not
  10. Hi Allan, Just an update. Haven't been able to catch up with the lawyer involved yet as either I've been ooto or she has. As soon as I do speak with her I will reply back. I'm just catching up with this thread (from page 6) so may have more to add later. All the best, Paul
  11. Spesh, I'll ask the lawyer handling the case for BW if she's in the office tomorrow about it, and I'll try and speak to the press office and see if anything comes back. The press releases are entered by the press office into the system, so I have no direct input into them... apart from making sure it doesn't fall over. BTW, to add more fuel to your discussions I've googled around and found this interesting Wikipedia article on "Stare decisis" and "jurisprudence constante" which may give things a little more context. In particular, read the opening summary and then the English Legal Syste
  12. Hi All, The revised mooring guiduance has been edited to show to differences between the previous and the current versions, so it is easier to see what has been changed. Hopefully, that should be the last edit for a while. All the best, Paul
  13. Hi Allan, Simples, because I'm not the person responsible for that subject area, it's the Head of Boating, Sally Ash (the senior manager responsible). I would guess it's similar to your position at NBW - you have certain responsibilities and others have the same according to their specialism/ area of expertise. I got a number of documents from a BW lawyer and needed to clarify what went up and where. As part of this update, we are removing a superfluous page and amending another existing one where this information sits better in context. Whilst this may take some time, we don't want to ho
  14. Allan, I'm just waiting for the all clear to publish them from the senior manager responsible, that is all. I have it all waiting to go. Will let this thread know when it's done. All the best, Paul
  15. You could see what others have bid by using the Bid History button on the details page for each individual auction. So, what you could do, is have two browser tabs open, one with the page to bid and one with the bid history and just refresh the bid history page periodically to watch the bids (if there are any placed) being submitted. The point of the anti-sniping is to allow others 5 minutes thinking time after a counter-bid has been placed to determine if they really do want to continue with the process. All the best, Paul
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