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  1. Just spotted this. Let's go rebuild the Cromford Canal now. (and keep it for ourselves not give it CRT) http://info.ambervalley.gov.uk/docarc/docviewer.aspx?docguid=f500132d80d34eed9b7d5e28e70fa161 "Policy IN3 The Borough Council will support proposals for the sensitive restoration and maintenance, to navigable status, of the route of the Cromford Canal, as shown on the Proposals Map. The Council will also seek to protect the route from any development that is likely to prejudice its future restoration and maintenance. Development will be permitted for any proposals that would:-  positively contribute to the restoration of the canal and towpath  improve access to and along the route of the canal to encourage its use for transport, leisure and recreational purposes  respect, improve or enhances the landscape & townscape character, setting, biodiversity and historic value of the canal providing the proposals would not have any adverse impact on amenities by virtue of noise, odour or visual impact. "
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Agreed. Have heard of a couple of such installations with leak issues.
  4. Yes, a nice dream. Perhaps we should explain why it's a dream. All EU regulations (not just boats, but electrics, houses, cars, everything) that have been put into British Law will remain there until Parlement takes each one of them out - which won't happen to many of them. Also, in order to trade with the EU and in order to take your boat on European canals, or sell it into the EU it will be best if it meets their regs. AND guess what - we will have no way of changing any of these regulations we don't like - because we will no longer be part of the committee's that change them.
  5. http://www.apolloduck.co.uk/feature.phtml?id=499357 Methinks the comma is in the wrong place
  6. Appears to be a lot of current. Would be interesting to see the battery volt drop too.
  7. My prefered method was to wrap the line round the balance beam and put on a doubled hitch until the butty was close to the top ( I would often be single handling so I needed to fasten it ). These gaurd rails look strong enough to use, but many are (where) not, and I prefered not to make a judgment for each one. I would not say that they people in the video were doing anything wrong. It's interesting that for any video about locking there is always something that someone says is wrong, when they were not there on the day, with the particular boat and line and lock... (but I didn't like the title - in my experience the Boss can never do the job properly! )
  8. One set will always leak less than the other, so closing both reduces the leakage. Also many inexperienced boaters (and some with experience) may not shut a padel completely - so gives two changes of getting this right. Quite often a short pound will get low because of this. Also gates and padels get debris in them quite often and leak significantly - again two chances.
  9. Yes, looks like it's wrong from the pictures.
  10. http://galvanic-isolator.co.uk Might have what you want. This is not a recommendation. But, you do not have to have a Paypal account. (in fact this applies to most suppliers, a credit or debit card is normally an option)
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. You could try changing the speaker leads to twin screened wires, earth the screen. This should work if it is radiated fields from the LED lamp electronics. Or you could try screening the lamps and earthing them, but I think the interference is getting into power supply so this may not work. Also put a filter in the supply to the radio, or run it from a separate battery.
  13. Engine hoists can be hired; such as http://www.hirecentres.com/lifting-pulling/233-engine-hoist.html If there is enough room for one - would need careful measurement and you may have to take the base apart and reassemble it. Me, I'd build an assembly out of wood and pull it up with little chain or cable hoist (obvious doing some simple calcs to work out that it was strong enough).
  14. I can see that: I don't understand why you can't. Also, looking at the downward angle, looks like it allows a slightly larger prop (but that may be the picture giving the wrong impression.
  15. Tiggs

    Nice Boat

    This link goes to a page with 20 boats on it. Which one?
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