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  1. Cobblers. Even the manual tells you that during charging the display cannot be relied upon to be accurate.
  2. I was thinking this too. Also, starting off with a known existing medical condition routinely requiring stays of one month at a time, routinely breaching the 14 day limit would not meet the "reasonable under circumstances" test. An applicant knowing all this from the get-go is likely to be advised a home mooring is appropriate, not CCing.
  3. A very sensible suggestion. I'd go a little further and require CC applicants to sit an exam (at their own expense) on the meaning of the various provisions in the British Waterways Act 1995, focussing on 17(c) in particular. And pass it, obviously!
  4. An interesting turn of phrase. My parents-in-Law would never say they watch a telly programme like normal people, they would always look at it. But then who want's to be normal anyway??!!
  5. At last, someone else points this out too. I'm tired of pointing it out in these debates! The boat has to be being "used bona fide for navigation" for the 14 day stops to be legal. And throughout the period of the licence. Not for 30 minutes every two weeks.
  6. As I think I mentioned in the other thread, its a mansion boat not a house boat.
  7. In which case my apologies! I still think you've mentioned from time to time being a tax inspector. Do I have that wrong?
  8. You won't get a sensible answer at that nice Mr Higgs doesn't really understand the issues.
  9. I wasn't too sure about the red/white diesel so I left it out. Arthur has clearly never run a business in his life. Just spent most of his career as a taxman wringing them dry instead!
  10. Of course it can. The Business Rates on it will have gone up, and the interest on the loan taken to buy it will have rocketed. As will have the cost of mowing it (diesel and maintenance costs) and labour too, as minimum wage increases every year.
  11. Was it 41ft long by any chance?
  12. You clearly still have only the haziest grasp of the differences in the rights and responsibilities of home moorers and CCers.
  13. https://www.amazon.co.uk/MUNSKT-Self-Adhesive-Furniture-Rectangle-circular/dp/B0CMHB5RDG/ref=sr_1_2?
  14. Nor does it look to me like the BD3 I used to own. In particular I don't remember it having that nice brass gauge in the corner of the photo. Maybe 1stArthur could post a photo of the whole engine, and get a consensus view on what it is.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. You really do need to sort out which you have. The Beta BD3 is a completely engine from the Beta JD3 which superseded it, even though the two engines look superficially similar and do the same job.
  17. What's the weird-looking stick for??!!
  18. Mr Rusty69 could alternatively downgrade to a fattie ... 😱
  19. So, them needing to write all that in illustrates towpaths are not a public ROW. Special measures are needed to give the public a right of access. "Right of way (no hyphens), is the legal right, established by grant from a landowner or long usage (i.e., by prescription), to pass along a specific route through property belonging to another." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Right_of_way Arguably the clauses you list comprise a "grant from a landowner", so perhaps a ROW does exist! No doubt a court could make a ruling at enormous expense.
  20. Yes the whole idea strikes me as bizarre.
  21. I think mrsmelly has it right. The best solution is to use clean tap water in the first place which does not need filtering, instead of canal water.
  22. @Clare Peel What a kind offer. @Clare Peel
  23. My heaviest internet use is posting rubbish on here.
  24. On that, I was idly looking around a car lot flogging VW campers. I looked at a particularly nice one with £7,995 on the screen and I thought blimey that looks good value. Then I looked again and it was actually £79,995, lol!
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