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  1. Another option has turned up! This time a twin oven version https://borshch.co.uk/new-world-nw701g-og-ncsi100492829.html
  2. The problem is, throwing money at it is no substitute for learning how batteries work and how to look after them. Unless he reads and understands the "Battery Primer" on here I predict it will end in tears. You cannot do it for him.
  3. This sort of rubbish happens constantly if you engage with the lovely LadyG on here. I had it repeatedly when she first turned up trying to sell her flat in Scotland to fund a boat purchase. One learns not to bother getting involved, just as Tony mentioned he has.
  4. Seriously, at the moment you can see up to about 2ft deep on the southern Oxford. But you had me a treat with the date, lol!
  5. I first discovered Danboline back in the 70s for bilge painting and in my experience it does a first class job of sticking to pretty much anything, including silicone sealant and oily steel. Despite what it says on the tin nowadays, no prep is required. Awesome stuff! Dunno about bitumen though....
  6. I fear you have an unrealistic idea about how deep the canals are! Also about how clear the water isn't. As an aside, cruising up the southern Oxford to Heyford the other day I was struck by how clear the water was. There's been hardly any traffic for weeks and it was almost like cruising on a river!
  7. And I'll delete this too. Edit to add: Deleted.
  8. Send a link to CRT, I'm sure they'll watch it and "lessons will be learned" !
  9. Quite. It can be a fair bit of effort to erase all identifying names and numbers from a boat so I've always imagined it is done deliberately. And what would be the point if you are planning to continue buying a licence?
  10. Umm.... that exert is for Business Rates. Business Rates are assessed on a different basis from Council Tax.
  11. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  12. I asked about this over in The Combustion Chamber (closed forum for gas engineers), and the Technix posted above by Jon57 is the only one anyone has been able to come up with.
  13. Two nights, given this year was a leap year!
  14. Very nice but is it pump-out or cassette???!!
  15. Indeed. Which is why he is asking on here. Duh.
  16. Oops, I think I attended the wrong rally...
  17. Well yes, but there still aren't any! I'd suggest a 240Vac electric grill is gonna cane the domestic battery bank.
  18. Apology graciously accepted. Having had a proper search for what you want I've come up with a big fat blank too. I'm surprised and will think about it some more.... Edit to add: Actually I'm not surprised. There have been a few safety alerts on gas grills recently where users have stupidly closed the grill door whilst grilling stuff and carbon monoxide-poisoned themselves. I would not be in the slightest bit surprised if it turns out TPTB have told manus to stop making them.
  19. And got mine snapped of similarly! If the OP thinks my post explaining the terminology is pure pedantry, then he can crack on by himself.
  20. I thought a post clarifying the terminology might be helpful, but it has clearly gone straight over your head.
  21. Quite so. Also, it is far easier to tax stuff that doesn't easily move so a house is an excellent example. Once you own it, you become a sitting duck for all manner of charges that 'the man' can associate with it. The main ones being Council Tax, water charges and gas and electricity standing charges. And any sort of poll tax runs counter to one of the foundation principles of taxation, which is why there are riots opposing it. The principle is that the citizen must be able to arrange their affairs so as avoid any given tax. With a poll tax levied on you for existing and breathing, there is no way to legitimately avoid it other than by dying.
  22. So it appears you're not looking for a "gas cooker" as your first post says, but a separate "gas oven". The terminology is important when looking for an appliance. The term "cooker" is used in the appliance business to mean a single, all-in-one appliance comprising a hob, oven and grill. The term "oven" denotes an oven or oven/grill as a (usually) built-in appliance with no hob. Also, the term "hotplate" is often used instead of "hob".
  23. I predict it would only ever have gone up! (Well you did leave that as an open goal )
  24. That's because there are pages and pages of this trivia the BSS inspector is supposed to check, but simply doesn't have time to as checking the number and size of the strands of copper in every conductor in your boat would probably be half a day's work alone. So most inspectors default to checking just the real safety risks which might actually harm people, which can be done in about an hour.
  25. It certainly IS where boat licenses are concerned, given the licence fee is so low that CRT have a £400m shortfall.
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