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  1. I'm not convinced it is NUTFIELD paired with RAYMOND. Might it not in fact be ROGER, before it was replaced by NUTFIELD? If so the picture is no later than October 1968, I think.
  2. Nowhere did I mention "legal" or "legally". I could just as easily been referring to "common-sense" requirement!
  3. A fascinating alternative to the more usual rum of the mill approaches. Clearly it will not appeal to those who want some kind of front deck / well, but otherwise seems a very innovative arrangement. Out of curiosity how do you meet the requirement to have emergency exit routes at the front of the boat?
  4. My somewhat flaky memory wants to say that what Terence had stolen was a large amount of "raw "items awaiting painting. I don't recall ever hearing that any was recovered, but it is a long time ago, and I may be wrong. I got the impression they were BCM "manufactured" items.
  5. Very occasionally something like that comes up, but it is VERY occasionally. Far more likely, of course is a totally unconverted motor. Quite a few on offer at the moment with mostly an under cloth conversion - I can think of BADSEY & CHISWICK, (plus CYPRUS, if owner will sell separately from its butty). If you want a completely unconverted one, then there is VESTA, but she is 40 Feet long, not 72 Feet long
  6. Yes, I was only talking about anybody offering a can that is water-tight. I'm well aware of the deficiencies of the BCM cans, because I once made the foolish mistake of buying one A tree incident removed (only) the handle into the cut, whilst leaving the rest of the can on the roof. I failed to "magnet fish" it, so took the incomplete can to the local tip.
  7. I don't recall anybody other than Rose Narrowboats saying they would make some.
  8. Yes, if you mean a really convincing "replica", (Brinklow Boats use the term "Remake"), then I agree, there are precious few about. I'm not aware of anybody making full length "replicas" or "remakes" that use riveted construction for the hull.
  9. In my relatively limited experience of selling/buying historic boats, the price that might be achieved, (which may or may not be "a fair price"), can be heavily influenced by how many interested potential buyers there are. Irrespective of type, (unconverted, under cloths converted, full cabin converted), and size , (full length or shortened), they are all very much a niche market, and many may not tick the boxes of what a potential "historic" purchaser is seeking. If a boat comes to market that multiple people have an interest in, then it may well change hands for far more than if only one person is genuinely interested - it can take months or even years before a decent candidate boat becomes openly available, and then someone may pay well over the odds to secure it, rather than go back to another indeterminate period of waiting. The other thing to bear in mind is that far more "historics" are sold by word of mouth than ever actually come onto the open market, openly advertised and in theory available to anybody with the money. Even when openly advertised some sellers will prefer to sell to someone they think should be a good custodian to the boat, and may be more reticent to sell to someone who thinks they want an "historic", but don't realise what that may mean in practice
  10. The image seems very low resolution, so difficult to see much detail. Any Black Country Metalworks can I have seen is galvanised. However the quality of the soldering is usually poor - the cans are not water tight, and details like handles have a havit of disconnecting themselves.
  11. The latest take on selling BADSEY Worth a read just for the quality rant by the seller... I'm not sure why the seller thinks spelling out all the above is likely to increase BADSEY's appeal to any other potential new buyer.! A very much older incarnation of RENOWN, (1972, I think)....
  12. I do have an HA3 in the garage, so if it is really important I could try comparing it to the pictures in the advert. I've never seen an HA2 or HA3 mated to a Lister gearbox that wasn't the usual Blackstone one. I think that the punier gearbox in the add points to it being a less powerful engine - S series rather than H series.
  13. It is listed as "Spares or Repairs", so I doubt it is a running engine. I'm no great expert but don't think it looks like an HA3. My gut feel is that it is a less powerful engine.
  14. Fair comment, but the only one i could see at £500, to include a gearbox.
  15. Is that the SL2? If so, they list as having just 9.5 HP - that is decidedly inadequate for a full sized Large Woolwich, even on a canal, let alone on a River. I don't recall ever seeing a working H series engine with gearbox below £2K - if it were I'd expect it to be in fairly poor condition.
  16. I also don't know the detail, but you are correct that it is a very recent renovation. It looked very smart. Thank you Graham - a sensible number in my view. In the past when close to the "magic" 100, it has all felt a bit unmanagable.
  17. It sounds "unusual" to me, and frankly far from suitable. However this Wikipedia suggests they were a thing, but also seems to question if any were ever built.
  18. Even "fit a new cabin range" is a bit of a challenge at the moment. I'm not aware of anybody supplying new ones suitable for use in the back cabin of a motor, and spares seem very difficult for a used one. That sounds a bit optimistic. I've not seen evidence of Lister H series engines in good order for as little money as that, and you are definitely going to need a new prop, which don't come cheaply in sizes suitable for those Listers
  19. That's one hell of a crazy advert. It seems to be suggesting that working boats had only one of two possible outcomes - either they were repossessed and taken to the Wendover arm prior to disposal, or they were amongst those scuttled by BW in Harefield flash. Apparently, also this was the one Town class boat not built from scratch with a steel bottom.... I suspect that the £35K price, whilst it sounds low, is far from a bargain.
  20. Because Braunston Marina own the event, so they can set the rules. To some extent that must be down to what they think will bring in the cash.
  21. Not a very close replica as it is steel not wood. Also the original was not a narrow beamed boat of 7' or less, I believe. I think it was decidedly more than 7 feet.
  22. \for the Wirking Boat anoraks amongst you, it has been noted that there are at least 11 "Large Northwich" motor boats present. Considering when they were built, back around 1936, only 38 were made in total, that really is a quite surprising result. Flamingo (ex Letchworth) Nuneaton Nutfield Otley Paddingon Purton Renfrew Stanton Tadworth Towcester Whitby
  23. At a variety of prices at different times I think. I was speaking yesterday with someone who tried to strike a deal on it, and says they ended up only £3K away from what the seller was prepared to go to. Having failed to buy it, (and subsequently bought a full length boat), he says Tycho eventually changed hands at less than he would have paid. It's a strange old world buying and selling "historics".
  24. It is indeed, although I'm not sure it is £58,000 nice. What intrigues me is that if the latest survey is from 2009, is it actually possible to get full comprehensive cover based on a 14 year old survey. The best I have managed to find is where the survey is no more than 10 years old.
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