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  1. Which model?, I am on my second Hyundai (iX35 & Tuscon), good, under rated cars, only problem I have had is with a rear view camera, which needed to be replaced. Hankook tyres seem to suit these cars.
  2. Heated seats ok, but don't keep them on for long,..........otherwise,.........heated steering wheel excellent though.
  3. Another vote for Hyundai's, I had lot's of company cars, but once I started buying my own it was Honda's, then Hyundai's. Now on a Tuscon, top of the range, it's a winner, if you can get a S/h one or a Sante Fe it would do the job for you. The Honda was brill and gave 11 years service but they ruined it with the re-designed CRV.
  4. The problem is the batteries are 'gassing' excessively, the silver pipes will soon turn black. On a positive note, you will have no problems with spiders for a year or so.
  5. LEO


    Thanks, Leo missed this one.......all the best for the New Year.
  6. GF Handel's Messiah - particularly 'For unto us a Child is born' - defo the best, - Christmas carols, well sung and then the Pogues..........
  7. I wondered about that and tried to be as tactful as possible, but life was so different back then - the developer was a brilliant Irishman and the jokes he told were outstanding, almost makes Mrs Brown's Boys seem tame.
  8. Mark, It's worth looking at a geological map of the valley running from Watford down to West Drayton and beyond, draining the Colne, Fray and Chess. It's gravel with lots of peat and one long run of marsh and bogs. Useful road crossings were rare - at Watford and Uxbridge. In the early 1980's I was part of a development group building houses at Harefield, ground conditions caused lots of problems with foundation design, machinery movements (particularly piling derricks). Sub ground water, running streams - I recall one Irish worker starting a pump to try and pump out a foundation trench.........he could not understand why the level never went down...... Merry Christmas. Mike.
  9. It was indeed, but to the cheeky Russian message of 'Good Luck', I would have been tempted to reply - 'Good show lads, but your not as good as the Red Arrows'.
  10. Hi, Check your mooring conditions about fuels that can be burnt when moored in the marina, See if you neighbour is burning sawn up palletts as some of these are coated treatments that can be dangerous to heatlth when burnt. Have a word with the marina staff. L
  11. Hi, Postings such as this really make me shake my head in amazement - I have just paid a little under £3000 for another years boating and mooring, I started boating in 1975 and had some lovely times, it seems to have come to the stage where where the waterways are so overcrowded the fun has gone - nice 48ft tug with a 2LW available soon....
  12. LEO

    Car insurance.

    Hi, Sorry to read of the problem, what time of day was this, any pictures of the broken barrier fixing?, detailed records of weather prevailing weather should be kept. worth checking if the damage to the barrier is of long standing (ie.rust) or recent, any CCTV records........all useful for future reference. I had a problem following a cycle accident some years ago and photos of the scene and details of road conditions, vegetation growth proved helpful. Hope new boat Ok. Mike.
  13. A picture of the new Toby Valve, (which I think one poster is using).
  14. I have been following this post with interest, I have a Kabola OD4 which runs on the same principle as the Refleks, I have been have problems with the regulator and swapped it for the upgraded version, a TOBY DVR5, this has slight refinements over the old style regulator as it incorporates an oil shut off valve in the event of flame failure and an over-heating device (this is somewhat rudimentary and I suspect expensive to replace). I have attached a picture of the old valve, with the thermo-coupled flame failure valve and along side that a 90C over boil valve and another picture showing the burner pot with the thermo-probe. The stove was built in 1998 and is rated at 4.6Kw. but it runs on the lowest setting. It also heats hot water. The new Toby regulator seems to burn more efficiently than the old one.
  15. I have done some plumbing recently and found that it is tricky mixing different branded fittings. In the end I only used those available at Screwfix.....job done.
  16. Just a follow up on this, the computer had to go in for repair this week and the service engineer found the problem and restored iTunes.........................brill.
  17. We studied The Shetland Bus for English Lit. in 1964, excellent book.....
  18. No!. it stops naughty boys climbing up them.............................................
  19. Actually, I never did cure it, I gathered info about deleting all reference to iTunes on the 'pooter and then re-installing it, but in the end I dug all my CD's and a player out of storage, and went back to the old system. Tricky in the car (a Hyundai) as it has no CD player. Various sources - Samsung, Amazon and others want £8 per month to listen to music but the CD's work well, not sure about Spotify........... L.
  20. Thanks team! the extra hour in bed sharpened the minds and produced some excellent answers........square objects like speakers, I will continue covering with paper, for the rest I will put my nail varnishing kit to good use - up to now I have been finding it useful for stopping ladders in my stockings.......
  21. I find that black plastic products, presumably from China seem to develop a 'sticky' surface - any reason for this?. The products seem OK for a year or two then this problem starts. In other respects the products work well, it's just the case which becomes defective. In some cases they are sufficiently sticky to allow covering with card.
  22. Interesting comments about specialist boat paints, my neighbour recently had exterior paintwork painted on her house, the quality of finish and depth of colour is amazing. Doors are finished in grey (Called - Drainpipe) and it matches Gardner grey well, makers of paint - Farrow and Ball. We worth considering, but it's a bit pricey.
  23. Fame at last!, that's my film, had fun filming it while Jim tried to get the engine to start. Pleased the boat has been restored. L.
  24. Hi, Good advert for Dremel cutters.......... I think the difference between the two filters explains the problem.
  25. As written, I have never taken one to bits, so it's difficult to compare, but presumably they designed be dry, bearing in mind the cost, fitting a new one is worthwhile. I will have a look at mine next time I'm on the boat.
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