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    Depends on wether the 4.5% inflation rate is RPI or CPI? If it's RPI then afraid your increase will about 1% less as it's now based on CPI.
  2. Where's he gone? What happened? Must have missed it.
  3. Will the motor turn freely by hand? If not then more than likely something is trapped in the prop.If it does turn freely then it is likely to be an electrical problem. The load click you hear is the contactor operating. Have you checked the 250amp slow blow fuse that is connected between the battery and the motor? If that is ok then suspect the motor brushes, clean them, check all the connections and make sure they are free to move inside the brush boxes. tosher.
  4. I bought 3 different types from this company 3 weeks ago, all 3 arrived faulty. Sent them back (at my expense) and 3 more replacements were delivered, one of these was the wrong type. Two weeks later and at the third attempt I got what I ordered. Hope their LED's are better than their customer service. Also ordered 4 MR16 LED's from China at the same time, they arrived in 5 days, worked perfectly and cost a quarter of the price of the UK ones. Buy British eh!!!
  5. Blackrose -I had an additional skin tank fitted about 2 years ago in exactly the same way as you suggest in your OP. I sanded down to bare metal all the parts of the swim that formed part of the new tank and it was welded into position with the boat in the water. It works a treat and have had no temperature problems at all since it was fitted (did prior to fitting)and can now run at full power indefinitely with engine temp normal. When lifting out about 1 year later for re-blacking we could see where the original blacking was burnt off along the outside of the welds during fitting. tosher
  6. I like "Bodgit & Scarper" ---- "Mobile marine Engineers"
  7. It is mounted on a wooden pad with rubber feet between the pad and the wooden floor and it is fixed in the bottom of a cupboard under a false floor. I have tried wrapping it in old towels, bubble wrap and various other things with very little reduction in noise. However I have not tried propper sound insulation foam and the pump is connected to solid plastic pipes not flexibles. Will try as you suggest when next onboard, thanks for the advice. tosher
  8. I have a Shurflo that has worked well for 5 years but it is very noisy dispite all attempts to muffle the sound.
  9. So did I and very satisfied. It's by the church for anyone trying to find it. tosher
  10. Thanks for all the advice, tried everything without success. Next step is to contact my ISP. Will post if successful. tosher
  11. Thanks for that nickorman. It is as you describe - I can receive but not send. I have just tried both 587 & 465 in the outgoing mail server but afraid both failed to work. ????
  12. Help -- I use a 3 Dongle with my laptop top get internet access when onboard the boat. My ISP is Force 9 (Plus Net) who use "Squirel Mail" to send and receive e-mails. This is a bit restrictive and not as easy to use as Outlook express. I can use Outlet Express ok when at home on my broadband connection but can't seem to make it work with the Dongle. Is it possible to use Outlook Express with a 3 Dongle? and if so how??? Thanks. tosher.
  13. Just a quick question - when the suction pipe enters through the top of the tank, how close to the bottom of the tank should the end of the pipe be? Thanks. tosher.
  14. Yes, came through yesterday. The walkway across the lock gates is still closed but the bridge is right next to the lock. It's the bottom lock out onto the river.
  15. I think this is the main reason + smaller props. When we are cruising a section of cut with a lot of locks close together our fuel consumption per hour is considerably less than when we are cruising on a long lock free section.
  16. tosher

    Gas Bottles

    I changed my 13KG bottles for 6KG bottles at Build Base with no hassle at all, a straight swap. Looking at the Calor web site it states that the Recommended Offtake for a 13KG bottle is 15KW compered to the Recommended Offtake for a 6KG bottle is 11KW. Does that mean that the heat content of a 6KG bottle is roughly 75% of a 13KG one ????
  17. tosher


    Someone posted a while ago that this connection charge is around 10% of the annual mooring fee the marina charges for each berth (ultimately paid for by the berth holders). So if you keep your boat in a marina the true cost of navigating on the canals is your Licence fee + 10% of your marina berthing fee which for a 57 foot boat (£722pa) in modern marina (10% of 2200pa) is Very expensive.
  18. What fantastic responses to my post, just what I was hoping for, they answer all my questions and some that I hadn't even known about. I now feel much more relaxed about changing to LED's. Thanks to all - tosher.
  19. I am thinking of replacing some of my halogen light bulbs with LED's to reduce power consumption but want to keep the original light fittings. Is this as easy as the advertising blurb suggests and are the LED's as bright as they say. The ones which look ok to the untrained eye are from "Bedazzled" and they claim they are just as bright as the comparable halogen bulb. Anyone tried them ?????
  20. I have a Shureflow Aquaking that is still working ok after 4 years use, the only problem is that it is Very Noisey. How did you find the Jabsco compered particularly noise wise ??? I'm thinking of changing to the Jabsco if they are quieter. Thanks tosher.
  21. Thanks for that smileypete I will try your method using my smartgauge, it sounds a bit easier than Gibbo's explanation which is a bit beyond me I'm afraid. tosher.
  22. Any idea how he worked out the remaining capacity?? I seem to be in a similar position to you regarding failing battery capacity and would like to be able to confirm this before spending big. tosher.
  23. I'm with you on that one AlanH and very many boaters I've spoken to over the years feel that way too.
  24. I bought a boat from Harral in 2007, very UNimpressed. They were slow with sending me details after my initial enquiry and when they did arrived they were very poor and next to useless. It was only after meeting and talking to the owners that I decided to buy. After completing the sale Harrals charged me £240 to lift the boat into the water (yes -£240 for a one way lift). I moved the boat to it's new moorings (20 miles away) and waited for the lift that Harrals had promised so that I could collect my car from their yard. After several days the lift eventually arrived and guess what , they charged me for the petrol !!!!! It would never deal with them again.
  25. If you decide to go down the 17 x 12 route I have one for sale. Very little used & like new. PM me for details if interested.
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