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  1. Thank you. Have edited. Wow.
  2. Really? I don't know anything about this..
  3. I have a DB, I don't display index numbers
  4. Hello all, I've received my CRT Licence Disks, but don't like the idea of sticking them to a window using double-sided tape etc. Has anyone found a decent, minimalist holder for them? Cheers Ed
  5. Yes, I assumed it wasn't feasible, just interested in where the system becomes narrow (which I think everyone has covered). In regards to your point - my boat is Cat C, so may someday make the trip out of Thames and back into the Humber.
  6. Despite a Google search turning up nothing, a question that has long been on my mind has been whether there were ever plans to widen the connection of Northern and Southern canals for the access of widebeams and dutch barges. Where exactly is the 'pinch point' and what would be required to widen it?
  7. Ok, I get it - what was a plan to keep the kayaks in place... I now realise is a bad idea! lol
  8. Yeah, I'm not keen on a roof box, but using it to securely mount a couple of kayaks when going up and down the lower, middle Thames would be useful.
  9. I think something like this could work: http://www.ebay.com/itm/2008-2013-Toyota-Highlander-OE-Style-Black-Roof-Rack-Side-Rail-/271677606785?hash=item3f413f4b81:g:QzMAAOSwnbZYEb6f&vxp=mtr or this, for a Ford Transit: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BRUSHED-ALUMINIUM-ROOF-BARS-RACK-RAILS-SIDE-BAR-SET-SWB-FOR-FORD-TRANSIT-CUSTOM-/200974952235?hash=item2ecb0a672b:m:mTkZTxPR9mXgE_s4Qjzmglg and the other question that comes to mind - attaching aluminium onto the steel... are there any corrosion issues that would need to be considered?
  10. Has anyone heard of, or used themselves, a car roof rack on their narrowboat to have a modular system for bikes/kayaks/boxes etc?
  11. I couldn't find this by search, so apologies for the likely duplicate thread - is there a way to change my display name?
  12. So would it worth me fitting one? I'm docking my dutch barge in a couple of weeks, so would be best time to do it
  13. Hi all, Is it typical to have exposed bow thruster tube? ie. no grill over the open tube to filter debris in seawater. Thanks in advance
  14. It's definitely a multi-fuel Nouvelle. I have 1kw immersion coil for shoreline when in marina, too. Back to the question at hand, anyone see any reason why a glass door would be a bad idea?
  15. Yeah, very similar! Good to know someone has already done it. Looks like a pretty safe bet to proceed then - will post photos when done
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