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  1. Does it appear from the gasket between the fuel pump housing and the block? as there is a reasonable amount of oil lying in that area while running as well laying in the fuel pump housing area before draining back into the sump
  2. I have had good results by using heldite jointing compound fastening gasket into the rocker cover only comes on and off well and doesn't particularly leak oil assuming a good quality gasket is used I like the dark grey power gasket type personally
  3. Hi the last picture the valve is on the underside of the fitting on the right that accepts the connector pipe from the outside of the block it points vertically down to the Base of the sump pretty much in line with the torch in the picture All simple to dismantle I would personally take the whole thing out for ease of access the pipe with the t union on with the valve as getting in for the crank weights can be fiddly but everyone's different how they do stuff you may find just taking the valve off in situ easier than I did ?
  4. Apologies for the delay in sorting the pictures it's been a busy week or so and took me a while to get time to trawl through the pictures to find what you need hopefully the attached pictures will help you shout out of you need anything else
  5. I would drain off the oil as you will be taking off the oil pipe to the right side so will be oil at around that level and always a nice idea to take the oil strainer off the bottom of the sump and inspect the gauze too for peace of mind I will try and grab a couple of pics off my HA2 later to show If that is of any assistance to you? It's simply copper washers and a O ring in the external connector and a O ring where the pipe goes upto the centre bearing junction plate
  6. The Oil relief valve is on tight hand side inside crank case cover just below the door you will see the pipework it's fastened underneath the pipe I would personally remove the whole section that goes up to the centre main bearing and the feed pipe on the end of the timing case cover to extract the lot rather than struggle to get in with a spanner and drop it
  7. I certainly wouldn't use Easy start as it has a reputation for causing more damage than good normally piston rings
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