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  1. Thank you, that's intetesting. Like the OP I wondered why Dallow lock was narrow.
  2. I think is was originally a wide lock but was rebuilt as a narrow lock, possibly when the canal was restored. The bridgehole looks wide enough for a wide lock. I don't know how far widebeams could originally go, the turnover bridge beyond Tattenhill lock is narrowbeam, poss Burton on Trent was the limit of wideband navigation.
  3. I use the washing machine when cruising, engine is running so I'm not draining the batteries. The machine is plumbed into the cold supply, to get a hot wash I add hot water via the detergent drawer from a jug of bottle filled from the hot tap. Rinsing just used cold water.
  4. But a toasting form and make your toast over the fire.
  5. A ladder is to be cut into the lock as part of this winter 's work and stoppages programne, see https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/15220-lock-11-beeston-iron-lock-beeston-brook-shropshire-union-canal Take care on this lock as the water flow when the paddles are raised is very fierce, there's a warning notice at the lock, if I remember correctly.
  6. As you need to reach the shaft and prop to clear it of weed, rubish, etc, you would need very long arms. We stand in the engine bay do check and clear the weed hatch. I cannot see how extending the weed hatch to floor level would work.
  7. Does the suggested route go via the Marple flight, I think this is closed until March, check on CaRT site. Also check your boat's dimensions on canal planner.
  8. 10am is the opening time. I haven't heard anything more about the tree blocking the T&M between Middlewich and Anderton, does anyone know if that is clear now?
  9. Winter stoppages are on Cart' s website.
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