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  1. Cheers for the pic, looks OK to me and we would like to take up your offer. Wedding is a PAIN but only 1 day. We'll be visiting a few people while we are in the area so back and forth a bit. [email protected] if you need to PM me.
  2. I had a quick look at the website and it looks as though the boats are all cruisers. Ours is a 50ft Narrowboat. Is this ok. If so should I confirm with the marina? cheers Graham Wife's just told me that we need the berth from wed 29th May for a week, is this still OK?
  3. That's great as it is the first week in June. cheers
  4. Need to attend a wedding in June near Swaffham. I'm looking for a secure marina to leave our Nb for about 5 days and also need access to a hire car, so train station or good bus service would be great. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks for the above and apologies for tardy reply. I only boot up the laptop every 4 days or so. Tickover was first thing I looked at and is approx 750 rpm. I never go from fwd to reverse in one go! I agree that hydraulic boxes are renown for being quiet and smooth whilst mechanical boxes are clunky otherwise why complicate things. Thanks for the manual, I'll get to look at it when I get back from current cruise in August or should I say IF!
  6. I have a PRM 150 D2 (on a Beta 43) which clunks quite badly when selecting gears. To be fair it has done since I bought the boat in 2009 but is getting worse now. I tried the drive plate but that is OK and the engine mounts are fine. I'm going to have to go inside the beast! Does anyone know whether it is possible to rebuild the mechanical side without upsetting the hydraulic pressures? I suspect that the clutch plates are badly worn on the splines. (I am a mechanic of some 40 years but have never had anything to do with hydraulic boxes)
  7. GunnaDo

    Drive plate

    Thanks for replies. It looks like it will be the bellhousing then. Can't just slide it back as I have a Python drive just to complicate things. Not a major problem but I was hoping to be lazy!
  8. GunnaDo

    Drive plate

    I have a Beta 43 with PRM150 D2 gearbox. I'm just about to change the drive plate rubbers. Does anybody know whether there is enough room to get the plate out by just removing the box or does one need to take it of complete with bellhousing? cheers Graham
  9. Having moved our boat to Rufford, it would be pretty stupid to decide to do the K & A - so that's where we are going! Via the tidal Severn to Bristol, across to Reading then back thro' Brum and up the Shroppie. We're going to pass on the Mersey to save a few pennies although it does mean going back around the Bridgewater to get home. Why oh why did we move the boat from Litchfield!!!
  10. I agree with the 'paint them on' posts. We had stickers here and anchor and warp handling etc soon scraped them. Paint can be touched up but plastic is very nigh impossible so we had them painted. Cost was approx the same!
  11. I concur with the rear drains bit - mine are devils for getting bits of rust stuck in them. The other thing that comes to mind is leakage around the window frames. This can take a while to run back through the limber holes and arrive at the stern. Sometimes a half turn on the window screws can solve this one.
  12. We have a Harris (full size) twin tub. Brilliant, lightweight and dries the clothes much better than our automatic at home. Uses about 300 watts when washing/spinning. Yes you have to fill it up yourself, two buckets hot to one bucket cold (and empty it of course!). We tend to do the wash on the move and just before getting to a water point. A couple of buckets of cold water are usually enough to rinse and spin while we fill the water tank.
  13. check that the metering valve is REALLY free. It is very easy to get the spring the wrong side of the locating tabs and then the valve won't move much, if at all. Don't ask how I found that one out!
  14. Many thanks, will give him a try on our way back to Rufford.
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