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  1. I moored by bridge 32, there's a path that takes you up on to the Wrexham Road and it's less than a 5 minute walk to the Spar.Good to know about the Aldi,thanks.
  2. Thank you I knew this was the place to come to ?
  3. Someone on a photographic Facebook page was asking for the location of this photograph, does anyone recognise it please. Just a thought,is it Teddington lock? Thanks Alan
  4. Thanks everyone,especially linnit, good to know it's doable.
  5. Is there enough room for a 50 footer to wind after Grindley Brook Top Lock no. 16 and before going up the staircase?
  6. There's also a petrol staion opposite The Horse and Jockey at Grindley Brook which sells some basic essentials,accessed through the hedge by the bottom locks.
  7. There's a small Spar outlet at the petrol station by the roundabout behind Whitchurch Marina.
  8. Cheers Mike, Yes, you're seldom totally alone on the cut.
  9. That's kind of you Goliath, I've only just bought the boat so I'm 'armchair planning' at the moment but it probably wouldn't be until later in the year.(avoiding holiday periods) Alan
  10. Woohoo! I'd picked up on some repairs having been carried this March but missed the notice about a ladder installation in 2020 (I'd even contemplated taking my own ladder with me!) Maybe I'll delay the trip 'till next year. Thanks Alan
  11. Good idea,I'll give it some thought nearer the time.
  12. That's great, thanks very much.
  13. I understand that one of the locks through Chester doesn't have a ladder which one is it please ? I'll probably be singlehanded so I'd like to be prepared,bow hauling would seem to be the answer. Thanks Alan
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