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  1. As a very rough guide, depending on make, efficiency and probably a few other things, an inverter has load of 1amp so it uses 24 amp.hrs in a 24 hour (one day) period, just sitting there turned ON Some inverters have an 'eco-mode' again depending on the above it may have a load of 0.5 amp so 12 amp.hrs in the same period. not doing anything but it will not be in eco-mode for the 24 hrs, if it was it would be better to turn it OFF. So lets say the inverter is in use 12 hrs and in eco-mode for 12 hours (using the above figures) that would be 12 amp.hrs plus 6 amp.hrs, equals 18 amp.
  2. It's faulty fans should start before the 'overheat' alarm, send it back to Sterling, give him a phone call first.
  3. Still there, if you want it. The majority of the boaters that did the work, were hirers and sharers.
  4. Cleared by boaters at 12:45 Hrs. Towpath passable, waterway open. Only saw one C&RT, he took photo's, two hours after original reporting, then left.
  5. North of Bridge 45. North Kilworth Wharf. South Husbands Bosworth Tunnel Tree down blocking towpath and waterway. 07:45 hrs.
  6. Victrons take on it: Dynamic current limiterThis setting is an expansion of the AC input current limit mechanism. If disabled, the AC input current limit is specified by the AC input current limit setting. When this setting is enabled the effective AC input current limit depends on the load history. When the load is lower than the AC input current limit the effective AC input current limit is also lower but slightly above the load. If the load increases the effective limit also increases with a delay. The thought behind this is that when a generator is running at a low load it cannot swit
  7. Virtual switch is simply a switch that turns ON or OFF when certain parameters are set. It can be used to do many things but I use it to auto start my 7Kw generator. Mine is set to turn ON when a load of 1000 watts (1 Kw) has been on for 15 seconds, it then runs for a minimum of 60 minutes These are figures I have set for my particular set-up. There are many many more configurations. At the moment you can forget about it. This is normal. What it is showing is that the inverter is assisting the generator/shoreline when an initial heavy load is turned ON but the
  8. Martin (Meerlaan) Download the program,VEconfig, from the Victron site. Victron link You can have a look at it and what it does by using 'fake target' from 'port selection' it will give all the settings that are available but the number of settings for your actual unit may not be the full gambit.
  9. Martin (meerlaan) Power assist will be automatic The combi should always be ON, charger only is for when you wish to charge the batteries (shoreline or genny) and not use 240v ac onboard. To do that you need a laptop, a program (VE Config) and the interface. The 'energy saving' only happens when there is 'no load' whenever there is a load the combi senses it and comes out of 'energy saving'. Only useful if you want to leave the combi ON for long periods without it inverting, say over night but you could save more by turning it OFF.
  10. Thanks for the update, it was a couple of years ago that we were there.
  11. Ah! yes but no, but yes. I do not have one. Mine has a stainless steel 'tab washer' saves having to re-drill the shaft for a split pin when the prop has been refitted.
  12. As said check the level markers (riverside of the locks) only go in green or phone the lock keeper, the first one you will come to on the river for advice. The Droitwich junction is not obvious when going down stream, the only clue is a pontoon and a large house, painted cream the last time I went down. It is a turn back on yourself so, be aware of being taken downstream when you turn broadside to the flow. Moorings from the junction, none at the junction, to Droitwich are rare and those that there are, are in reeds and the boat sitting on the bottom a plank will be required. I
  13. The answers to those questions is, depends on the mooring/marina. The definitive answers will only be found out by contacting all the marinas in the area you want to be.
  14. Can only advise another trip down the hatch, Check the shaft at the rear of the prop, before it enters the boat.. It may be something, that is tightening on the shaft but only in reverse. Also check the nut that holds the prop on, have had detritus attached to that that then goes back into the prop and fouls it.
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  16. Does it come with ear defenders.
  17. to save having to screw in then screw out the dipstick... Rest the dipstick in the hole, if the oil reaches the bottom mark that is the correct level. If you do not believe me, check it for your self.
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  19. go to the pub and use the free wi-fi.
  20. 4g, 50 Gb a month, download speed 50Mbs, use a 'mi-fi' with twin aerials bit slow tonight
  21. Whatever the gauge says when it is connected. They are not the most accurate of gauges. it will also depend on the thermostat in the engine. Ball park figure 75° C
  22. but that is the nearest one to the Stop House and my reading of the first post is the one out of order.
  23. Sorry no but as laters posts intimate the edging (wood) is rotting, badly damaged also the bank appears to be sinking. Response not required just giving information. as to duration probably the twelfth of never before C&RT do anything else. That rather fetching orange plastic 'fencing'
  24. Bridge 10 to bridge 9. Plastic rash is being erected today (17-06-2016) between bridges.
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