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  1. As this is a 20 year old boat and I suspect it is the original exhaust system it is most likely well choked up. Perhaps it is time to get a nice new hospital silencer fitted
  2. Not me, honestly guv. driver tucked in a cabin whilst negotiating a bridge hole, that is cocky driving
  3. So it’s you that lurks in bridge holes then?
  4. New air filter around 6 weeks ago, will check it later anyway. Don’t think the prop is fouled but will take a look. No idea how to check if the silencer is coked up without removing the exhaust. I suspect that all bolts are going to be so tight they are more likely to break than undo. I’m not a mechanic so yes I probably Bly need a specialist. No soundproofing did replace the steel deck boards for buffalo board last year but I suspect there is more airflow now than before. That’s how I noticed it, having to give it full reverse for the boat hiding in a bridge hole
  5. I have noticed that my exhaust has started issuing billowing clouds of thick black smoke on high engine revs (1500 or so Rpm) this suggests poor air/fuel mix probably from blocked injectors. I know nothing about injector systems so will need to seek out professional help, so what I would like to know is how in-depth a job it is so I can get an idea of what a job like this should cost. Is it for example as simple an hour to remove an hour to clean and an hour to replace, in which case I would expect an estimate for half a days labour? Or is it going to be a lot more complicated? we are currently on the Leicester branch just above Crick and heading south towards Leighton Buzzard, there are plenty of marinas and small boat yards on this route, which one would be the best bet for this type of work? Will probably get a full service at the same time, is it feasible that all work would be done in a single day? Lister 4 cylinder replaced with an industrial block and with the top end from my original canal star. Thought I best add that bit before all the questions start 😁
  6. And there I was going around finding baggies on the towpath and hanging them up in a tree thinking the person responsible would be more likely to remember to collect it on their return if it was in a more prominent position, I feel such a fool now 🤪
  7. Pretty sure bunch isn’t the correct collective noun to describe fascists; though to be fair the most app one probably isn’t allowed in polite society
  8. Especially when used as an exclamation of mild surprise!
  9. A better option for boater would be a drive through pub. You would need winding holes either side and measured out in half pint drinking time intervals.
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  11. All you need is clipboard to go with the life jacket, well that and a plucky attitude
  12. What’s this we? I don’t recall agreeing to anything. I do recall sometime back the public deciding they wanted nothing to do with their troublesome neighbours, but since then it all seems to have ground to a halt.
  13. Before moving on I think I would have asked from whence did they get the authority to reserve a public mooring. I probably would have moved on anyway but it’s always fun to confuse the self entitled by asking for their justification.
  14. Don’t bother with toilet paper it is wasteful and can be hard to source in a pandemic, I recommend a fully reusable Roman toilet sponge fully washable, easy to make and environmentally friendly.
  15. I just don’t get why we have to pay road duty rates when we clearly aren’t using roads. I feel we should counter with all cars need to buy a boat license 😁
  16. Used the Coal Cage for the first timelast night. Works very well for controlling a small fire to take the chill out. Once filled and lit it burned steadily on low all evening without the need to constantly add coal, only had to top it up once, (half dozen or so ovals). Need to now wait until later in the year to see how it performs when more output is required, but so far so good for the chilly autumnal evenings.
  17. A member got upset on someone else’s behalf? If the message you posted had the originators name on it then they clearly were happy to put their name to the message content. It’s not as if you added someone’s name to a random message. If the originator of said message didn’t want their name out on social media they probably shouldn’t use it and should use a pseudonym instead. Once you go public you are public and need to deal with it.
  18. A couple of years ago SWMBO was walking the dog along the towpath, he is a young terrier and full of the need to kill anything that is small and fluffy. Because he pulls on the lead like a demented husky we use a “Halti” which is a head restraint, it goes over his head and around his snout so that when he pulls on the lead we can turn his head to take his focus off of what he is currently obsessing over. As the Mrs passed a moored boat a woman exited it and started shouting “take that off him right now it’s cruel” and other words to that effect. Slightly taken aback my better half tried to explain what a halti is and what it is for. This fell on deaf ears as she had decided it was cruel and no amount of logic was going to sway her idiotic ideals. The Mrs gave up and carried on walking, I witnessed all this as I was cruising along behind her. When I drew level with the moored boat the woman asked if I was with her, I said I was and I was then subject to her abusive displeasure. Knowing full well the futility of using logic to explain anything to the obsessively opinionated (having dealt on many occasions with Jehovah’s witnesses at my door) I simply told her to F*** off and carried on my merry way. Not very diplomatic I know but I have reach the age where I just don’t suffer fools
  19. https://godalming.nub.news/n/34i39m-not-going-to-put-my-horses-through-it-any-more34 Horse drawn trip boat gives up after 35 years due to abusive towpath users. Apologies if this has already been posted
  20. Supposedly saves a lot on fuel and is easier to bank up for the night. Don’t know what it will be like when you need a roaring fire on a very cold night. The other draw back is loading the coal one lump at a time with tongs, but I think I could live with that.
  21. Just waiting for the weather to turn to see if this is any good
  22. Sorry but you are all wrong, the main reason that trees fall is gravity! Sir Issac Newton figured this out when he noticed that apples float in water but not in air; further experimentation confirmed that apples also float in custard except when baked in an apple pie. Had a tree down across the Coventry canal a couple of days ago and was forced to take this mooring Hate it when that happens🍺🍺🍺🍺😁😁
  23. Fortunately the VSR was fitted by a competent engineer. All charge sources are fed to the domestic bank and the small negative sensor wire from the VSR is also fed from the domestic. All I need to do is unscrew my engine isolator switch and remove the battery charger link cable from it, I can then use this short fly lead as the strap for my charger between terminals 2&3 on the charger
  24. Thank you Jen, this makes sense; perhaps it is me being silly expecting that when I disconnect a battery the disconnected lead should be dead and not measuring power. My only concern is that I measured zero Ohms across the charger terminals not high impedance. Thanks Tony, I hadn’t even considered that now that I’ve had the VSR fitted I no longer need my charger configured for multi output. I will strap all three outputs together for the leisure bank, this will alleviate my concerns about the continuity between the charger terminals. I spent years working with low voltage electrics but boat electrics just do my head in, my own fault for expecting that when I disconnect something it should actually be disconnected on a boat.
  25. A couple of days ago I had a flat starter battery (had the boat 4 years and the battery was on the boat when purchased) jump started the engine and allowed to charge. Battery charged up but wouldn’t hold charge overnight. Disconnected the battery to move into a better position to check fluid levels, as I moved the battery the now loose positive lead touched ground and gave of a spark. I thought this was odd so investigated why a disconnected lead should have power. I measured 12v on the disconnected positive cable. Recently had my split charge diode replaced with a voltage sensitive relay so I thought perhaps that was the reason. I had 12v on either side of the relay but I didn’t have continuity between the terminals. So this seemed even odder. Traced the cable back to the isolation switch but I could measure 12v on the cable with the switch in the on or the off position. The isolation switch has a cable in and a cable out but also a third feed which comes from the battery charger, so the process of elimination points in this direction. The charger is a sterling with 4 output terminals 1 negative which is common to all batteries and 3 positives. Positive terminals 1&2 are strapped together and feed the leisure bank, terminal 3 feeds the starter battery via the isolation switch. I disconnected terminal 3 and could no longer read 12v at the battery cable end. Terminals 1,2&3 all read 12v and I had perfect continuity between 1,2&3. So unless I am interpreting this wrong, not only do I need a new starter battery but I also have a fault with the charger. As far as I can tell there is a short circuit inside the charger that has been linking all batteries as one big bank. I think I am correct in saying the outputs are supposed to be independent of each other, hence strapping them externally to configure to your preference. Haven't used the battery charger for a couple of months (not since having a high output alternator fitted) it was working when I last used it, that is to say it was charging. But I have no idea how long it has had the short circuit. This is possibly why the starter battery has failed if it doubling up as a leisure battery via the charger. thoughts and advice welcome
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