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  1. Oh, have you noticed that I no longer respond to you. What if this, what if that...try looking at what is actually happening, rather than your fanciful imaginary scenarios.
  2. That had already been suggested in the post to which I was replying, so I didn’t bother repeating it. If the NZ producers can compete on both quality and price with our local producers, without unfair subsidies, that should serve to make the local bods raise their game.
  3. Although I prefer home-produced products over imports from other EU countries, on the basis of quality as well as supporting our own economy. I am very partial to high-quality NZ lamb and would welcome more of it. I'm sure additional trade would be beneficial to us both.
  4. I see you’re really clutching at straws now. Project Fear is all about trying to scare us (in the UK) into voting to remain in the EU in the first place, and, as that didn’t work, trying to get a second referendum. It’s got sweet naff-all to do with what the EU is doing with NZ.
  5. Don’t worry about it, it’s just Project Fear in action. They’ve lost the argument so that’s all they have left.
  6. No, it doesn’t actually help at all, as you totally ignore the actual content of what I was referring to (the irrelevance of the objections in relation to the FTAs) and went off on a little cross-country trip of your own. It’s somewhat sterile to ignore other points of view and just hold a discussion with yourself. But I suppose that’s the only way you’ll come out on top (well, one half of your split personality will).
  7. No, a serious question. I'd like to know where that headline appeared, other than in your head.
  8. How you get from me saying that objections to the UK’s WTO Goods Schedule are not fatal to FTAs to alleging that I am saying that “all these countries are 'gagging for a deal'” (which is NOT what I said or am saying) is totally illogical. Try reading what I actually write. I write what I mean and mean what I write. It doesn’t need any false interpretation from you, thank you very much. Is there some rule on this forum that silly questions have to be given answers (which may be equally as silly)? A non-answer, to a genuine question. I'll draw my own conclusion.
  9. Can you provide a link or did you just make that up?
  10. But at least it’s a start. Anyway, I happen to like Pavlova.
  11. That is a totally spurious argument, as well you know. Proving ‘y’ is false does not prove ‘x’ is true. Nice try though.
  12. Reading that newsroom report, it seems to me that the EU is putting NZ under a great deal of pressure. I found the NZ government's assessment of the situation between NZ and UK to be considerably more positive.
  13. It's all rather relative. It reminds me of the Cleese/Barker/Corbett sketch
  14. It demonstrates no such thing. Read the document to which Jennifer McM has just posted a link. We can operate with an uncertified schedule quite happily, thank you. All the formal objections do is to reserve to the objector the right to make a legal challenge to a possible future proposal on tariffs. It doesn't stop the UK from entering FTAs and an FTA could be the way of overcoming an objection. As Mr Trump might say, Fake News.
  15. You are obviously living in a parallel universe. While prices start around £31K, the XF 3.0D S Portfolio has a list price of slightly over £51K. There are some people, not especially wealthy, who would be prepared to pay that sort of money, although I'm not one of them. That's the purpose of PCP, to make possession of these expensive bit of metal achievable to the peasants.
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