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  1. There is a lockage reflex facebook group.You might get some answers to whatever your questions is on there.
  2. Hi I have flexible solar panels bolted to my roof.I know not the best idea but that's what i have.As sure as mustard my paintwork under them has cracked and blistered and flaked off. Now how to solve this problem.I think the heat generated by the black panels has cracked the paint them moisture has caused the dreaded rust. So i think mask off the panels remove the panels and remove the paint underneath.Feratan primer then a good paint like epiphanes multiforte.Or what do you guys think about wax oil or car under shield under the panels when refitted.Also just raise the panels by using a tap washer or simular.So moister can run out and have a small air gap.Obviously we won't stand on them. Am i on the right track or do some of you knowledgeable guys have a better idea.Im going to stick with the panels i have.
  3. When Liverpool was shut off a year or two back.We were one of the first boats in when it reopened the weed growth was terrible.will this happen to most of the system?
  4. i paid £160 on Monday.£40 per year is properly a drop in the ocean to what boating costs.Im not unhappy.
  5. We have a heritage compact duette.A really good bit of kit and have no regrets about having it.We have never had any issues regarding power. Obvisously it uses some power.It runs on Diesel and is very economical.Yes on a really hot day its a pain but you have a Salad or light the BBQ.This time of year its lovely with its residual heat.With often saves you power/fuel as you don't use other forms of heating.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. Brilliant.Thanks to you both.
  8. i have a plug on my Skin tank.Do i just undo this or is there more to it.?
  9. Thats what i think.will it sort its self out.If not how would i sort it.
  10. Normal Oil around 50 psi Temp 65 C
  11. Hi Guys I was wondering on your thoughts on this one. Engine 31/2 year old Beta 50 1150 hours I checked my coolant level this morning something that i do fairly regularly[Although i have been a little remiss lately and maybe haven't checked it for about a week.] Ever since day 1 the coolant has been rock steady just wetting my finger.This morning it was right to the top of the neck.Strange as i haven't topped up.i though maybe some air was in the system and cruised for about 5 hours today.All good.I left it to cool down about 6 hours.Then had another look.As i took the cap off and released the pressure some water was released down the overflow pipe.The level is still at the top of the neck. A week ago i was on the Seven against the flow.Its the first time my engine has done any real work Might be relevant. Thoughts Guys ?
  12. frygood

    Anchor Stuff

    I am currently on the Avon and will be heading up the Seven.With maybe a trip down to Glocester but I'm not sure about that.As for the rest I have nothing planed as yet.I just want to get it right for when i do.
  13. frygood

    Anchor Stuff

    Hi Guys Sorry about this.I have an Anchor [25kg] which i brought in a well known Chandlers along with a rope and chain which the Chandlers also supplied with it.Today i had it all out and measured the rope about 7m and the chain is also about 7m.Now i feel these are properly to short for say a trip on the Thames or some of the larger rivers. My Question is.Do i add more Chain or more rope or both and how much. Thanks Carl
  14. Its very hard to tell. maybe that's the reason
  15. next time it comes on i will have a good feel around the cooking side to see if i can detect any warmth.I have just remembered in the past when the boiler stat was set higher i have been able to turn it right down which has immediately turned of the strange start up.
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