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  1. Sea Otter 41 on Apollo Duck at the moment has a Hobbit stove fitted. https://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/boat/sea-otter-41/619185
  2. if you want your boat painted very cheaply to a professional looking finish and with really, really good signwriting, Robert Naghi is your man. He doesn't do removing windows or taking the whole boat back to bare metal, but for you jddevel I guess that would not be an issue. Adding a couple of pics of my boat, recently painted by Robert Naghi.
  3. Having gone through that tunnel a couple of weeks ago, my experience was a bit similar to the OP's (not being followed & harassed by pratt in a hurry, but losing speed). After a while I thought of dropping into neutral & / or giving a burst of reverse, which seemed to improve things for a few minutes each time. So I think that leaves, no doubt being drawn into the tunnel by boats going through it, probably are at least partially a cause of the problem.
  4. If you do decide to get a Bosch cordless jigsaw, why not get the 18v one? they are the same price (£79.99) from Clas Ohlson, or actually only about £72 if you decide to order one straight away, as they have a 10% discount on today (use code CLAS30447). I have a couple of the tools in this range and they are pretty good for my (DIY) purposes. The Li batteries last quite a while, and you can get a spare and put it on charge while using the tool. But NB- if you do want a spare battery don't buy it from Ohson as you can get them cheaper elsewhere.
  5. This is correct, or at least it was last year when I bought my boat from a brokerage. Congrats Jess-- on getting yourself back on the water BTW .
  6. Sorry to gang up against you, but your mrs is right about this. There are already around four or five boats with that name floating around the system. Even (or perhaps I especially) the cleverest punning boat name can lose its charm through repetition!
  7. Whilton is not the only boat yard that utilises this pretence. When I bought my boat from Gayton Marina last year, the staff persisted in going through the rigmarole of referring to the (mysterious) owner of the boat, although a bit of research on my part had revealed that both the 'broker' and the 'owner' were the one and the same ABC Leisure Group Ltd. Irrespective, it's a good boat and they agreed to sell it for a very decent price .
  8. We have a 40 amp New Model Tracer, wall mounted in our electricity cupboard. It's been connected since January this year, to 500w of panels. No fans or anything, but the cupboard it's in is quite large. So far I haven't noticed the controller getting at all hot, though obviously it's not running at anywhere near full capacity yet. Having said that, it was putting 17 amps into the batteries around 11am this morning .
  9. To be fair to those who disregard those judgements, perhaps the judges were insane, or just being weird .
  10. Oh well. There might come a time when I feel so assured as a member of this forum that I could feel comfortable labelling anyone who persists in disagreeing with me as 'insane', weird', 'obtuse' etc. Though perhaps I would decide not to. Meanwhile. Presuming you are mooring on a CRT-controlled waterway and you are over a CRT-controlled river or canal bed. Hence CRT would have some say in the matter.
  11. If we are back to the road parking analogy, the canal or river is not the same as your driveway. At best it would be equivalent to the street outside your house. In which case, anybody else would have the same rights as you to park there, unless you have obtained a local residents permit from your council.
  12. OK, but on canals and (most) navigable rivers, CRT 'owns' the bed of the waterway, hence having at least some control over mooring?
  13. Which license would presumably empower the holder to moor anywhere legal over the canal bed, including over the patch by the end of somebody else's garden. Seems we are back to square one.
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