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    I love to meet new people, share a good conversation, with friends and travel wherever funds will take me. I love to have new experiences and always immerse myself completely in anything new I discover. I would buy a boat tomorrow if I had the means but do not so I am setting out to discover and explore every mile of canal by any means possible.

    When it comes to this getting old malarkey well I flat out refuse to do it. Cos I am gonna keep dancing and singing, traveling and exploring, loving and embracing everyone I meet and no number is ever gonna stop me.

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    volunteer narrowboat crew member

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  1. Tom and I would like to join you all on this. Sounds loads of fun. We just need a boat with space for us
  2. Thanks Sue and Richard for the great weekend. I am a bit stiff this morning but cannot wait for you to get in touch again telling me you need help!
  3. Thanks for all the comments. It has certainly made for an interesting discussion. I agree with many that in most situations good organisation, especially with locks, and hand signals suffice in most situations. My main concern was that as there will only me us two on the boat and as my husband has no experience at all he may worry when I disappear round a corner and do not reappear for a while because I am helping other boats coming the other way before we can continue. Also when I crewed on the Llangollan when it was busy boats coming the other way could tell us how many more were coming thro
  4. Think my darling husband fits into both those catagories and he admits it too
  5. As my husband and I are hiring a boat in March to cruise the Llangollan it seems wise for us to invest in a set of Walkie Talkies. I have had a look at what is available and there is a big range of prices. Some look like no more than toys and others are very expensive. Does anyone have any experience of suitable set so that when one of us gets off the boat to scout ahead we can contact the other to say whether the way is clear or not?
  6. Thanks for the advice. Yes I am down to help with the Santa Cruises but as I will never be able to achieve my life long dream of living on a boat I want to experience as much of the canal network as I can. I have already told anyone who listens that I will help on the Python any time I am able
  7. I am interested for sure. Can you tell me the dates please? There are a couple of days I cannot make. Would I have to travel from home and back on the day or is there somewhere I could stay over at all?
  8. I crewed on a boat on the Llangollan in September and we had a crew of 6 and we were prepared to send someone ahead but one way or another we actually did not need to do it. Boats coming through told us what boats were or were not behind them but as my husband and I will be travelling it again in March I think we will invest in a set of Wilkie talkies just to be on the safe side.
  9. Thanks for the info. I will take a look at the Narrowboat trust and I am already a crew member for Chesterfield Canal Trust.
  10. I am new to canals and narrowboats but I am an eager and able lock worker. I would welcome any opportunity to join a boat that needed help with locks and so on. I am having skipper training but have not had much experience with steering yet.
  11. Jan Warsop passed info to me about this. It looks like you have lots of offers of help but I would be delighted to come aboard your boat for as long as needed to help work the locks. I am a frustrated wanna be lock keeper and have windlass will travel. So if I can be of help let me know telling where I would need to be and when and I will then figure out how to get there from Chesterfield by bus or train.
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