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  1. But why choose 24th of July?
  2. Exactly. Knowing the risk was 'managed' is no consolation. I reckon your 'basic equation' is not the same as mine and is , perhaps, not even basic. I do, of course recognise the need to use statistics in regulation and law making. But these things are not life. Nor can they restore lost life or limb or loved ones. I do thank you for your response.
  3. Just a perspective: The 'probably/ probably not' approach to this is a smoke screen hiding the personal reality of events. Whatever catastrophe it is, when it happens to you or a loved one, it is 100% disaster. Is it right to chance that, say with you, or your dad, or your dog? Who cares about statistics at a time like that? I seem to have met many victims of catastrophic events. They need empathy, not statistics. (-and I'm a mathematician!)
  4. The issue is the content of the criticism, whatever it is. General comment. I generally turn down invitations to parties, especially from drinky smokey or noisy people. Never been a party person.
  5. In my experience (as a mental health worker) drug users of many kinds live in denial of the damage they do, to themselves and others. Those who have escaped catastrophe deny that it could happen. There is a loss of objectivity, which leaves only a blinkered view of their lives. This is as true of alcohol as it is of tobacco and any number of illegal drugs. In the end it is only public campaign and ultimately legislation that protects the rest of society and preserves its right to be safe from the less mindful. But taking sweets away from children will certainly make them cry 'unfair!', so this is to be expected. Accusing critics of being patronising or hypocritical is ok for teenagers, but just sounds silly from adults. Address the issue, instead. Habitual drinkers are not my choice of company, any more than smokers. So I try not to let either spoil my enjoyment of boating, or anything else. I do confess that I find a lovely hot cup of tea both as irresistible as it is refreshing. I am aware of the dangers of caffeine highs, but I wonder if tea has ever been blamed for society's ills. I once scalded my hand on an over-zealous teapot.
  6. How about a camera obscura?
  7. Payment is due when and if work is completed to my satisfaction. I'm suspicious of any tradesman who tells me otherwise. One has to ask why they sometimes don't get paid...
  8. John, This point seems to have gone unnoticed, but is well made and seems central to me. I wish someone would answer it with the same clarity as you made it.
  9. I would value a photo of your stern, if that's ok? Paul I am very keen to discover any further details of this work. I believe Ostec Ltd was involved in measuring waves, including the pressure wave below the hull as it passed. Have you any names or contacts? PM if necessary. Many thanks Paul
  10. Interesting! Do you have any scale drawings or plans? I will see if I can contact him. Thanks to all who have contributed. Paul
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