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  1. It depends on what type of toilet. With the Separett and Airhead, no you don't. This is because they separate out the liquids and the solids. You do still have to empty out the liquid tank. The Airhead tank is quite small but integral with the unit, about 6 litres if I remember correctly. Whereas the Separett having a separate tank you can have it as large as you like but will still need emptying I'll be using a 20l container for the task located below the hight of the toilet. Both of these have a 12v fan which draws about 80mA. The other toilets that don't separate out the liquids and solids usually have a heater built into them. However, I read of one boat installation where they ran the pipe from the engine to the calorifier under the toilet and used it for the heating.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Sorry no but this is the boat referred to in the advert. You can just make out the reg number in one of the photos. Waylander Built by Sts Boats - Length 17.374 metres ( 57 feet ) - Beam 2.083 metres ( 6 feet 10 inches ) - Draft 0.559 ( 1 feet 10 inches ). Metal hull, power of 35 BHP. Registered with Canal & River Trust number 514040 as a Powered. Last registration recorded on Wednesday 22nd May 2013. Cheers, Alan.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  5. Umm, have I missed something. Doesn't the OP want a boat with a traditional back cabin/engine room arrangement. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't the traditional back cabin have a fold down "double bed" and/or as in ours you have a bench type seat opposite the cupboards which could be used as a thin single bunk or the fold down bed. As for snoring. I snore but the wife is deaf so no problem. My wife "purrs" rather loudly but I sleep like a log so no problem their either. As for the cat, he snores too and keeps us both awake. Alan.
  6. Just remember It's Five O'clock somewhere, all you need to know.
  7. I thought the same thing (our boat doesn't have one) the I thought about it and yes it would be useful. Our engine idles at 500rpm ish. Max is 1000. Normal working is around 800/850. So how do I know I'm not over revving the engine. Well, sound/guesstimate. Now how do I know the sound. Well, I borrowed a mates laser tachometer and tried different revs to see what if sounded/felt like. I'd hazard a guess there would be a number of people who would have no idea what an engines revs are (even roughly) based on the sound of the engine. Prior to getting the tachometer I was actually under revving the engine ie, cruising rather slowly. Erred on the side of cation. Alan.
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  9. Tinhare

    Boiling an egg

    More eggsellent advice.
  10. That's brilliant news. Why? Well it means my little two cylinder Ruston pistons and liners should be done in a couple of hours tops.
  11. Tinhare

    Boiling an egg

    We keep our eggs in the fridge so they last longer (we don't eat them often). How much longer do we need to add to the cooking time?
  12. Have a look at the Charity Commission Website From their 2012 charity summary (SIR). What are your charity's main objectives for next year? Completion of the merger of the Trust with Canal & River Trust in England & Wales and transfer of the Trust's Scotland operations to Scottish Waterways Trust. Transfer existing fundraising agreements and project delivery operations to Canal & River Trust and Scottish Waterways Trust, and maintain links with the funding bodies concerned. Creation, within Canal & River Trust, of a Museums & Attractions Partnership to be an advisory body to the parent Board of Trustees. Secure the operations of the museums within Canal & River Trust and achieve funding agreements to refresh Gloucester Waterways Museum and the Window on the World project at Ellesmere Port. Hope you find the information you are looking for. Cheers, Alan.
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