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  1. There not matts pics or at least the ones he used to sell them, and it's not moored at there's either
  2. Well it's been a while and thought would do an update will add photos later but after towys engine being 3/4 finished was just water and oil lines left, I ended up with a boot full (Car was on its arse wouldn't have got down back roads) On this it ment I decided to fully remove the engine. Her engine has now had the following done. 1 x Brand new cylinder head fully built up. X2 good cylinder heads fully stripped and rebuild using all new parts (while was at it decided to rebuild a spare has had enough new bits) Brand new national tower with new liners, new pistons with
  3. Seamed to be 2 fog or drive - master. Yer I needed help with the laces!
  4. All paint removed reveals the old chrome and in odd places the black that was on before, the front ring is still black. Removed the old mount, cleaned the holder nut and bolts. Just got to paint and clean front ring, rewire the bulb holder and she's back to how it was in claytons.
  5. Yep that's the ones, I've now stripped down the paint on umea and it was black before the blue, it's a novtek drive master, so more convinced than was that it's more than likely the one she used in claytons
  6. Yes have s copy of that one. It's a shame I didn't know she was being broken up rather than just taken apart for was told a rebuild, otherwise I would have tried to save more, but I got a few bits to put back on towy, but now trying to peice the bits I have to there dates and if there original or not. I'm also in the dilemma of do I leave on made from scratch but copies of what was fitted to towy or do I fit the bits from umea knowing they were on there when she was working from claytons (if not original)
  7. I have seen one from a long view side on but a bit towards the back? I know it's spay but it also had a very similar lamp. As with alot of stuff history and info get lost with time and give were now nearly 60 years on from the last tco working days and some 70 years+ from.when pics were taken and the people on the boats and taking the pics are long gone. So trying to peace all the history back together document it and then restore it to as close as can to used dates is very hard.
  8. I know it's an old post but how many owners did umea have when leaving claytons? Reason I ask is I have some of her parts, and believe them to be original or at least from claytons days rather than repaired / replaced parts. I'm currently in the process of restoration of her lamp. Reason for the above is I'm trying to work out if the lamp I have is her original, I've a few pics of it when on the boat for some reason umea seamed to be the only one that had her lamp on the engine room, I've seen a few pics of it in this place and by the looks it looks like its the same lamp,
  9. Sorry not posted pics got stuck into other work for new build but will photo today
  10. The original engine in BADSEY when delivered 8th September 1936 was


    National 2DM  no.46646

  11. That's yes I guessed the first one must have been gu as Fulbourn was only a few builds away, 71147 is where my camshafts came from there not a part number there def an engine number as the cam lobes are stamped aswell but the both have as Lloyd stamp too so could be mod or sea engine parts. 46624 I can't remember off top of head which parts were from this engine I have a feeling it was one of the cylinder heads and pos flywheel (I know this has a stamp on it) but will check when finished stripping parts down as I'm stripping down and replacing with new parts as I go so
  12. Yes you would think so wouldn't you, as an engine builder this was my thought, and from what I can tell is how rm built there's as I know I have an rn exhaust side shaft. However this would not seam to be on a national, I have 2 set both with inlet and exhaust stamped with it the other way round and my pics above are inlet on the left. The lift seams to be around the same but the lobes are diffrent, hence I want to see what others are.
  13. Yes! As long as you know which cam was on which side as that's the important bit,
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