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  1. billybobbooth

    8mm cotton rope help

    thanks ill keep it in mind if my cotton work goes wrong. as i have to try and make 40 might be worth a look as im making 2 sets 1 best and 1 every day.
  2. billybobbooth

    8mm cotton rope help

    i have to splice it as ive got to at least put in an eye splice. with my cheating system for the clothes ill need to eye splice both ends. as i cant be assed with forever adjusting my rope im going to be using 2 strong springs on each string to keep the tension + it saves me alot of time every time I want to get inside the hold which i do on nearly a weekly basis.
  3. billybobbooth

    8mm cotton rope help

    yes this was what I was trying to avoid as its a pain!
  4. billybobbooth

    8mm cotton rope help

    dont think I made it clear. lol i always insulate the ends and give it a tail but the rope is inclined to untwist between the insulation and the main rope. the 3 indervidual strands try to untwist giving me lots of indervidual bits of cotton but still twisted at the end where its insulated) hope this makes more sence
  5. billybobbooth

    8mm cotton rope help

    hi guys I'm sure someone will know but is there an easy way to stop 8mm 3 strand rope untwisting while trying to back splice and eye splice the ends? I'm in the process of replacing all my cloth ropes as there pretty much had it there all starting to split as degrade so have got some 8mm twisted cotton rope if it's anything like me 20mm middle lines its going to try and untwist while doing the eyes and ends.
  6. billybobbooth

    Large Woolwich

    not good for a wooden boat!
  7. billybobbooth

    Large Woolwich

    i got use to taking out of gear as i couldnt be assed with something big getting round the prop or stopping the bolly. but yes I can see what You mean your way.
  8. billybobbooth

    Large Woolwich

    I've always run with all ours with the counter just on the water. I've always found with it out all the prop wants to do is throw air about. i also found slow moving more a problem but it just in i find things are more responsive. ill tent to take out of gear as go threw a bridge this way i tend to find i don't disterb the rubbish in the bridge and dont hit anything. a smaller prop or bigger gap between the prop and bottom of the boat and bigger gap between the uxter plate you could prob run higher out the water but all ours have had big props and not much room to spare.
  9. billybobbooth

    Large Woolwich

    there are quite a few pics about of boats fully empty and there is a good 6 inches of counter above the water some you can even see the prop in photos. i know its a josher but we put 8 blue barrels and 12 25-30l screenwash bottles in peacock and only just got the counter in the water
  10. billybobbooth

    River class butty 'Yeo'

    i have a wooden and tin spinning top this help???
  11. billybobbooth

    Historic Boats for sale online

    not that this is any help but my fenders made by John jinks are still going strong still.
  12. billybobbooth


    so what about your boat zenataomm you not going to renovate that as well?
  13. billybobbooth

    Engine Rooms

    i think someone has put a mirror in the middle!
  14. billybobbooth

    Engine Rooms

    i would photo mine but as it takes up all the space you cant stand in a corner and get all of it in, stupid boat..... stupid engine.
  15. billybobbooth

    Where is the throttle? (Large Woolwich as new)

    we still have a leaver fitted with ours but we have it tucked under the left next to the ticket draw so dont catch it getting in and out, just wack my back on the gear wheel instead

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