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  1. If you dont like the ram dont buy it, if they took towy as part ex I probably would buy it due to the ram, the others are just tugs with the tug history removed effectively making them just a shortened full length boat, with the ram and the ice bar its keeping the point as to why it was done and the history as to why.
  2. I agree with the bow fenders mine is often getting pulled off, it's ok if there is a run from the gate to the balance beam but, in normally gets pulled where these meet and no metal run, I have a few times got it stuck under a hand rail but this is normally when there a little lower or slightly bend inwards. But single handed and wooden the fenders do take up some of the bumps, the back ones have never got hung up and do stop my rudder from getting hit, but I do also remove the tiller bar as I have seen people get hit by this or wedged when a boat has moved back and rudder hits the gate (last owners must have hit something with the old bar as it was badly bent and had tried to be straightended out)
  3. No probs if you go onto the website they will contact back, there also who has manufactured some parts for my cylinder heads. Like the new rocker bars and rocker bushes. And better for me will do stuff fairly promptly so good when on a hard time scale.
  4. Yer the liners are uk based, the chimney chains I'm still trying to get good results (hence why no results offered yet)
  5. Just for a note I also have new replacement little end bearings and housings (part that fits into conrod) gudgeon pins and end clips, replacement new piston rings (full set or indervidual)
  6. Just a note if anyone is interested I'm having new national liners made (order going in 2 weeks time, delivery end feb - mid march) I'm having a copy set made from original new national liners (these are band new originals never fitted or run old design not the new rn modded ones) The company doing it are being given pre done drawings (not aloud to be copied) and an original liner. If your interested they are £250 each if I get 4 more made (6 + total) I can lower the price. If your interested let me know the order is going in 2 weeks time. Please dont ask me to sell the original line it's not for sale! If no one elts comes forward I'm only having 2 made so I wont have a spare to sell on.
  7. Years of having no electrics, just a good old boatman stove, primus stoves and silencer hot water for washing your hands. Towy Seams quite posh compared to dane Dutton and squire (before the work was done)
  8. Not such a reasonable price, I know it's a nice boat but a back cabin isnt that hard to live in if anything I like it as you cant clutter.
  9. Not on here but has just been picked up from down south
  10. I think some of the problems are unconverted old boats seam to ask high prices and it's harder to justify on a boat that if kept as unconverted is its alot to pay for a back cabin, Converted is a little easyer to justify price as you get all the living space too. Then you get Elizabeth and tycoo where there a bit more specialist boats, even some wooden boats wont sell even at low ish price due to being specialist.
  11. That's now at bclm, along with Coventry (might be wrong) but I got told the 2 were owned by the same person
  12. No that's fine, the info you have given is helpful, yes I've seen a liner before that was a dotted liner, I've got national ones and these arnt but yours could just be another maker of the liner as I know of at least 3 diffrent pistons used 2 ally by diffrent makers. my only next bit to find are replacement piston rings I've got all except the 2 oil rings but I'm going to sort a sorce for both rings, this way I have a way of getting easy spares and can also update others who are building up a list like me of were parts can be made or got from. I already have a sorce for all the gearbox parts. Except the casings. I prob know someone who can make rods too be it they would prob be forged rods than cast.
  13. Hence my confusion as all it did on mine was fill with carbon and then cause problems, the grove is also cut to the exact same depth as the piston groves and is also of the right thickness for a thin first ring, alot of even old pistons have a thin compression ring the a thick second the a scraper then a oil ring
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