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  1. last few running sabb with box were about 150-300 on the bay
  2. still hoping for a 9horse to turn up and a national to be stolen at the same time! but a butty is my current goal,
  3. I would throw in a little sabb lump 10hp simple and light.
  4. not an engine but someone might be interested https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bolinder-Vintage-marine-engine-FUEL-SPRAYER-from-narroboat-FMC-LAPWING-/233172622516?nav=SEARCH
  5. but I was going to get my miniskirt out and do some photo shoots!
  6. I cant say but I know 1 has sold. it's a shame but age moves everything on. my dad had wooden boats most of his boating ownership but age and time made us move on. till I got mine but at somepoint I will have to were only ever custodians never owners
  7. so in tradition I'm ok I have pics 1940s and 1960s of towys steamers both are wearing a shirt and trousers. I cant find any pic for the rabbit though?? I always find dressing up pointless except at a museum that's got a set date period
  8. Ipswich would be nice but got my eye on a butty, but I think something else might put a wedge in it.
  9. as above like for like is easy as the engine bed is already setup, at 25foot most small engines around 10hp would be plenty, an 11-14 will easily move a fully loaded working boat
  10. no what locks are for just add a little or remove a bit at a time till you at the right hight and then go put in dinner
  11. I think it's a good decision, rather than fit them and have to remove they would be expected to pay as there using them, better to reject and get correct than do a job twice, might mean other work that couldn't be done due to man power might now get done or other jobs done quicker
  12. well the water pump is in bits now!!
  13. just wondered if any one has a national water pump in bits and if so if they have any pics of the piston and conrod apart and are able to measure the top inner that goes over the eccentric. mine has massive play in but I've managed to reduce it but I cant take mine apart, I'm looking at making a new shaft 2 removable eccentrics and 2 new conrod and 2 new pistons but I need the eccentric outside diameter or the conrod inside, and how it joins the piston. I should be able at somepoint to remove my bulge pump side but at the mo I cant remove.
  14. she'll be a the port in a running state using new leaver system but pos not starter system
  15. without the box I would say was s light house engine were quite common for these
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