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  1. the guys who did the job had done it quick and are going to check levels all this week for me. but I dont mind mend I didnt have to move it, on the other hand we now wont get to do the rest of the cut as we have now run out of time. I don't mind getting stuck. I was more annoyed with the responce of the email back as normally I just call them out but as we had time rather than calling someone out and me not being in a rush that day to fix I thought an email was the quickest way, turns out it's better to just call them and not bother with the email staff.
  2. sorry not given an update on this but I didnt have any new news, well I've been told that parts have been replaced on the lock weirs and they are in the process of bringing the levels up but given they have 10 inches to bring the level up from where it was when shown to CRT and about 6 inches up from the highest it could get as it's long sections it could take a few days but I'll report once I've got moved.
  3. ivy (in article) takes on virtually no water um it shouldn't take any!
  4. didnt the germans scuttle most of the fleet at the end to stop everyone using there technology?
  5. yes it was! was a raw plug come out hence why was little gutted but that's the risk you take
  6. from what I saw there doing a good job, I was on the edge of putting in an offer but couldn't justify price with the engine being shot as 2 wooden boats is fine but both with engine problems would have got me shot
  7. it's a shame I missed it this year but with me being abroad this year and the boat stuck where I cant move at the mo (CRT fixing problem) looked really good doo this year and hot.
  8. ok so update, so went to boat the pound was down and I was out the water by 4 inches to start with, called CRT guy on phone was very helpful but reported a guy had been down less than an hour ago and reported no low levels, to which i questioned, I explained the problems I had and he confirmed they had been passed on the message but didnt have enough info! dispite all the info I could give crt. (even how to fix the problems) so they sent a guy out he was there 5-10 mins looked when I showed him where the obstruction was and how deep it was level down 4 inches and showed at 2 foot 5. I explained what I had done before, he the said even with the level up to where I was afloat I wasnt getting over it. he then agreed the only thing to do was repair the missing lock weir parts. (as I had already said to do) anyways they are now going to put the missing parts back in the weir at lock 4 and going to let me know once fixed then arrange to bring the level up a few days before I next go up. so all in all a good result that something is going to get sorted, bad news was that they could have sorted or at least inspected the problem whenni reported it, (this was only annoying as I had to go to the boat for a waisted trip in the morning given I had landed back in the country at 3am) my plan was to move the boat before we went away a bit. anyways as said at least they have seen there is a problem but reason hardly anyone would hit the obstruction as it sits around 2 foot 9-10 to 3 foot.
  9. yes I see what you mean but I get the impression they want a CRT guy there when we try again but I have advised that flushing water and even using the paddles to lift the boat up and forward dosnt work. when I tried last time the level was right up and I had nearly drain the short pound above lock 5 trying, the simple solution would be to fix the lock overflow at lock 4, again I have advised this as it's only a few bits of wood missing but they seem reluctant to do this (prob as it means actually fixing something they haven't planned for) but given there is ment to be a boat rally there this year it would prob be better to get it done. anyways I'll keep you updated to the response but so far there idea seems to be well meet you there and flush you threw, until they see the boat, then decide that wont work, either that or I'll get the CRT person to unload and reload all the ballast! they will love that job!
  10. not really when you get stuck let us know well I cant move so me driving 3 hours to ring up to say I cant move to wait for them to say oh well have to do something but will have to get someone else to look is abit of a waist of my time and there's, me telling them there is a problem and them at least going to look at the problem at least there can be a plan put forward. what's worse is I've told them all the details as to what is wrong and why. but if you would like I'll jam my boat in the lock and then call them, or I can do as I have try not get threw them contact for a resolution so I dont block the cut and stop everyone else from getting threw who can.
  11. I've had my responce back from CRT. effectively saying we have not had any reports of problems at lock 5. if you get stuck next time you move you boat there please call us and well send someone out to help you. well funny if they haven't done anything looks like they'll get a call.
  12. funny I spoke to a CRT guy at the lock just before harecastle going south direction. he was saying about both MALVERN and Hercules when CRT did some work maintenance on them he said the guy running Hercules demanded the back cabin and engine room not to be removed swapped ect he said as a result it's still a lovely boat and steers really well. on the other note malvern was gutted and engine and back cabin swapped apparently it's a pig to handle. on a note Hercules was as Northwich on the weaver just after Easter, malvern was somewhere on the Shropshire but cant remember where at easter
  13. single handed most of the time, can be interesting at times, like lift bridges where the landing is on 1 side with no way of stopping on the other side and when you lift the the bridge you cant get back to the boat! but its all fun and make for problem solving more fun
  14. CRT have been contacted then got email for area and emailed with problems. I've had a semi responce saying sorry we have had problems last few days, are you still stuck? if you need urgent assistance call a number and well get a guy out to you. I've told them once again the problem and waiting a responce. saying as before I'm not stuck at this moment hence why I haven't called with an urgent responce required like I have other times I've been stuck. but have explained I cant move due to the problems and if you haven't sent out anyone to assess the problems then I wont be able to. waiting to hear back.
  15. sweet tar wasnt sure what area delt with that section.
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