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  1. It having other parts thrown in wouldn't surprise me at all, but some of the parts to remake like the flywheel, cam shafts, cams (threw many spares only found these fitted with part numbers) and quite a few cast parts would surprise me more if they went made in the original factory
  2. As above anyone got a national parts list manual? I have one but the numbers don't add up to any parts I've got stamped on the engine, after some stripping down and some work I believe my old engine was build wrong. Luckily there are some part numbers which if can be checked then I can confirm if it was built wrong or if normal logic engine building was not followed on these engines. My new engine will be virtually ready to put together by end of week but I have 3 items stopping me from doing so 1 of these I have part numbers on. I've got other items too that are stamped but m
  3. I will take pics today / tomorrow as I clean bits up but it's very simple system as my previous image shows. It's got a simple chain down to a gear with 2 cut notches in the back, behind that sits a plate with 2 sprung loaded arms around inch long, as the handle is turned the to sprung loaded arms lock into the gear. Once the engine is turning these sprung arms just run round the gear and the speed forced these arms to not engage, as the speed slows or gets too slow the speed is no longer fast enough to hold the arms out and it starts to bounce off the handle gear giving a click noise.
  4. Don't know my brother it law now builds parts for machines that now build stuff, so tool making still happens it's just in a diffrent way now
  5. Can be build fairly easy if needs be
  6. Hope this might help a bit ill still photo mine when I remove, pic is rn
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-HA2-engine-running-industrial-marine/333927812277?hash=item4dbfa60cb5:i:333927812277 Photos now added To see video of engine running please go on YouTube and search billybobbooth you will find a video of this engine running
  8. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Lister-HA2-engine-running-industrial-marine/333927812277?hash=item4dbfa60cb5:i:333927812277 Pic and video will be added tomorrow.
  9. Isn't the boat at the port store still got the plank and bottom? Or is this now steel? (Not the boat I saw it was on the themes years ago)
  10. Out the water? Whys that? Don't need to be out the water to take the box off, my entire engine and box will be coming out threw the engine room doors
  11. The only way to get to the hand start is to get remove the gearbox and the timing chain cover, if you give me till 3rd April I'll have mine stripped down and can photo it all for you
  12. I've got a new national tower block it's clearly an old new block, I don't believe it's ex mod (most mod stuff for these I've seen are coated red) this has no scratch marks where parts would have been bolted on, there is no even slight water residue, its also coated in extremely old protective grease that has gone hard over all the liner seal edges, every bolt and stud with nuts, all over the cam ways ext There are no stamp marks at the timing mark it just has 3 number and what looks like a q.c or Lloyd stamp on the top of the tower between 2 water ways. Numbers are 358 A
  13. I like the ones that had the wooden plank and bottoms on, I've only seen 1 with the wooden plank still on
  14. After seeing this and doing a search on it, comes up with a few Dover stoves and few odd others that have white enamel. Shame the video isn't clearer but the things that you often wanna look at are always the bit just out of focus or off camera
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