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  1. I'm assuming that's your water pumps on the front behind the flywheel?
  2. Totally agree, I found it confusing that is had your pics on even with your butty but then wasn't you selling, I find it quite annoying when you look at adverts with the info or pics is either old or from previous sales. Dosnt give a good representation of how the boat is now. It put me off going to look at a few boats as the info was old and old pics 2-5 years go, things change alot in this time
  3. Jp you can get spares for very easily. Rn you have 2 options pay a silly premium for some partsor do as I did and get your own build, it saved me a huge amount by doing it all in-house than going to rn. Note some bits for nationals they don't hold in stock. You can get some bits from other engines and mod to fit or are direct bolt on
  4. I'm very surprised there selling! Given they want to part ex too Can you not have the pics removed from the sale site? Bit harsh to not even ask given its your pics and site
  5. Interesting, they bought it not that long ago! Also no price, main photo is old too
  6. Yer I couldnt work it out as there was no mention of the bow! Yes I'm a bit confused why take up the kelson and add 2 mini ones, makes bottom maintenance easy!
  7. So has it got a new bow was well or is the bow the old back end?
  8. There is a list ha or hr 2 generator set on ebay too, he also had a rn head, not anymore though! I did speak to him a while back he has quite a bit of stuff its finding the people who need it, he has a few cranks too, he has some national and rn parts but there for the later national engine and I only know of 1 of them around
  9. I'm not sure if it should be here or in general maintenance but as is history related thought I would put in here. Is or was there a specific number ba k cabin slide top wooden water rails? I've seen a few that have them in diffrent places and have around 3, ive also seen just a few that just have either 1 at the top edge (very back edge by the doors) there are often just an angle iron, or half round metal or wooden bar. And the odd one with 1 at each end I know the logic behind them and as im now rebuilding my back cabin slide as ive got the only opportunity to do it I want to add these on too as I didnt have any before and water dripping over the egde was a big pain. But is there a reason why 3 or were there ones with 4?
  10. Seams odd for the money spent to them wanna sell on in a very short time, I know she's well looked after by you!
  11. I do have a pic but unable to tell if its the original that was on the boat, also I cant see all the exhaust in the photo, so its not really much help
  12. as title after a shot one really but I'll take /buy anything as long as its an old original or original copy
  13. The rollers are 14hp there a compleatly diffrent engine if you look the heads are same way round but exhaust and inlet on other sides to 2dm
  14. There are actually about 6 of these engines on ebay. 5 in rollers 1 as listed above. Rollers range from 500-3k
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