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  1. Got a piston grove cleaning tool already setup on lathe for doing this, just need to get the piston out, its all setup from when I did the national engine pistons, ive got a new set of genuine lister ha rings on order and as soon as they arrive I'll strip and test the piston ring gaps, but rest of piston is all OK and as is genuine ill reuse if they can be. If not if there is room ill have the ring groves recut and diffrent rings put in, if not it will get new 10 or 20 thou oversized pistons and have the liners bored to them to match
  2. Just looked at chimneys 1 has a Welsh style draggon on the other says fire pro with an a anchor on. The one I'm keeping is unmarked
  3. Thanks for the info. I was looking around 50-60 a lamp. The one I'm keeping i do have a paraffin burner duplex again with matching oval glass but it will be one of the very few items I use that won't be paraffin day to day as ive learnt its a faf in back cabin trying to find way in dark then lite the lamp then find its empty ect, so as said this has already been electrified but has the electrics coming out threw the filler and down the Griffin in yellow gold wire to hide it a bit more. It then has a led bulb in. The other 2 as can see a still paraffin. As say price i know a few years back they went for silly money same as everything ive got i just sit and wait till item comes up at reasonable price, that way if I sell on i just get my money back and someone gets a good item at good price, + if prices are too high they become too wanted by there's Thanks for info though good to know there are knowledgeable people about. James
  4. The one with clear glass is the one I'm keeping for towy as its modded to be electric and paraffin, I've mixed them around a little due to my preference, but the 2 bodies that match with white globes and the griffins are the 2 I got together the 3rd is a modern bodie but has an old globe. I've then had to resolder and mod the base as they use to be very loose and wobble so I removed the wobble but they all just slot in and out as should The swing arms are very solid brass, the white globes are very delicate there is a name on the chimneys but there very faint and again very thin glass. I have no idea of age the one I'm keeping as said is more modern and in flesh you can see this but its still good quality unlike some, the others are a more basic design but are older. I don't think there early ones but there not modern 2000 ones prob more like 70s?
  5. I'll up load photos later today once Home from work as I only finished giving them a quick clean, and the glass is all stoored in a hard box in loft to stop brakeage
  6. Hope pic helps, yer I thought stock but wasn't 100% ive inspected the piston (be it still on the engine) and there is only a very slight wear on the side (as an ex engine builder for alfa) the wear dosnt concern and a quick wipe with emery cloth and the coke is coming strait off, all rings are free and coke free, only thing missing was the bottom oil ring but has a grove for it.
  7. I've started to strip and clean the ha2 now I know it ran so I can clean it up and then once national is fully running will rebuild it. I've removed and cleaned all the top end im in the middle of cleaning piston, I do have a set of rings about (no idea why) but the number on the pistons don't match to anything. There genuine lister pistons and liners and are in very good condition so will prob hone and reuse, The numbers off the piston are part number 531-18250/7 (the 8 could be a 9 as has a bit of dirt on it but it looks like an 8 when I look at the patern number has a 9 in) Any idea what this relates to e.g. stock or over sized?
  8. Not really found any new ones, except my very cheap poor quality one but that still wasn't new. Mine are old duplex ones but not sure how old,
  9. I'm in the middle of going threw my stock of boat bits ive built up over the years and after a good going threw and realising I have bould a lot of rare but not needed parts im going to start getting rid of some of it, some im keeping but have lent to people, but I have 4 back cabin paraffin lamps. 1 is pretty rubbish It didn't cost much as it still had price on but I think was an attempt by someone to make one and apart from the globe and chimney has been binned it wasn't worth anyones time. 2 I have are the same i bought them years ago from someone who was rebuilding a motor and butty and putting conversions on and wasn't keeping much and 1 of these is going into my motor Towy. I was going to keep it to put in a butty if I bought one but thats not happening for a while now so will sell And the last one is one im going to sell. Im in the middle of cleaning them up as covered in dust and not been cleaned in years. there complete except for the smoke bells (these were glass ones not brass for the matching pair and im keeping them) and other one i dont think I had one for it. Anyways they hold paraffin and work have solid brass sconce on them and locate into the sconce, have glass globe and chimney. Any idea what there roughly worth? I'll post a pic tomorrow, once got an idea of price I'll list on here in the for sale before I ebay them.
  10. Given that marine jp3 with box running sold for 1.9k I would say it was well over
  11. Well all electronics removed bodged fuel bottle and line connected bleed and pop fired straight up. Only run for a min but It def had a variable throttle, and will tickover nicely with my finger between the lever and the stop bolt. Its abit smoky but im not sure if its just build up of crud or if the rings leak as ive noticed a fair bit of oil in the exhaust but that's OK as will be rebuilt. I'm guessing the max it will run is 1500rpm rather than 1800rpm as the side has a pin hole and the lever won't go past the pin lining up with the hole. (This is fine as if so not bothered about changing unless easy to do but it also allows me that little extra leway of not putting the engine at full stress) The nice tick over is just under 1/2 the full movement of the lever so guessing tickover is around 500-600rpm?? Sorry I've no idea on ha engines as to what does what, but I know there good reliable easy running engines. Fr2, national, bolinders, jp2 I can get my head around,
  12. Thanks, I wasn't 100% sure as alot of older engine you have to fill the sump direct and on some ha ive seen it had fillers on the head and on the crank case.
  13. Right ive looked and its got a variable electric solenoid that then has a pin on the end of the governor, the pin pops out onto a switch this switch makes the solenoid drop the rpm when it pops back in the solenoid speeds the engine up, you can also lock it in full 1500rpm im guessing for starting but as soon as you touch it or move the speed its on a spring load and it automatically runs back on the solenoid, ive now removed all the electrics and will run again, im guessing by the way I saw it work its got fully variable speed but is set to hold at the given rpm for the engine load on the power unit. It can also self start and self stop (although this dosnt work due to the alternator unit being dead) but will manually run.
  14. It will run but unfortunately she don't have a lift pump or the slot in the crankcase door for one. So got to bodge a tank or something above the fuel filter to try and get fuel into the injectors, I have a big day tank on the boat if it ever got put in so the purpose its being build for means I won't need one just be easyer for setting up and running at home. I've also going to have to get a diffrent crankcase door as there dosnt seam to be a way to fill the engine with oil, unless you just poor the oil strait in threw the heads?
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