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  1. given it was rebuild from a1 to a3 the converted from left to right hand drive, then power upped and semi rebuild by br, then privately the power was upped again as owner wanted ssme power as a4, then was converted back to a3 single chimney before the br upped power, now has been put back to br running and at this time most of the frames were rebuild, I'm guessing prob about 2% if that from how she rolled out the factory as an a1
  2. why I would love malvern, just because of the way she is, again wouldn't be changed just left as is. she is one of the few boats that brakes my rule for buying a boat but still ticks a few boxes. every year the list gets smaller there are a few boats that have been put back into working trim that would tick alot of the boxes but for the reason they have been put back would be enough for me to loose intrest in them, how many put back boats now look virtually the same with every bit of fancy paint or bling on them!
  3. forgot to add if adding a second pump where is the best place to put it? half way round system or on return pipe before or output pipe after stock pump
  4. this is my tare with towy, 1 hand says put back other says keep as is as been like it from late 60s early 70s
  5. I fully understand that, and agree with you. my point was more there is a huge gap of older pleasure craft that all museums seem to ignore and that's the early part of pleasure convertion
  6. ok I've got a thermo top c in my boat now due to space and areas to put stuff it's not the best layed out system but given it has to fit around a old engine room and everything including the hull is wood and it having 2 water tight bulkheads I have to run it in as it is. due to the above the stock pump isn't very powerful it's been replaced once due to my own fault of running it dry. the system is split into 3 rooms but runs off a 22mm loop. the goes from the pump & heater direct threw each room and back to the pump & heater, the pipes have to run under the floor in room 2&3 but due to the 2 bulkheads has to run up and over bulkheads into room 1. all consumers are on 15mm pipes and join to each side of the loop (1 pipe to cold side 1 pipe to hot side as the fitting guide shows) room 1 is in the hold this just has a small water heating tank for hot water (I want to add a small tube radiator for drying towels and coats ect) room 2 is the engine room this has the header tank in and the webasto room 3 is the back cabin this has a small under floor rad (this can be bypassed or flow controlled threw the rad input and out put pipes) now I wish to add a rad into room 1 (the hold) this is very easy to do as will sit right next to the 22mm loop pipes and only needs a 6inch 15mm pipe adding to join the rad to the loop. my problem is the stock webasto pump is week if I shut off the room 3 rad it's more powerful but due to size of rad it consumes quite a bit of the pumps flow, can you fit a second pump to these webasto systems? or even run 2 of the stock small pumps?
  7. this is one of the boats that should be at the port as part of the collection to fill in the missing gaps from working boats to pleasure boats that they dont seem to cover
  8. have you checked the lift pump to check its always picking up fuel?
  9. yes she's had it sence Ken died, when Ken died it went to a person, the bolly (that my dad sold ken specifically for beech) was removed and bost sold to her the rest as they say is history
  10. beech is slowly coming back down was at 15k then with no work went to 25k then 20k now st 17.5k I offered 5-8k about 3 months before buying towy that was 4 years ago and beech hasn't had work done. need I say more. but the owner is very nice.
  11. last time I saw a josher up for this much was Stafford years ago
  12. yer saw her in matters a year ago, even my dad mentioned about her trying to sink alot
  13. there are loads of running engines that can be seen running on fleabay that all around few £££ if your budget is under this even for the engine you have no chance I'm afraid even with all the will in the world.
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