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  1. There are a few still on lift bridges about
  2. It's got no box on it so just use a gearbox
  3. Forgot to add it has a permanent bilge pump that kicks in ever 10 mins or so,
  4. Fmc beech, been for sale for a very long time, needs 3/4 - 2/3 of bottoms replacing, It's not had any major work sence ken ward died. Was at 15k then 22k then slowly coming back down. I offered 5-8 4 months before buying towy
  5. dont let any high members of CRT find out they will want us all to do this
  6. and as also discussed an even you staiting there is more info required as the current bolinder number on the engine and (as found on flywheel) has her 1930s engine number
  7. not really my list normslly only gets shorter a boats sell and get changed, but the odd boat that's out there brakes my normal boat feelings or wants tycho being one. my normal list is unconverted or very little convertion (bits that just lift out with no real care needed e.g. lift out a table ect) with wood where wood should be, same material bottom, good copy of the cabin (unless its original the if replaced copied). or if still working or been retired reasontly as is. but I also like something diffrent or indervidual, ben, tycho, sharpness, birchills (tug)
  8. think was them my wife rang and they couldn't do it in time, it's all a rush as I ordered some from Ebay but they sent wrong size. ss long as the poly stuff can cope with being strapped on locks I'm happy to use it, think this is what's on the bow line and it's never once given me grief unlike the others, (except cotton)
  9. yes please pm me with price, I'll let you know time on friday will prob be about 6ish
  10. I know her back end was thin as once on a trip to the port it sprung a leak and when repairing the hole was getting bigger and bigger
  11. keep coming down! what a boat, one of the few on my list, only thing I dont like is the blue tops. but love she still has the ram. but it's still too high for me
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