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  1. Well 1 head is all but back together, now onto finishing off the 2nd head, then got to sort out some liners and pistons
  2. Just out of intrest jp parts are quite cheap! Why not just throw in new pistons with ring and new liners? I know it makes it a bigger job but gives you peice of mind, I know ebay there are some genuine and non genuine ones about Was it you that bought the engine off ebay?
  3. How are they going to get threw? Its blocked by those big gates, what trickery is this?
  4. Way out my price league I would believe, be a nice way for me to get a nice boat with a bolly back but I'm guessing the price is going to be quite high
  5. Have you seen the price over 800, £5 says you wont put that on your roof!
  6. Mine use to be free, every year I use to go into the yard at maffers and just ask for one, as we did alot of cycling both while boating and not boating it use to be useful against grumpy fishermen who use to block all the towpath with there stuff, use to have to carry my bike over there stuff, it was useful when they said I have a licence to fish and I could respond with yes but not block the path and i also have a licence it's right here and point at it hanging on the bike
  7. Yer the liner is shot, the other is overbored and was funny as the overbored one was the low compression the scored on actually had high compression
  8. Ok so over the last few months I've been stripping down towys engine I needed to do some head work and this is nearly at an end. I last year made it so I could start and stop each indervidual cylinder as well as start and stop in a way that 1 leaver starts and stops both but can also start and stop indervidual cylinders from another, this was all done on the exhaust side. Both cylinder heads have had complete rebuilds, I'm still in the process of removing the last of the limescale in 1 head unless I find a replacement (I was ment to have one on way but this turned out to be a bigger headache in end turned out to no head and loss of alot of money) Anyways both heads have had 1. All cleaned and repainted all mating surfaces cleaned and skimmed 2. Intake valve holder has had valves relaped and new seals and guides. 3. Exhaust valves relaped and rebuilt using new guides. 4. The rockers have had new floating oil system and new internal bearing with new holding shafts and end shaft guides. 5. The new decompression system has been revised so I now how leavers both sides of the heads so i can start by hand without having to lean over the engine and can now control each cylinder from either side of the engine and still retain indervidual cylinder running if needed. 6. Had injector guides revised so now has a seal top and bottom meaning there is no chance of water getting out past the guide and to the injectors there are also seals between the injector and guide so no water can get past the top of the injector down to the seat. I'm now onto the next job, piston and liners turns out 1 liner and piston is shot, 1 piston is saveable but the liner is very oversized in the middle, the good piston also has extreme build up of carbon in the very small top grove (see pics) so next job is now new liners and pistons.
  9. Looks a near identical can to one I got except mine has been repainted with tco
  10. Mike you need another engine then you can get another boat!
  11. Be careful those have one hell of a kick back, amazingly efficient on diesel though!
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