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  1. Dynastart off the flywheel

    For you try contacting rn group they may have exchange fly with starter ring on. Mine bolts on diffrent to yours
  2. Dynastart off the flywheel

    No and i dowt on a national its easy to replace + i then couldnt start it at all!
  3. Dynastart off the flywheel

    I have found a few most seam to be .75kw but ive found a few places that sell bosch units at .9kw and ive also found one for a tractor unit but im waiting to hear back on the kw rating as its a 12v but 25amp as the bosch is 12v but only 11amp But you can get quite a few 0.9kw ones between 170-350 mostly from germany
  4. Dynastart off the flywheel

    I take you up on that soon be good to see what its like. Ill pm you and sort out dates.
  5. Dynastart off the flywheel

    My plan was to remove the front pully infront of the flywheel and run direct off the flywheel its self my current alternator wont charge properly at tick over slow rpm due to the 12" pully on the fly and 2.5" pully on the alt at 200 ish rpm on engine tickover means my alt is at around 800-1000 rpm and at running general im prob about 300-500 rpm meaning im only about 1500-2000 alt rpm given its only a austin mini 40amp alt its even though its only got to charge 2 batterys to run a 12v fridge using 3-4amp and 5 bildge pumps that never run (2 in hold and 3 in back) ive have to change the alt or the position anyways. I was looking at putting a starter ring on at same time and a starter but it does start from cold fairly easy but was thinking if i can use something to turn it over to prime and then start by hand but if needed would start. I would need to do something with the bolt on front pully as its not lined up perfect and wobbles a little not enough to throw the belt but it has a fixes smaller on on if needed. By moving the charge to be driven from the pully to the fly this will solve the charge problem but may might create a starting issue if run from the flywheel due to it turning the engine over too slow. My other option is run the dyno start off the smaller fixed pully on the flywheel and run my alt off the flywheel for charging. The other option is as you have done and run both off 1 pully. Its got to atleast turn over the national with decompression for priming. Once primed a 10-20 fast turns it starts on the flick of the start handle in very cold weather. But it have fairly high compression (if you drop the leaver down and not spinning fast the compression will just stop the engine) warm weather it will start fairly easy) Im just trying to put something in that can aid starting if has to by hand at worst case.
  6. Historic Boats for sale online

    It makes a massive diffrence if the angles ect are coppied correct. Most dont even attempt to try and get the swim.
  7. Historic Boats for sale online

    Looks good but odd not to have put a lump and or at least a prop on even so can be floated? Looks ok ish but a semi sort of guccc style but not at same time, Not a touch on brinklows
  8. Dynastart off the flywheel

    Was more of a case of im thinking of changing my alternator or running it off the flywheel which means changing the pully if i can. But was thinking it as a semi alternative with the advantage of turning the engine over before start up a sort of pre ignition if you like.
  9. Dynastart off the flywheel

    Oh there goes that idea!
  10. Dynastart off the flywheel

    I know there expencive but does anyone or has anyone used one for starting a diesel? If so how successful was is? I have a decompression lever.
  11. Former Anderton Company motor "Norway"

    Did you want some spare horse muck?
  12. Former Anderton Company motor "Norway"

    I dont know what the stem would look like in steel as wooden boats of have a big shapped chunk of oak at the front its one of the features i love about wooden boats its the semi extended bow lines but the only steel boat i saw like it just didnt get the shape right and made it look a bit odd.
  13. OTLEY

    I have a floating tree! But you can only have the gunnels!
  14. Historic Boats for sale online

    Just get all boats rebuild in pollyflex this will make it nice and flexi and youll get strait threw then rebuild it out of wood or steel or both the other side job done.
  15. Historic Boats for sale online

    But is has a lister so must be worth the money. You never know it might be made with gold paint.