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  1. I can never get these buggers to give a watertight seal, ive tried everything Didn't Starcross pass threw maffers last year think it was looked very um unstable
  2. billybobbooth

    Kelvin K2

    Do the bores came away from the crank housing? Reason I ask is you could always do custom liners by opening out the stock area and then drop in a slightly diffrent liner so it seals? The way to remove the old liners would then be to bore each one out internally so there is no press removal giving way to slightly bore the liner slot out to remove rust and give a clean edge As said I don't know how the k2is built.
  3. billybobbooth

    Kelvin K2

    as I don't know how k2s are built can you not put a liner sleve in or put in a new wet liners?
  4. Its ok of i ever sell towy ill claim she is made from steel but hand carved!
  5. Can't really see why your buying though!
  6. I've hurt of the locks been up and down them enough I was referring to the windlass. Or are they just made but dunton but specifically for the hatton flight. I always find ally windlass for these style of locks useless as you can't just hit the retainer off you have to put the windlass back on and wind up a tad to release as they just dent the ally. Steel you can just wack and walk
  7. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-HATTON-ALUMINIUM-WINDLASS-CANAL-LOCK-GATE-KEY-IN-STYLE-OF-DUNTON-DOUBLE/224013536686?pageci=7093f973-45c8-495f-b9fc-58e2f038d030 Found on ebay looking at windlasses ive never hurd or seen them looks like someone has copied the dunton
  8. It looks abilt like a boat for disaster. Out the water, no engine, needs new bottoms. Not like you can just take it easily to boatyard to carry out the work.
  9. I would reject a boat that should have a wooden bottom and has been replaced by steel.
  10. Bss on a butty we never had any trouble, worst we had to deal with was back cabin stove, no gas no electricity, no oil, no engine, the stove and that was it. There wasn't anything to fail on
  11. Hate to say it but you may find that wont happen the easter gathering that is, I've had 3 car show cancelled, and 1 holiday
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