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  1. This was before they worked out that narrow boats are much better with full length cabins.
  2. Yes. This was August the 12th if I remember right. Fell in a shallow backwater and became concerned about the Weils disease so I did interact with clean water for a short spell. Very worrying. They don't let one use car washes unless one has a car.
  3. Victron Smartsolar MPPT controllers allow you to set the voltage. Once the batteries are charged nothing else will come from the solar panels. I've got 1kw of solar on one boat and 1.3kw on the other one. Both of these arrays go via Victron MPPT Smartsolar (bluetooth app) and the batteries are almost always full. Doesn't matter if they are full it just effectively switches the solar panels off. Not an issue. Odd having loads of surplus but some people direct this to hot water. I don't wash so not needed. Basically a LiFePO4 battery with a BMS and a Victron MPPT plus solar panels is the way to go.
  4. I think he might be able to consider a smaller bank and use a lithium battery. 3 x 110 AGM is not all that different from 1 x 100Ah LFP battery in price terms. It all comes down to daily usage. Whatever you do if you are not on mains power you have to charge the batteries. It seeems interesting to use a type of battery which can take a faster charge rate.
  5. I went to a revolting restaurant once. Everyone was given a pitchfork as a free offer.
  6. Lithium batteries do change this story somewhat.
  7. As Alan said earlier you need to do a power audit. Daily use estimates. 200Wh for the ipad 100Wh for the phone? 360Wh for the fridge Telly lights and pumps 200Wh? Add together 860Wh. Divide by 12 to get Amp hours. So it is around 75Ah per day. Quite a lot of power use there. I think there is an interesting argument for putting a small inverter on the engine battery and running the outboard at tickover. Interesting to see what it generates. If it was 5 amps of charge this could contribute to charging the laptop. Outboards don't make much power but they are very quiet and use very little fuel at tickover. Never tried it and maybe it is inefficient but it does seem potentially interesting. You will want mains electric in winter.
  8. @MtB Maybe this was an old electrolux 3 way fridge. Modern compressor types are massively more efficient. Something like 4 amps for 1/3 of the time so 4 x 8 is 32ah per day. 600w of solar will provide far more than that in the lighter months.
  9. 600w of solar to run a fridge? Something wrong there.
  10. It doesn't matter if you have 'too much solar' . This doesn't mean a larger battery is needed. The sun will come up the next day and charge the battery. If it doesn't then we have a lot more to worry about than batteries !
  11. Exactly. If he is putting on a lot of solar then the thing to do is get a MPPT set to LFP batteries and get one of the 100ah batteries such as the Fogstar product. There are others about. I don't know how good Fogstar are but Lithium batteries with proper BMS will be better than lead batteries for daily cycling.
  12. As Alan de Enfield mentioned above the topic is how much power you use in a day from the batteries and how you intend to replace that power. This is the key. The battery bank can be as big as a mountain but it still needs charging. if the charging system is not up to the job a large bank will end up being at a low state of charge and with lead batteries this means scrap quite quickly. I'm a big fan of small battery banks.
  13. It does of course depend on daily power usage but if the usage is low then I'd be buying one 100Ah LiFePO4 battery for the solar and a separate small lead acid to deal with the outboard. A basic car starter battery say 35ah will be more than enough for an outboard. Keep the charging systems separate. Buy a second lithium battery later.
  14. Can you see what you wrote there? Why would I, as a white British person, assume that someone with dark skin was a 'dangerous criminal'? The way you phrased it was dodgy and you were making assumptions about assumptions. Everyone knows assumption is a bad idea but assumptions of assumptions is a compound bad idea. Not everyone thinks darkies are 'dangerous criminals' but it is natural and entirely understandable to be cautious when presented with people whose culture you do not understand and have no experience of. It is human nature. There are dangerous criminals from all groups. We even get them in the upper class system. It is shocking but yes some of us are very bad and need shooting. With humans the males have trouser snakes and the females have soft protuberant bodies adhering to the thorax. Sometimes they get together and do the progeny thing. End of story. Racism is about thick people responding to basic instinct. Clever people know how to avoid this issue. Pikeys are still bad though to be fair.
  15. A dumper who leaves the boat for 14 days then moves it isn't a squatter because they are behaving in a legal way as long as the boat is licensed. Squatting is when you occupy a location without consent and / or without a licence and cause trouble when asked to move. Maybe the CRT gave Mr Ward reasonable adjustments and that was his mooring but I think possibly this is not the case. It -appears- to all intents and purposes that he was just pushing and pushing and eventually lost out. Predictable outcome. Google picks this case out going back many yars. CRT have been trying to deal with the problem for a long time. https://www.gazetteandherald.co.uk/news/10625333.trust-attempts-to-recover-76k-from-man/ S8 August 2013. Presumably this was resolved by the boats being licensed. If not then questions need to be asked about why it took so long to sort it out.
  16. The boat geyser gave the game away quite a while ago when he used the words 'adverse possession' to describe the CRT taking the boat. This is a term used by squatters who 'know their rights'. I think he is a squatter. I would put money on him having been involved in squatting houses before it was made a criminal offence in 2012 after which he found his way to the canals, as did all the other entitled squatters. I hope they don't screw the place too badly. It is quite nice living on boats.
  17. Google are not all that PC about these things
  18. Some yars ago I had a letter from an estate agent to my Limehouse address. It was addressed to Mr Nigg Nogg. My name is Mr Crosby. I don't know if someone was having a laugh but I found it quite funny because it isn't a black african area at all. Brixton and other parts of London might be but Limehouse is more of a white middle class and bangali area. Was it bad to find this funny? My theory is that if such terms are buried under the label of 'too offensive' things go sour and I think it happens quite quickly.
  19. I thought wog was 'westernised oriental gentleman' indicating someone who had adapted to life on these shores despite having completely different cultural norms in their background. A respectable furriner, if they exist. So to speak. My girls go to inner east London schools where they are part of the 1 percent (not an exaggeration) of kids who are white. Yes the bangalis do have racist terms for indigenous people as well but who cares? As humans we are all constantly trying to solve the same basic problem which is that of being a skeleton covered with flesh and muscles with an oversized brain at the top end and poorly adapted feet. It makes little difference where you came from you still have to eat and shit relatively often and hope not to get run over by something.
  20. Indeed. They are for not touching things with.
  21. It is similar but not specifically boat related. Actually quite a bit longer than a boatman's shaft. These are generally of thin wall aluminium with plugged ends.
  22. I would be a little surprised if NABO wanted to support Mr Ward. It looks like even the NBTA won't touch him with a largepole.
  23. I am offended on behalf of punks and goths. How dare you compare them to pikeys! I know a goth who is a surfacing man.
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