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  1. haza

    Enforcement ?

    i wont put the paper licence in my window .i put my boat number there instead. and have been told many times its against the law not too put the paper one there . dont know if thats right or not .but i still wont put the paper one there .
  2. hi i had a ribrating tiller last summer ...i took it into chirk marina ..were a very nice chap said i think it could do with the rubber flange replacing ..i said ok it took him about half maybe an hour ...at a cost of about £60 ...i had been putting up with this problem for a while thinking it was going to cost hell of a lot more ....its great now ...
  3. haza

    Lock etiquette

    hi ian i am with you on this one ,leave them as you found them ..i think ..but not every one do locks the same way ...
  4. haza

    long shot

    hi swift thanks for you reply ..i did have there name but i have forgotten sorry ...they came from the dudley area .they had a labrador dog brown if i can recall ..to be honest they may have moved on ..as they did say they where looking for somewhere else hence me trying to locate them ..regards and thanks
  5. haza

    long shot

    hi folks .is there maybe someone out there who could help me out ...last year we where boating in an around great haywood .and got talking to a very nice couple .who told us they where looking for some other moorings as travling to great haywood from dudley was getting a bit too much for them .they have moorings in the great haywood area .they gave me there phone number ,but i have mislaid it. i may have some good news for them on the mooring front ...like i said this is a long shot and thanks for canal world for letting me post this and for those who take the time to read this many thanks regards haza
  6. hi all would any one know what i should ask for this toilet .it is only 12 months as no longer being used kind regards
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