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  1. Shardlow to nottingham

    Did Sawley to the Erewash a few weeks ago and it was very pleasant. But it is due to p!ss down this weekend which might make it more challenging?
  2. Mr. Angry of Barton Turns

    If it is the house I am thinking of, the "no mooring" signs don't look like official signage to me?
  3. Star City

    Had a good days cruise from Catherine de Barnes and didn't feel the need to stop until Curdworth. No trouble anywhere, plenty on friendly locals and some interesting sights.
  4. Star City

    Great info as always, thanks all.
  5. Star City

    Evening all! Reading various posts it seems the general wisdom is that stopping between Catherine de Barnes and Curdworth is not advisable, except perhaps at Star City? So a couple of questions- 1 - do you/can you book a mooring at Star City? 2 - if full are there any alternatives? 3 - Which part of Curdworth specifically is good before/after the locks etc? Cheers, Bernie
  6. Why is it so hard to buy diesel?

    Any ideas on best place to buy diesel around Kingswood Junction or south towards Stratford?
  7. Not seen for a while

    Didn't see any signs or flowers. Noted that it had a small outboard.
  8. Not seen for a while

    It was there last weekend. It's an unusual looking craft, anyone know the history?
  9. Defibrillators

    There is one at Thrupp, near the lift bridge.
  10. NEW: Staff Member

    Congrats MP!
  11. Stern Type - The Good, Bad and The Ugly

    Love our trad stern but sometimes wish we had a cruiser stern to make life easier and more sociable on the move (but not in the rain). However a socking great tug deck would also be nice
  12. According to Everbuild, the manufacturers of said bitumen, it is no longer suitable for water tanks. Which is confusing as some resellers still quote it as being suitable. What I am uncertain of (and waiting on an answer from Everbuild) is whether the change is due to a change to the product or because of a "directive"? Anyone know the answer?
  13. * FOUND * Stolen Boat - from Mercia Marina

    Lets hope this is a positive lead, great work. I may have missed it but is there a detailed description of the potential suspect?
  14. Good pubs on the Southern Oxford

    Indeed, you were in the Boat in 2014.