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  1. My guess it's probably on top of a boat under a tarp.
  2. Here's some better pics of the little boat.
  3. I was down there this year. Odd little bit of canal. A lock to the sea with a tiny stretch of canal, with a fixed road bridge over it, with just enough room to get a rowing boat under.
  4. No one want's them?? I'll take the buggers, Can I send my courier? Will they fit on a erm.. pallet?
  5. We used to play around that area when we were kids. You wouldn't have got me swimming in the locks though, now way! But some friends did. We never bothered any one, or any boaters passing through. In fact, it's watching and sometimes helping the boats through the locks, that always made me want to own a boat. So there you go.
  6. Hardly unexpected some boaters being a bit off with the kids they encounter when the lockies have got them ready for war!
  7. We came up the flight from Leeds last year, and had a couple of problems, snapped tiller bar, and a fuel filter problem. Meaning we had to stop a few nights, in between the long pounds. We were warned by the lockies when we told them we'd have to stay here and there, meaning they would have to come back the next day, and the one after that. "oh you don't wanna stay round here" When I told him, not to worry I live around here, he soon shut up. We didn't have any problems with anyone.
  8. It's a shame an area, which does have some nice parts along it, is gained such a rep, down to lazy lockies, who just want you through as quick as possible, so they can get on their way. Don't get me wrong problems can occur along this stretch, but no different to any built up area heading into a major city, anywhere else in the country.
  9. THIS! This is the main reason for the rep of this area. I'm almost certain they do it, as they don't want people stopping on the long pounds in between the locks, therefore holding them up, We have been up and down this area about 4 times in the last 2 months, a couple of times it was boiling weather, not one hint of trouble. I also live close to the area, and it's nothing like these lockies are making out. Edit to ask.. so did you have any issues with the locals on the way through?
  10. Also you haven't lost any roof space, in fact you've gained some sheltered roof space!!
  11. We've traveled through this area many times, in fact we live local to the area. Never had a problem. I don't think the 'reputation' is helped by the lockies always telling people not to hang around and cruise straight through. Nothing to do with them wanting you to pass through all the locks quickly, so they can get on their way??
  12. I remember seeing this monstrosity moored opposite Lemonroyd Marina. I did it a bit of research on it online an found quite a few you tube videos on it. Now I'm all for green energy solutions and that. but who's crazy idea was this, and why doesn't it work? As from what I can see on most visits down there, I don't think I've seen the turbines turning once. And this is how it looks now... Anyone know anything about it? I found this online.. http://www.oblinark.com/News.html Some serious inverters..
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