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  1. https://www.cement.org/docs/default-source/fc_mat-app_pdfs/masonry/is239-pca-efflorescence.pdf
  2. Yes, very dense and if you get a splinter it almost always turns septic.. Its very difficult to machine as well, blunts a lot of 'normal' wood working tools.
  3. A common timber for sleepers, and Way Beams (the longitudinal timbers on bridges as mentioned earlier) is Green Heart.
  4. I was moored next to some one who fed the local wild fowl with dried cat food, and needed a trolley to cart the huge sacks to his boat ( I kid you not). He would talk to them in baby talk but thrash the water with an old fishing rod to deter the ones he thought were getting to much, I used to leap out of my chair thinking some ones fallen in ! I did try talking to him whether dried cat food was a good diet for swans etc and the shear quantity , several double hands full several times a day, was a good idea ? I also tried to explain the sense in maybe creating a dependency on this free hand out and it was sad to watch the cygnets get chased away from the feeding session by the Cob when they were approaching adult hood with little experience on feeding them selves. I still wonder if they survived their 1st winter. I guess it's possible to kill with kindness......
  5. Some usefull reading ..... http://www.bbc.co.uk/search?q=carbon%20monoxide
  6. Contrary to popular belief, as a parent you have no rights to see your children, It's your children who have the right to see you.
  7. I've suffered at the hands of the CSA, you have my sympathies.
  8. Gejay

    Best pint

    I remember (just ! ) drinking several pints of Bathams Special bitter in the Lamp Tavern in Dudley, many years ago. When I went out in to the fresh air I became paralyzed from the waste down and showed all the symptoms of Typhoid.....the only cure was a Desperate Dan cow pie...
  9. HMRI still exist but with in the ORR (Office of Rail Regulator),RAIB are independent and report to the Transport Ministry. HMRI can prosecute RAIB can't. But they do work closely together.
  10. If they are like yellow mushrooms then they are 'Axle Counters'.
  11. Nice bike , I love girder front ends.
  12. 1st attempt at posting pictures, hopefully showing before and after !
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