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  1. They look like posts for securing the gates in a closed position ?? There are paddle bars I think in the centre of each of the four gates. The top ones appear not to leak at all ...
  2. Does this count? https://www.canalworld.net/forums/index.php?/topic/115051-belfast’s-first-new-navigation-lock-in-over-250-years-opening-gates-on-tuesday/
  3. The last time I saw a Nene lock reversed the headroom under the fully raised guillotine was about 2 feet, so (even with strong ropes!) this would have been a very dangerous manuever! I had a similar experience as you at Ditchford, that was when the weir alongside was being repaired (after a narrowboat sank) and so most of the flow had to go through the lock.
  4. I regularly call out (on the Cam) "Ahead scull", or "Take a look" which are recognized signals and one that rowers often use to each other. I also have a horn that I blow into, which is useful for alerting boats behind you (sounding the horn at the bows is a waste of time, as noted). It's a while since I did any sculling, I found it rather difficult. Turning round to look is not good for the balance. Here's a photo I use sometimes when talking about the Thames tideway. The boat with the hole in the transom belongs to the coach !! Not really. Usually the cox is much smaller than the hulks in front of them, and leaning out to have a look disrupts the balance when racing. Hence there's quite a blind spot dead ahead...
  5. So it's not true that Carpenters Road lock is unique ....
  6. The main works on the Nene date from the 1930s. But since then * Abington lock is new (part of the flood defence scheme on the Northampton washes, with flood gates just downstream of Abington and upstream of Weston Favell * Lower Wellingborough looks relatively new (also rather badly designed). I would suspect also the other locks that have two sets of V doors, ie Upper Wellingborough, and Higham. And Bottisham lock on the Cam has been rebuilt or relocated - my copy of Bradshaws is on the boat so I can't check. It may even (like Brandon) be part of the 1960s work when the relief and cutoff channels were built.
  7. Dear Nick Nice to hear from you! We had our engine installed at Braunston in 1994. Had it rebuilt a few years ago, the compression was getting a bit wheezy. My main issue is over the water hoses, which I am gradually replacing as you can see here. I have replaced the return hose into the water pump, and the exit hose from the heat exchanger. The one I can’t find is one that connects the thermostat to the Bowman heat exchanger. The sizes seem a bit odd. Best wishes
  8. I wouldn't pay too much attention to most TV channels or youtube blogs, to be honest. Just to second the votes for Heyford, and for Bridge boats in Ely (a very good train service from London, and a well kept fleet). The Fens are very isolated & quiet, and lots of wildlife, and some pubs if you plan ahead. If you go there you can moor in one of the oldest nature reserves in England (Wicken Fen). (You can just see my boat in this early morning photo from January).
  9. I've done Denver to Boston once, and Boston to Wisbech twice. You may find this page helpful (note, I do get a bit carried away with the gadgets). I can strongly recommend Daryl Hill as a pilot. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/washing/
  10. When you hire a boat on the Skegness canal you are told to drive on the left.... I remember a memorable day in about 1975, when we (in our yogurt pot) followed Jaguar down the Oxford canal from Kings Sutton to Thrupp. They were a bit slow. We overtook them, then set the next lock, let them through, locked through and overtook them again in the next pound. Repeat several times... Great fun,
  11. This NTM is now current. The bridge is basically open as normal, until and unless it is closed! http://www.pla.co.uk/assets/u4of2021-barnelmsreachupper-hammersmithbridge.pdf Please note that at the moment downstream passage to Limehouse is very difficult, due to a limited operating window at Limehouse (roughly HW-2 to HW+2). The situation may improve between now and June. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/notices/21465-limehouse-lock-limehouse-london
  12. It get's a lot better as you go further north. Long Eaton is a bit suburban.
  13. An opportunity to plug a new group - Trentlink - that is offering advice and trying to organise some boat buddying on the tidal Trent. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/666937220961360 (private group, but joining is easy) Website: http://trentlink.org.uk/
  14. I hope CRT sent you this. https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/refresh/media/thumbnail/30977-ribble-link-skippers-guide.pdf
  15. Yes, I would say so. I did it in 2019. Day 1 was Kegworth to Langley Mill which was a bit much, Day 2 Langley Mill to Ilkeston, stopping well before the M1 crossing which is noisy. Nice moorings also at Sandiacre (beneath the church). Day 3 Ilkeston to Nottingham, I can send map links if you like. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/2019/06/06/spring-cruise-3-erewash-canal/ As I remember, the Birstall moorings were rather full, but there were some nice spots either side of Thurmaston. I arrived in Leicester at 2000 and left at 0500 so did not get a very close view of it at all!
  16. I would say the rest of the Erewash is more interesting than the Market Harbrourgh Arm.
  17. On the Thames, heading upstream, I've used * Teddington lock cut * Kingston above the bridge * Hampton Court (get lost in the maze) * Sunbury - on left a mile above the lock * Laleham , on right before Penton Hook lock. * Half a mile above Bell Weir lock, on the left. * Runnymede, good walks. * Windsor (posh but expensive) * Cliveden (NT moorings on right, very fine, you can pretend you are John Profumo if you wish). Good island moorings too (but NT still charge you!) * Cookham above the road bridge on left * Bourne End, on right after the village * Marlow * Hurley in the backwaters (ask the lock keeper). * Henley, lots of locations * Sonning below the lock. That should be enough...
  18. Unless things have changed a lot since I used to work there, I would expect HMT to just pass this letter back to CRT's sponsor department, ie Defra.
  19. I was very happy with the service I got from Bimble. I do take online reviews with a pinch of salt.
  20. Yes, that looks like it. There are several oil distribution depots along this stretch. Interesting that the structures in the river do not appear in the OS map (?1950 or so, on the left). https://maps.nls.uk/geo/explore/side-by-side/#zoom=18&lat=51.48258&lon=-0.22526&layers=170&right=BingHyb
  21. Some of the Dophins are still there. This is a bit further upstream, with Hammersmith Bridge in the distance.
  22. There was a lot of lively and vociferous discussion about this at the PLA Upper River open meeting in Putney on Tuesday. (You can see the back of my head in one of the PLA's tweets). Will be available on youtube shortly. https://www.youtube.com/user/portoflondon/videos I think the issue is the obstruction, at low water the clippers would take up pretty much all the water when turning around. The PLA made it clear that, if and when there was a formal application, they would consider all the issues carefully. There's a petition going round, and unusually for me I have signed it. https://www.change.org/p/save-our-sports-on-the-river-thames-stop-the-pier
  23. You may find my resources page helpful. https://scholargypsy.org.uk/washing/
  24. Thank you - yes I have found him helpful. I will add that soon(ish).
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