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  1. Hey Sheriff, not seen any posts from you for a while. You okay?? Last I heard you were stuck the wrong side of stoppages earlier in year!h

  2. Ok just to clear this matter up..I went to hatton flight yesterday at noon and watched archimedes and co go up the hatton flight,I was there with a friend who gave me a lift for the day for some sight seeing. we was watching the boats for the whole of the flight,every lock gate was shut and paddles was returned to the down position. We went to lapworth flight around 3pm and observed from a distance every lock gate shut and paddles returned to down postion,if i had seen/observed otherwise then i would say so. there you are..
  3. I read all the ins and outs of council tax,regarding residential moorings last year...if the mooring is "exclusively for that boat,and only for that boats use"then you are liable to council tax. I needed to clarify this information for a friend who was on a private mooring,they now pay council tax....a leisure mooring,"is not exclusively used for a particular boat" ie the owner of the moorings reserve the right to move you around as they see fit..no council tax regardless of all those who do live on leisure moorings. I do not have the info with me,it was from a BW site.. so the person in question needs now move the boat to a offical leisure mooring
  4. Ha Ha Ha,I was inside between takes
  5. thats it at 1min 17 seconds burgundy/portholes...wow my boat in the olympic advert
  6. nope not that one.there was only three boats on location,not sure how many used in advert. there must be others,because my mates who saw it were there when the advert was made,mid morning. thanks ps.also there was a large EVENT RIB that was going past not a canoe and there were loads of extras on the towpath,flags to boot
  7. Have had plenty of txts from friends informing me my boat, which was used for a visa advert can be seen now and until the olympics"boat for sale as seen on tv"will be my ploy when I sell it. its the burgundy one with coach lines. not seen it myself,but have had friends tell me its on nationaly. very busy with hire boats and private on the coventry around atherstone flight
  8. oh yes,I have a MEGAPHONES,they do come in handy some times.hid in the bushes once and a boat came pass.."slow down (boat name etc)".childish but fun
  9. agree with you there lady muck, got loads of water where I am, rocky would love it
  10. I think being carried on a boat,then to the church for the service says it all regarding Maureen life. I really do hope Middlewich folk turn out in force to celebrate Maureens life on friday 30th. Thank you
  11. moored in Coventry basin last year April time.just got out of bath and drying my person,and noticed a bloke place his video camera onto the bedroom window of the boat opposite me,very quietly i crept to the front of boat and waited, until he did the same to my bathroom porthole....I shot outside and shouted out"you dirty pervert watching me in the bath". he stood there trying to explain he was just doing some video film to see what boats where like inside;it so happen two comunity support officers arrived and heard me carrying on. in my underpants and flipflops I said to the female cso the pervert was filming the other boat and also me in the bath and i felt vunerable and scared(you have to lay it on).. he refused to hand over the video to be checked and then the police arrived and he threw the camcorder into the cut,protesting,apparently none of the camera's in coventry basin work,so they let him go. the female cso came over and said "how can you be scared of him, look at the size of you".I looked down at my willy holder and said size is not everything ha ha and went back into my boat,and left coventry basin shortly after
  12. i have to constanly keep moving my boat at zero percent to charge all my batteries/heat water,my engine hand book states I should run my engine in gear whilst tied to the towpath,to charge batts,bw states do not do this whlist the boat is tied to the towpath. so I declare zero percent,when charging batts/takes a long time.and move my boat at the same time,propulsion is a by product.... the frist year i was only buying white diesel like a complete fool(somebody told me red is full of horrible stuff)new at the game then etc...so the tax man/women has had loads out of me..at leats a 1000 liters worth of white diesel tax. they keep putting fuel prices up,i shall asked blizzard to invent a paddle mechanism for the back of the boat,so i can sit on the deck and peddlle paddle away into the sunset,for free.
  13. it is a shame,I liked stopping there for a few days just below the next couple of locks,ive also stopped at red bull itself,good washing machine and nice showers. lets hope its a one off.
  14. When a few good people stand firm,change can happen,you need to stand together and support the local effort to make no areas more acceptable places,being more selfless not selfish,hiding in your boat with the doors locked living in fear,is not the way to solve things. its easy to find fault with some places and talk the area down,you want to play your part in putting the great back into britain. I moor alone in dodgy places,I pick a bit of litter up around my boat and engage in conversations with people,and try and whip them up into a frenzy about being more thoughtful regarding that area,some people for whatever reason are not ready to change there bad behavour at the moment,this is your country and your life,its easy to do nothing.......
  15. Ive seen a young couple on NB Hannah for a few years,a few times with a mechanic fixing things,there batteries were dead etc etc,considering the amount they paid each month,laughable ,the boat was beyond the end of its life I also know of a chap who tried to move two boats for escape the rat race and call in at marinas enroute until they were sold.I did some locks for him as he was single handed moving breasted up boats The next time I saw the boats was on the towpath path outside whilton. before cowroast changed hands,the chap in the marina told me he was asked to look at them,after a quick look from a distance he said no chance, then last year i saw one of the boats with a couple on one of the pair,another mechanic fixing something in the arse end of no where. Ive already have someone to stay on my boat rent free next winter when i go away for a month,and there are people who just want someone to boat sit for periods of times.
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