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  1. Hi just a quick question, I have an Isuzu 42 engine, but when changing oil, I have to fit a piece of hose pipe to the pump extractor, so my question is, what is the name of that little bent tube on top of pump, as mine is not there and would make the job easier, I presume it just screws on. Thanks.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. Thanks for all replies, it’s just me who reports to crt then for inconsiderate behaviour, I hope more people do it in future, take pics and videos of the same, hopefully to remind people to be considerate. The thread is getting a bit personal, which wasn’t my intention, I was having a moan because I had two days on the run , in different locations of it happening, anyway, let’s all relax and have fun boating, be nice to each other.
  4. I did explain that I had confronted people on three occasions, and it didn’t go well, so I don’t do that now, I just report to crt. But you did spell I.Q. adequately.
  5. Hmm , Matt Hancock thought the same till he was discovered too.
  6. Who is “us” don’t try to hide in the crowd.
  7. I have seen this scenario pan out a few different ways, from friendly to obnoxious, what has hire boaters got to do with it, ? i try to do it in a friendly way, in the best way I see at the time. Being nice is the way to do it every time, even if it inconveniences you.
  8. I have answered that question already, are you annoyed by me bringing this subject up
  9. I used to send a Mensa request questionnaire to one of my colleagues, but I used to spell his name slightly wrong, and his address out by one number, so his neighbour, would have to keep handing it to him saying , you got your address wrong again,..each month.
  10. How many times have you had to have it tested?
  11. If you read the rules , they also state, if you are out in the country with no one else about,you can run your engine outside these rules., you did start off with a reasoned reply, but then let yourself down Why did you have your I Q tested, who questioned it , and for what reason…..
  12. Are you a bullying friend, back up other people to bully people out of their thoughts to agree with yours?
  13. And how’s that? Is he your friend, is he your boaty friend ?
  14. And I thought running your engine outside the rules was rude, oh well , I am in the minority.
  15. So in their defence, they say, they are intelligent, and they use that as a defence, and I ask, but are they, as their behaviour appears to show otherwise, to question that is rude. How British. However I like Britishness, but it is deployed in this instance without true reason sir.
  16. That was pretty much my reason for original question, but I think it is exceptional for me to find a reason, why I would need to run my engine after eight o clock, have never done it yet, it’s selfish behaviour in my opinion of those who do not plan ahead , or find more difficult options that might cost them money, easier to do what they think they need and possibly annoy other people.
  17. Is it not fair to question the intelligence of that of which is quoted, if it is a defence of their actions. ? So, what should we do when people are ruining our day, after a lovely cruise, we sit outside , glass of wine enjoying the view, and boat in front of you puts there engine on past the rule times. He may have excuses, beware, or not care.
  18. Well I think it’s part of the license agreement, so now I do not confront, unless I can’t stand it any longer, I report to canal and river trust, I did just that last night, snitch I know. Is it not fair to ask with which intelligence one is quoting ?
  19. My responses, maybe, it’s a discussion forum, I disagree with boaters, thinking the rules do not apply to them because of …. It’s not convenient, I can’t cope, I have to do as I wish because I have not planned ahead.
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