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  1. Hi. Changed my boats name 2/3 years ago. Still floating. Did do the ritual of getting rid of the old name and renaming it. Took video and put it on u tube. If you are the slightest bit interested, go u tube and type in "Geezenstack", look under "naming my boat." Have fun.
  2. Hi. Had one a few weeks ago, said "hang on just need to get a pen and paper", put phone down and watched tv, went back after an hour and they had hanged up, don't know how long they stayed on, don't care.
  3. Hi. Meeting some friends in Loughborough, had a look in Pearsons, (10 years old), and can not find any moorings, water point by the Boat Inn, but that seems to be it. Do not want to park there whilst I walk up to the station, any suggestions? Many thanks.
  4. Hi. Bit confused, have been told that you can leave inverter on 24/7 with no harm done. Do you have to turn it off? If so, when?
  5. Parked at the visitors moorings at the moment, just across from the Navigation pub. Plenty of room.
  6. Hi. Off topic, Not sure, but was the name of Dan Dare's space ship called "Anastasia"? Digby, The Mekon, ahh, the good old days of the "Eagle". When two flying saucer sherberts cost half a penny. (Old money).
  7. Hi. Take a photo on your phone, and show when asked.
  8. Picard


    Hi. Whats the cost? Could not see on webb site.
  9. Hi. How many watches, clocks, other, did you change this morning. My total was 18. 7 clocks, 5 watches, 1 micro wave, 1 mobile, 1 camera, 1 blood test unit, 1 i pod, 1 car clock. Laptop, dab radio and t.v. box changed on their own. Oh well, same again in 6 mths.
  10. When I changed my boats name, and just for fun, I made a short video clip. Can't do linky thing, but go to "You Tube", type in "Geezenstack", and look for "Naming my boat".
  11. If you keep on looking at the word "MUCH", it becomes gobbledegook.
  12. Duct Tape. If it won't sort your problem your not useing enough. With thanks to the member that I saw that on his post.
  13. Hi. Maybe I'm going off track a bit, but should it not be an opp out thing. That is every one one that dies, have their parts donated unless they say no.
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