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  1. Thanks rusty, that's not nothing that some solid gold advice. It's what I thought but wanted to check before I shelled out cash for a polisher. Cheers man, x
  2. Hi everyone, I am going to try to fix up the outside of my grp boat but I have never done this before and could do with a little advice. The previous owner painted it some wrong type of paint that has totally peeled off and is really patchy. I have taken as much off as I can but I think I need to buy some paint stripper any recommendations or guidance on how to do it? Thanks And also once I've stripped the paint would like to polish to a nice finish but I'm not sure what im doing? Any recomendations or advice to help me with my research would be mega appreciated! Like do I nneed to buy a polished? Or can I buy a polishing head for my angle grinder? And what compound would you recommend? Thanks for your help everyone. Any help at all to get s handle on what I'm doing. Thank you thank you thank you you wonderful boaters. X
  3. thanks guys! ill pick the rope apart i think and push it in. really good advice on putting the silicone in in layers! thanks for all your help! x
  4. Hi you lot, I have yet another question about my stove. im almost there. I have everything installed but the increasing adaptor is just sitting in the stove. How do i seal this up. the gap is really small and i bought some fire rope at 6mm thinking i could squeeze it in but it wont fit. Can i just fill it with heat proof silicone? then fire cement round the outside????? or shouldi wait and get smaller gage fire rope? What would yea think/recomend? Thanks for all your help. this forum has been incredible for helping me learn how to install my stove safely. hope you are all staying warm out there x
  5. Hey keeping up! That sounds like a much better solution. Was worried it wouldn't pass a safety inspection. But if yours has passed then i think thats what i'll do! Thanks for your help!! Totally solved my problem and made the job simpler more than more difficult!!!! Thank you you are amazing x
  6. Hey boat folks, I'm installing my stove and according to the guidelines the stove must be FIXED FIRMLY IN PLACE. In CAPS so it must be important. My stove is on legs that just end in a stump and i don't know how to fix that to the fire board and plywood beneath????? Any ideas? The only solution i can think of is L brackets on legs then screwed into the base. But this will require drilling holes into the legs of the cast iron stove. Any advice on how to do this???? What type of drill bit? How difficult it is? People are saying to use cutting oil? but i don't really know what that is? I only have a fairly weak battery drill will i need something more powerful to get through cast iron? Or is it better to take the stove somewhere and get it drilled for me. If so would you know where i could go in london? Thanks for all your help. You people save the day for me on a near daily basis these days. thank you x
  7. thanks for the help you boating beautys. I think your suggestion chewbacka is super more complex than i am needing/capable of. I might try that Isopon filler graham. Thanks for the help yous lot. If anyone has any better /easier solutions or advice on using Isopon filler please let me know. I'm looking for a quick fix because it's not really a big problem anyway. Even fixing it in the first place is maybe a bit of over kill. thank you for your help everyone. x
  8. Hi everyone, Any ideas the best way to plug up a hole on my grp boat? It was previously the outake pipe from the sink, It has a hard plastic casing round it for the hose to connect to so I'm looking for some thing that I can put in there like a type of putty or something that will block it up. I'm building my stove there and don't really want to build a wall over the hole without making sure that it is sealed. Thanks for your suggestions and wisdom. Thank you x
  9. thanks you guys- really great advice there. So helpful. Thank you so much. You are all wonderful x
  10. Hi you lot of fantastic boat freaks, I am finally putting my stove together. Going to tile the surrounding area this week. Do i need any specific type of heat proof tiles? or just regular ceramic tiles do it? Also any heat proof adhesive or anything? I have 25 mm calcium silicate board with 10mm air gap behind.. Any one know if i can affix tiles directly onto calcium silicate? Thanks for any advise you got for me. You people are beautiful x thankyou
  11. thanks blackrose - really helpful! I'm slowly but surely getting there and learning a lot along the way. I found these guys https://www.thestonebakeovencompany.co.uk/shop/additional-insulation-materials/2-x-25mm-calcium-silicate-board/ selling really cheap 25mm calcium silicate but i gots a feeling the boards will be really small cos they dont mention size at all. so i might even be able to upgrade to 25mm masterboard! I cant wait to get this stove in and heating up ma little boat! Thanks for taking the time to help me out. Very very appreciated x
  12. amazing black rose! thanks for that advise. I was totally going to use wood offcuts to create the air gap. I'm really glad you pointed that out to me! I think im gonna get the 12mm masterboard and be done with it. That was really helpful of you. thank you x
  13. hey you lot - thanks for all your help and advice. still trying to figure all this out. thanks for your warnings too J R ALSOP it defo is hammering home the importance of doing this safe and correct but I have seen lots of grp boats with stoves and am confident i can do this safely. and dave payne where did you get fireboard for 30quid? im looking at masterboard from travis perkins here https://www.travisperkins.co.uk/Product/Building-Materials/Insulation+Plasterboard/Plaster+Plasterboards/Fire-Resistant-Boards/c/1500012 and 12mm is like 140quid. I cant even find 25mm masterboard. I am willing to spend the money if its going to make sure my boat doesn't melt! ha ha I still really cant think of a solution for how to fix my stove firmly in place. thanks for all your help.
  14. thanks murflynn - do you think because my stove is on legs it'd be safe not to put down master board? just 18mm ply and then cement board? under the ply there is another big air gap of about twenty cm down to the hull. thanks man un
  15. Hi all, I am trying to instal a stove on my grp boat and i aint never done this before so asking lots of questions of you wonderful boaters to try to keep me right. following these guidelines: http://www.soliftec.com/Boat%20Stoves%201-page.pdf 1 It is saying the surrounds should be made of 25mm masterboard but thats SO expensive. And at a boatyard they said 12mm would do it. Who should i trust? 2 and for the hearth under my stove. i'm worried that the master board will be really brittle under a heavy stove with the 10mm air gap? Is it cool to just put lots off cuts under to keep it sturdy? 3 my stove is on long legs maybe 20cm. do you think under the hearth that will allow me to use less master board under the cement board?? 4 - how would you suggest that i fix my stove firmly in place??? it must be important because they've written it in bold! Thank you for any help you can give me. Sorry if these questions seem really simple but i've never done this before. So thanks for your patience.
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