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  1. Yeah she's probably a little too mobile.
  2. So it's been 8 good years as a cruising liveaboard on Valhalla, but everything comes to an end. My mind has turned to sailing (probably a Westerly on the Orwell somewhere), and my partner's to plumbing and it's near impossible to do both without bricks & mortar. Out boat is ..quite unique https://www.kateboats.co.uk/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/valhalla.pdf (with various improvements). Can anyone suggest a reputable broker? Or would a private sale be better? I was thinking the London market might be better (other than their desire for massive widebeams), as you get more than a
  3. Hang around near a lock and ask? We once towed a narrowboat from Teddington to the K&A, cruiser shouldn't be a problem.
  4. Most of the long term moorings round there are probably vacant, as nobody seems to be around in winter at least. Opposite Tesco on the entrance to the basin often has spaces. I wouldn't worry too much around there.
  5. We have a DC/DC to step down our 12v sockets, it's bloody inefficient though - maybe 80%
  6. Might have been hallucinating, but I definitely saw it. Hard to miss. Shame I didn't take a picture. Maybe it sprouted legs to get past foxton
  7. Don't stop until Littleborough. We do it early in the morning if possible when the locals will warn you about the ..other locals. Generally the people who will give you shit are not going to be up at 9am on a Sunday - just nice African Ladies on their way to church (they asked us if we were cleaning the canal and gave us some Jesus stuff). Never had an incident there (unlike the Rochdale 9) but it is basically Shameless: The Canal Trip, so good to be cautious.
  8. I saw this beast going down the Nottingham and Beeston canal towards Trent bridge a few weeks back. I guess they must have turned round and gone back down the GU. Thing is much more appropriate for the river. Moorhen nests seemed to be intact. If you are going to splurge that much cash on a new dutch barge, why not one with a nice chined hull so you can play on the lumpy stuff a bit?
  9. If you want to actually move while CCing to places with public transport it was a pain too, we were basically stuck on the bridgewater at one point
  10. The state of the north west canals was partially the reason we moved cruising location to around Nottingham, legit CC in the region was getting difficult. I'm assuming the winter trick around Notts is to get accidentally stuck on the Beeston canal while the Trent is in a bad mood.
  11. oarfish


    The boat dwelling version of Well-B would be more like if Marvin the Paranoid Android were worryingly obsessed by dredging.
  12. oarfish


    You can tell Well-B is not a boater as its well-being meter did not drop upon seeing the centre line mooring
  13. Anybody know a good one? Have an issue with our charging setup that I can't figure out at all.
  14. Bridgewater license needed paperwork via post last time, is a call enough for Pomona?
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