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  1. Advice needed (not a narrow boat)

    Hi,PM sent.
  2. cara cruiser

    The Caracruiser has a separate trailer from which it is launched in the conventional way.The Caraboat,however,carries it`s towing gear with it and is launched by simply rolling it down the slipway and sailing away.As for the wheels and hitch not surviving long under water,mine is still going since I restored it 15 years ago and fitted replacement wheels and hubs(for safety`s sake), with the original suspension units,towing hitch and chassis from 1972.Is that long enough?
  3. cara cruiser

    The one on the Leek arm is a Caracruiser not a Caraboat.
  4. cara cruiser

    Some information on Caracruisers can be found on the Caraboat forum.
  5. I`m a Caraboat forum member.Would you like me to contact him for you?If so.do you have contact info for me to give him?Hope this helps.
  6. Name your boat?

    We`ve a Caraboat (wheels and a towhitch on it),so what else could it be but Mr Towed?
  7. Retford Mariners Boat Club

    Hi,I`m trying to contact this club through thier website contacts page,but when I try to send my message,it refuses to connect.Ive tried several times in the last week,but no joy.I was just wondering if anyone on here could help with a contact address or phone number.Any help appreciated,thanks.
  8. Retford Mariners Boat Club

    Spot on,thanks for your help.
  9. Retford Mariners Boat Club

    Thanks for that ,I`ll give it a try.
  10. Interesting Boat

    It`s the most stable boat I`ve ever had.It has a cathedral hull,which is almost like a catamaran.Interior space is bigger than any other boat of it`s size.We absolutely love it.(It can also turn in it`s own length,so no need for winding holes).
  11. Interesting Boat

    Hi,check out the Caraboat website.
  12. Interesting Boat

    That`s exactly what we do when we go cruising in our CARABOAT!!
  13. honda marine

    That was probably Kath or her daughter.Kath probably knows more about inland boats than anyone else I know.Glad to have helped.
  14. honda marine

    Stone boatbuilders(www.stoneboatbuilding.co.uk) have always been my first choice for Honda marine parts.Hope this helps.
  15. Dog Attacks: OK - legally - if in private!

    But who`s responsible for us?Most people I encounter don`t seem to want to take responsibility for their own actions.
  16. Dog Attacks: OK - legally - if in private!

    Yes,but not as often as people!
  17. Dog Attacks: OK - legally - if in private!

    Very true,almost all the people I`ve ever had the "pleasure" of knowing would sell their mothers for the right price.My dogs on the other hand just want to be my friend with no strings attached.
  18. Dog Attacks: OK - legally - if in private!

    I`d trust my dogs more than almost any people I know!
  19. Forum Running Slow

    It`s OK for me.
  20. Caraboat on eBay

    A bit over 16 ft long actually,and very roomy inside.There`s no trailer as such,all the wheels and towhitch are built into the boat.Are you sure you`re not confusing it with a Caracruiser,which is quite a different beast?
  21. Explorer licence?

    We use a 30 day explorer licence for our Caraboat as it allows us to use the boat for ANY 30 days in the year and they do not have to be consecutive.So we can get up to 4 separate weeks holiday.Thus making it a very reasonable price.
  22. Caraboat on eBay

    Hi,if using a Caraboat as a `visiting boat`,with an explorer licence,a safety certificate is not needed.
  23. Boat names

    We called our Caraboat Mr Towed!
  24. Petrol Station help on my next trip

    Hi,I usually take my satnav, which shows fuel stations close to the canal.
  25. caraboats

    Hi,no I haven`t a website but there is (or was)a site about a Caraboat refit but I can`t remember his name .Try looking on the Caraboat club website to see if you can trace it. Just remembered his name .Tom Bradley.Hope this helps.