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    Jesus H F***** Christ, I apologise for useing the word "Plod", I apologise for asking a simple question, I apologise for being a member of this forum, for Gods sake all of you, grow up.
  2. 2 points
    Hardly any. I refuse to live in a prison and obsess about imagined burglaries that seldom happen.
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    Tis the nature of the beast sometimes. The secret is to ignore any replies that don't help you and wait for the ones that do - they will come because there's a lot of very helpful people on the forum with a wealth of knowledge - you just have to ignore the ones that just seem to want a fight
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    There we go again, the boys in blue( or maybe black with flourescent yellow hi vis waistcoats), turn up after the fight to provide advice......does Picard get a victim support leaflet? :-)
  5. 1 point
    Morning ! What a thread ! Ok, ex Plod here ...... I take no offence to that term, and it is a term that Police use to describe police ! Ministry of Defence Police are simply known as MOD PLOD for example. No 'specific' legislation relating to Samarai Swords, they would like other articles fall under sec 139 Criminal Justice Act or indeed Sec 1 Prevention of Crime Act , if used or carried in a public place . A boat is not a public place, so you would not be committing an offence to have them displayed within the boat. Some good advice so far from posters; make sure your boat is well secured at all times, and that the swords are themselves well secured , preventing accidents or easy removal. Suffice to say, when transporting these items to your boat, have them well packaged and out of sight. Ian
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    I have no idea why people have a problem with your question! anyway, as far as I can see, (not Plod) the question should be 'are your swords illegal' apperently, single edged curved samurai were banned in the UK in 2008, so yes, they would be illegal everywhere. but, straight edged swords or collectors swords can be owned legally. I guess it would be down to you to secure them and not hit anyone with them! this is from a google search, I don't have swords and am not a police officer. I mooring pin can be used as a weapon yet remain legal. A kitchen knief becomes illegal on the street ETC ETC. Good luck and don't stop posting... To add: Plod An allusion to Mr Plod the Policeman in Enid Blyton's Noddy stories for children.
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    Quite right too.. I take it they displayed a valid licence and were tidy in their appearance also.. nor did they linger on a water point...
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    One of the joys of getting our own boat, and therefore not having a TV provided on a hire boat, was that we discovered BBC radio 4, especially the 6.30 evening slot. It is so good just to listen to a programe, be entertained or informed via a medium in which the words and their content are important, as opposed to being some adjunct to moving pictures. Rain is an excuse to moor up early and switch on the original magic box. Dave
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    Just cooking some mushrooms on toast, brewing another cup of coffee and listening to "From our own correspondent" on Radio 4. Looking out the window at the occasional narrowboater braving the torrential rain. Each to their own, but I can't help feeling that anyone boating without a wheelhouse in this weather must be slightly obsessive.
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