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Replacement water pump question


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Nothing is ever as easy as it seems. My Shurflo 20psi 10.8 litres per minute fresh water pump has gone south. I've dismantled and cleaned up but no joy. Fair enough though as it has been in service for many years so going to spend £50 on another. 

However there is no direct replacement. I've just had a new 20psi pump delivered but found it only delivers 7 litres per second. So damn ordered the wrong one. However the 10 litre version is now 30 psi. So what to do. There is no direct Shurflo swap. 

I don't want to drop flow to 7 litres as I'm powering kitchen, bathroom and shower and am happy with the flow as is. But if I order the 10 litre model do I need to worry about going up to 30psi?

As usual I'm looking for an easy swap as the connectors, mountings and electrics are identical on the new ones.  So thinking of returning it for the 10 litre 30psi but concerned if that's going to be to much for the pipework.

Any thoughts??





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You need to find out the max pressure your water system is capable of - the two items which have pertinant ratings are the calorifier and the PRV (pressure relief valve). You might have an expansion tank instead of/as well as the PRV. And, the pipework would need to be up to scratch for the higher pressure, although this should be a non-issue as water pipework, taps, accumulator, etc etc should be okay up to at least 10 bar or so.

The pump may be pressure adjustable although its normally not designed to be user-adjusted and might void the warranty etc etc.

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30psi is two bar (roughly) so the (usually) 3 bar PRV on a calorifer should be fine.

In addition it will only generate 30psi at zero flow, so if there is an adjuster on the pressure switch you could adjust it down to switch off at 20psi.

Or.... fit an additional, independent pressure switch on the outlet set to 20psi. Or a pressure regulator!

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