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Webasto installers

matt grimston

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I did see CB Boats change an old Alde for a Webasto two / three years ago whilst moored in Ventnor .


Colin did a service for me this season, very happy and a good guy to deal with. Colin and I had a few email exchanges regarding changing our Kabola for a Webasto as we were struggling to find an engineer to service / fix the Kabola, luckily we found someone.


 Colin Rowe (CB Boats)


PM me if you want his details

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They're not actually that difficult to install yourself. If I can do it (almost) anyone can. I just took my time, followed what instructions were available in print and online and asked questions here if I was in doubt. 


Assuming you're talking about a water heater, one important aspect that isn't covered in the installation instructions (because they can't cover everything), is making sure that the kW or BTU output of your central heating system roughly matches the output of the heater. So if you've got a 5kW Webasto you need enough radiators combined to match that output. You can include a bit for the pipework too. 


If you've got too many rads with a combined kW rating above the output of the heater the rads might not get hot enough. If you don't have enough rads (which is more common on boats), then the hot water circulating through the system won't be able to lose enough heat and will go back to the heater still hot. The heater will then start to cycle down and will end up getting choked up prematurely. These diesel heaters need to be run hard. For the same reason you should take the thermostatic valves off the radiators because you don't want them to shut down when they get hot. 


When you're matching the output of the central heating system with the heater ignore the calorifier, because once that's hot it's not taking any heat from the Webasto.


It's worth doing this CH/heater output comparison even if you aren't installing the heater yourself. It just means you're already in a good place when the installer arrives.

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