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On 18/06/2023 at 23:23, Stroudwater1 said:

Good stuff Steve. If you had been around approximately 10 years ago you could have walked along the concreted canal bed through Capels Mill. It was an interesting experience and good to see it so busy.

I suspect Ian may have photographed it.

The original line  went through the bridge hole that is now the road. As you mentioned the park was a rubbish dump and if you look closely at the concrete pillars on the left there is much remaining rubbish trapped in the  concrete cylinders. 

Best I can do is this from their website 




Unfortunately I didn't make it down there for that one.


I have a vague memory of walking the old line in the early 1980's as part of a Canal Trust sponsored walk when I was very young.


The piled retaining wall holding back the rubbish dump was meant to be clad in brick but that was not carried out in order to save money.

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I've been lax at posting these!


The Second part of my recent 3 Part Video 




and the 3rd




apologies about the more clickbait style titles, I've got someone teaching me the ways of Youtube!


Does anyone have any idea on the number of falls in Sapperton Tunnel? I know the first ones happened around 1911 with further falls in 1916, I guess more have happened since then?

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I finally get back on the The Cotswold Canals with the latest on the planning for the Missing Mile, join me as I walk the entire route and look what’s in store for this exciting project! 

Cotswold Canals Connected




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