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Immersion heater switch - neon not lighting up


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Some of the new stuff is not as robust as the old. MK used to be the Rolls-Royce choice but I was frankly disappointed with some of the stuff they make now, which seems to have been value engineered downwards since MK was acquired by another company and much manufacture moved off-shore. 


As an example, consider the MK cooker point switch with 13A socket and neons I got for my son's new kitchen 5 years ago. After installing, the neons were found not to line up with their transparent red windows. On removing and inspecting, it transpired that no provision was made for fixing the neons in position, it was a question of pushing and pulling the leads to line them up. In doing so, the transparent red windows popped out. The only thing holding them in was two woefully inadequate detents that could not hold the window in place against the slight pressure of a glass neon bulb on the end of a piece of thin copper wire. The corresponding MK cooker switch and socket I installed at home nearly 40 years ago is much more sturdy. We rarely isolate our cooker (currently a gas cooker,  the electricity only powers the oven lights, clock timer  and the ignition), and the neons remain undimmed after nearly 40 years of operation 24/7.

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