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Canal tunnel ghost story


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I was wondering if any ghost story officinados out there could help me track down a canal ghost story I heard many years ago as a child holidaying on the canals.

The story went something like this:

A woman was married to a navvyman of gigantic stature but a short temper. He was famous for being an amazing worker. One day his wife was delayed on her way to bring his lunch and didn't arrive until his lunch break was ending. In a fit of temper he struck her and she fell dead to the ground.

The story went that the murder was covered up by the canal construction company because the navvy in question was indispensable at the time on the works which were being undertaken and because of this the body was hastily buried somewhere or thrown into the canal. It was her ghost which was said to haunt this particular tunnel.


I have no idea which tunnel this was or even which canal. I have scoured the internet and cannot find it. Does it ring a bell with anyone?

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21 hours ago, magnetman said:

Blisworth tunnel. 

It would appear that Blisworth does have a number of ghosts but nothing that I can find answering to this description. Unless you know something I don't...

18 hours ago, noddyboater said:

Look under History and Heritage at the recent thread,  Canal Ghosts. 

Actually I started there but can't find anything that matches.

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