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No idle


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Coming back to the mooring today put the revs right down almost idle sr2stopped

started first turn when I was going out ignition light went out touch of revs

probally a two hour run didn’t go above half throttle 

carry an aux but still like to know why engine cut out at idle 

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Is the oil level going up and does the oil feel thin & smell of diesel?


All those air cooled Listers have a nasty habit of leaking fuel into their oil and that can cause partial seizure that causes the engine to stop when it drops to tickover.

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15 minutes ago, Roxylass said:

Thanks tony if it happens again I shall try this 

Paul J no restriction to the air at all 

Aah well-thought Id try the cheapest possibility first .

The next time I came across this problem the engine actually had no oil in it. That was several years ago and as far as I know the owner is still happily chugging about with it ? Robust engines them..

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