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  1. Hi there, I am looking to sell my two Kelvin TASC-8 diesel engines, from 1986. The box is not available, but all ancillary parts are available. 8 cylinders, 31 liter. 440 hp, rpm 1200. I thought there may be a collector out there interested, or a company who could find the parts useful. Does anyone know a place that would take these off my hands? Thank you for your suggestions.
  2. Hi, My wife and I are both 41, and we have two kids. We've been really thinking recently about the pace of life, working all hours to cover a mortgage, building fees, bills and all the other costs in life, and having enough at the end of the month to scrape by. We're really needing a change. I can even reduce my working hours, - I just need a laptop and 4G connection to do my job. A friend of ours who lives in Bath has told me that a few people he knows, have become 'liveaboards' and never looked back. We have had the idea in the back of our minds for a while to go and considered it an option to do some research. I was wondering if anyone would be so kind to tell us of their experiences and how it has worked out for them? Possibly - and I know this sounds awfully cheeky - would anyone in the Bath area, maybe able to have a chat in person? - I will be in the UK some time in August. We're UK citizens, living in The Netherlands, looking to return to the UK as the stress and cost since Brexit is taking quite a toll on us. Best wishes, Chris.
  3. Nati

    Kelvin K2 engineer

    Hi guys about to buy boat with kelvin k2 engine however engine is disconnected and before I pay for the boat I want someone experience to have a look at it and hopefully connect it for me so can anyone help me find person that have a clue about this vintage engine? I know those engine are very good and I would love mine to run thank you
  4. hi all my narrow boat has sunk on the river you can still see top of it have been trying to find someone or some how to lift it someone told me it can be done by airbags but have lok for somewhere to get or do but am on further with getting it lifted so can anyone hepl me on here regards david
  5. This morning at 8am an 18 month chocolate brown Patterdale Terrier was stolen on the tow path at Angel. He is microchipped and has a tag. If anyone saw ANYTHING or sees him please call 07759 515057 IMMEDIATELY. This puppy has a loving home on a boat with another patterdale and needs to be found as soon as possible. Any help much appreciated. Please see picture on Twitter @ahbess to help. Thank you.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  8. Hello First question from a newbie, we have put a deposit on a 57' Cruiser Deck narrow boat in Great Heywood Marina, we have fallen in love with her already but now we have to have to find a surveyor and have her surveyed. Can anyone recommend a surveyor in the area and can anyone give me an idea of how much the survey should cost. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. We are really looking forward to getting on the boat and start to meet people and just enjoying the life. Regards Sally & Jess
  9. Hello all, Sorry for the long post and the rather basic questions, I am a genius with computers but a complete novice when it comes to boats. I have recently become the owner of another cabin cruiser after receiving a second chance offer on eBay and am after some advice/guidance on renovating her. This was the original advert: 20ft Cabin Cruiser Chenise is a great little family cruiser ideal for both river and sea, she has a forward cabin equipped with sink, work tops, bench seating with storage under, top hatch with integrated fan and two under counter cupboards. The V shaped hull is designed to form a bed with the appropriate cushions and boarding. A 12v inverter is fitted to power 240v equipment via the solar charged battery such as dvd player, radio etc. The rear deck has a full canopy witch has recently been re-proofed, the flooring is decking planks with an access panel to the electric bilge pump. Bench seating with loads of storage under including manual bilge pump. Water from the bilge and sink is ejected via built in ports. Steering wheel and remote controls for the main engine, cabin door with padlock clasp, window and port hole with removable panel. The decks have anti slip plates, bow rails, bow anchor roller, tie off points etc. 2x nav lights and 1x rod holder. Main Engine. Mercury 40hp (pull start) connected to remote steering and controls, last serviced November 2014. Great motor and moves her along on both river and sea. (see below) Auxiliary Motor. Mariner 2hp. Small unit but pushes her along to get you home if main engine should fail. Recent service with new impeller, oil etc. Chenise is a great boat and has given us some good family weekend fishing / cruising etc. She is currently moored at Heybridge Basin in Essex offering great cruising and fishing and access to the sea via the manned sea lock. It is possible to sail to Chelmsford stopping off at supermarkets and pubs on the way for great family days out. (Moorings available) Chenise was bought with the intention of a full refurbishment but enjoyed her so much we never got round to it and just enjoyed her “as is”. We have now purchased a larger boat hence this sale. Bad Bits. Used boat 2 weeks ago and all fine but now can’t start main engine, started to rub down cabin but never finished. Needs some TLC but will come good. Viewing welcomed and encouraged. Was purchased in this location so no trailer. If you buy to remove she will need to be sailed through sea lock to a slip way about 15 min sail at the cost of £30 to use slip way. (aux engine will get you there) Less than 10 feedback score please contact me before bidding! UK buyers only. You bid to buy, not view or haggle so please come and view if you have any concerns as this is now relisted and I really need the mooring for new boat Pictures can be viewed here: http://s287.photobucket.com/user/southeastbikers/library/Chenice?sort=3&page=1 The pictures are from two adverts, the original sale in August, which apparently fell through (and then the Mercury outboard unit stopped working) and how it looks now with the yellow/green interior, sink, and worktop units. She is cosmetically a tidy cabin cruiser but I need help with creating a 'plan' of things required to have her canal/seaworthy as I wish to take her from her current moorings out of the sealock and around to other rivers/routes (she is currently on a 13mile navigation that does not connect to anything else) So far I have secured the rights to her moorings and insured her with AIG (Insured her as a Microplus, although any confirmation would be great!), and thankfully at this stage she does not require a BSC due to being moored at the Basin, but obviously this would be necessary to take her on either the current navigation or any other inland waters. My first priority is to have the outboard repaired and hopefully have this running, having no experience of outboards and limited experiences of boats in general this will certainly be an adventure/challenge, I am currently attempting to contact the previous owner to obtain the 'auxilary engine' mentioned in the advert as this was not left on the boat, nor were any batteries or other marine items. My questions are: The boat apparently has 2 navigation lights but I have not seen a fuse panel like we have on our other boat, infact I am not sure how any of the electrical components are being powered so would like to fit a fuse panel, are these panels difficult to wire in yourself and do they need to meet any sort of requirements? What one would I require? According to the advert, there was a small auxilary engine (which we are still attempting to obtain), other boats we have seen have these mounted on a square block that protudes from one side of the transom, but our boat does not have this, is there a specialist mount we require to mount this next to the main engine? I aim to kit out the interior further, do I require a particular foam/wood for this purpose? I am not a fan of the padlock/clasp cabin lock, are there any issues with fitting a general yale-type door lock to cabin doors? I'm sure I will come across more on a closer inspection over the weekend, but all help for now is much appreciated!
  10. We have had an Enox All-in-line 12V/240V TV for about 9 months now, and we have only ever watched DVDs on it due to our incompetence and ignorance when it comes to setting up televisions. Apparently it can be used with satellite or freeview/DVB. We have tried the old aerial that came with the boat, a satellite kit from Maplins, and now a one-for-all digital TV aerial. Either we are rubbish or our TV is and I don't think we have the know-how to work out which it is (though I could take a guess...) So, if you live in the Cropredy area, or know someone who does, and know something about setting up TVs, PLEASE help us. We will pay in money, or food, or beer, or tea and biscuits - whichever you prefer. Thank you in advance.
  11. Evening boaters I'm after some advice, we are moored on Gloucester and Sharpness canal system and have a cruiser which we use on the canal and river severn, and sometimes go out in to the channel etc for entry to Bristol. Anyway, we have been advertising for a 3rd member of the boat share we operate (informally) and are having no luck. I've advertised on apolloduck, in local marinas, on the boat itself but there is not much interest. I'd welcome any ideas or pointers to where we should be looking to get someone interested. We cannot afford (justify) keeping 50% each as we don't get enough use of it with real life often getting in the way. Hopefully someone will have an idea (or even better know someone in the South West who wants a 3rd of a cruiser! Cheers, James
  12. Hi guys, I've found a boat which i'm keen to go view this weekend, it's in Cardiff I'm in London, and I'm keen to turn it into a live aboard for me and the Mrs. The only thing is, it has no shower. Can someone lead me in the direction of someone that fits showers/ or a website where I can browse NB shower prices? Here's a link to the boat: http://narrowboats.apolloduck.co.uk/feature.phtml?id=385613 The boat will also require lifting out the water and transporting to a Canal, possibly near London. I've been quoted £1000 by the Ship brokers. Is this an overpriced estimate? Thanks for your time again! Wes
  13. Hi I need to move my boat from today-Thursday from Fenny Stratford to Bates Boatyard (Aylesbury arm GU). Are there any helpers for the locks? Stoke Hammond Lock, Soulbury Locks, Leighton Lock, Grove Lock, Church Lock, Slapton Lock, Horton Lock, Ivinghoe Locks, Seabrook Locks, Marsworth Two Locks and then the 11 locks from Marsworth junction down to Puttenham. That is a lot of locks :/ Hope to arrive at Fenny this afternoon. So realistically there will be none before tomorrow. Would anyone be around to kindly help with any of them? Sadly I am having to do this bit of the journey on my own so would greatly appreciate the help. Thanks very much
  14. Hello, Just looking for a bit of advice from the people in the know. I am considering buying a dutch barge to CC through the Lea, Regents and Grand Union canals. The only problem I can foresee is that the air draft is 3m which according to Canal Data is too high for all these canals. It's a really great boat and the wheelhouse forms the main saloon so I would need to keep it. There is a bit of lea-way to lower the roof - has anyone had any experience in doing this? Or making it collapsable? The wheelhouse is steel as well so I'm guessing this would make it more expensive? Any help/advice would be gratefully received. Thanks
  15. Me and a friend wish to buy a boat to live on, we have no idea about anything really on what is required to do everything right and legal. any information what so ever would be greatly appreciated.
  16. Hi, im new member here. I´m Kenneth from Denmark. I have a Thornycroft BMC 90-1.5 Diesel, in my boat. The engine runs great, but leaks oil from the crank behind the flywheel. This engine have no oil seal. Is there anything i can do to make it stop leaking? Is there some kind of an oil seal kit that could be mounted? Sorry for my bad English :-) Greetings, Kenneth
  17. Hi all, this is my first post so please be gentle. Me and my girlfriend are about to buy a narrowboat. we know wat we are after but don't know which brokers to trust. Over the past year we have visited many of the well known ones and we sort of understand how it all works. But we have heard about horror stories! Can anybody give us advice on who is the least likely to take us for a ride and who we need to avoid. We know we want to go with a broker as we don't want all the admin and potential risk, but we don't know who to trust. I might be being a little paranoid, if so then tell me that! Haha. Any other advice about brokers would be extremely helpful. Thanks everyone. Jamie
  18. Hi Boaters! I am four months in to the lovely world of boating and I have been grappling with my engine not starting for a few months. After eliminating the battery, I realised the reason it wasnt turning over was because the solenoid wasnt connecting to the starter motor. I can now start it if I lift the whole floor up and spark it with a spanner. I am now trying to find out what part I need to get so that I can turn my engine on with the key, and nothing I type into the interweb seems to be right. My engine is BMC 1.8L The starter motor is LUCAS 198, b790 12V ER (that's everything written on it) The solenoid I cant see anything written on it. Do I need a new 'connector' between starter and soenoid? Do I need a new solenoid althogether? Is there a standard model? Any advice or nudges in the right direction would be great, kind of determined to see this one to the end myself! Best, Iona Moaner and the Empire Queen
  19. Hi all, Myself and my partner have recently purchased a converted paddleboat - lovingly described as a 'shed' by our surveyor. It needs a lot of work, we were present for only the last half hour of the in water, pre-purchase survey as the guy turned up an hour and a half early and we live the opposite end of London. He was a recommendation of the estate agent (we knew at the time this was probably a bad idea but didn't know the first thing about finding someone ourselves) and he seemed like a nice chap. He patiently answered any questions we had and was very honest about the condition of the boat; the hull was fine but everything above that needed work! Fast-forward to now, over a month and a half later and we have found two square feet of rusty sludge in middle of the hull. Floorboards had been covered with insulation and mdf laminate so there was nowhere for any water to go. Unsure of how to proceed, we turned to consult our survey report only to discover it still hadn't been emailed to us. After a few days of nagging, we finally received it earlier today. It is literally ten bullet points that were clearly copied from the surveyor's very basic notes (spelling mistakes and all). Is this what you get for £300??? We were at least expecting thorough ultrasound readings. The report reads '5. Hull 4.7 to water line good to 4.5 good' Is this typical? Would be grateful for any info! Thanks, Naive
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  21. Long story short; Needed to take out a water filter tap from the kitchen sink. Realised it had been fitted I'm such a bodge way it wasn't as simple as take it out plus connecting pipes then reconnect pipes lift over. After many trips to the plumb centre a literally hours of work the remaining pipework is now fitted correctly together with no jubilee clips or leaks. So turn water back, still no leaks, very happy. But... The water pump keeps having to repressurise the system once or twice a minute. Nooooo! So the only things I can think of is: A: the pipe under the floor that requires the whole kitchen to come back out (already taken it out once to fix the previous bodge job, was not fun) has a leak in the join. But I can't hear anything, then again is could just be small. Or B: Could it be possible there is air in the system that would cause the pump to keep engaging? C: something else Any thoughts? I list sanity and brain power for this job days ago so I'm not sure what I should do next. Tears are very close I'm that fed up and beaten by this task.
  22. Sorry for the question. Im 8 days old on the canals and know very little to nothing at all. 1) I put stern grease in as it was empty screwed it down until I felt some torsion, and then gave it a little twist 2) since then when I start the boat and put her into drive. the propeller does not propell and I have no control 3) After about 4-5 mins, the propeller kicks into life ("right at the critical moment Im about to crash into somebodies boat") 4) Then we are all back on and cruising " I have checked the weed hatch and its all good from what I have seen" " Do you think I have put too much grease into the propeller shaft and its just free spinning and not biting?" there is about 4-5 inches of water building up in its own chamber under the area of the stern area Cheers Guys !
  23. Hello All, I am new to this forum and hoping to glean some useful buying advice / information please. I have wanted to own, and live aboard, a narrowboat for some years now (having enjoyed many holidays / long weekends afloat in the past), and have now decided (I think!) to take the plunge and buy my own vessel. I was just wondering if you could give me any advice, positive or negative, about particular manufacturers; specifically , I want to know if it is worth spending more money on what might possibly be an older boat but one that is apparently made by a better / more reputable constructor. I came across two similar boats that I was interested in on a recent internet search; one was a 2004 Liverpool Boats 57 ft with an advertised price of around £50k, and the other was a 1999 Warble 57ft with an advertised price of nearer £80k. Both boats were similarly fitted-out with good quality interiors, and both looked to be in good tidy condition. I understand that a 1999 Ferrari or Rolls-Royce will be worth more than a 2004 Fiat or Toyota, but what I don't quite understand is this - are they not effectively the same thing (i.e. 57ft of steel), but with a different interior? My simplistic approach would say that if I took my Toyota and got the interior done by the same people who do Ferrari interiors would it be worth Ferrari money? I guess not! ;-) I have been told that the quality of the steelwork (i.e. the preparation and the general fabrication skills) would be of a much better standard on the more expensive vessel, but I would assume that fundamentally they are probably both made from the same steel that might well have come from the same mill, so am I basically paying another £30k for some neater welding?! Please pardon my ignorance, as I am wholly new to the idea of boat ownership, but I would welcome any useful information or opinions on this subject before I either end-up wishing I had spent the extra money on a 'better' boat, or end-up wondering why I wasted all that extra money! ;-) Thanks in advance. Andrew.
  24. Hi we recently had to have some work on the base of our hull as well as blacking. Our boat has been in the water for 48hrs and the blacking is appearing faded at the base of the hull? For instance where plating has been added is appearing silver through the water. It is along the side of the bank we have been moored but I would have thought if enough blacking was placed it would appear blac for longer than 2 days? Is this normal/ too soon? Can anyone give advice? We paid someone to complete the blacking also.
  25. Hi all, sorry to jump on this but you guys seem to know what you are on about. I have just installed a NASA BM1, I have 2 110ah batteries connected in parallel (connected neg to neg), wired up correctly with NO other negatives on the batteries part from the wire to the black and white side of the shunt. When everything is turned off the battery is displaying discharge of 0.01amps and when charging it goes pass 100% (to roughly 105%). I have a 100w solar panel installed (it’s giving me 0.4amps of charge due to living in Yorkshire with crap weather this time of year). The neg from the solar is also Connected to the yellow end of the shunt. Should the neg from both battery’s be connect to the black and white end of the shunt or connected together with one wire going to the black and white end? Is all this right? Have I done something wrong. Thanks in advance everyone.
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