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  1. Hi all, I've removed the top plate, underneath was a gasket covering the whole of this opening. You mentioned there might be a fuel filter in here, but it's just full of coolant. Any ideas if this is normal? Any suggestions on where to buy a gasket? Cheers, Bex
  2. Adam, Bex's boyfriend here. Thanks for the link - the engine uses an external electric fuel pump and filter, would this indicate that the internal filter would have been removed as it says in the link, or would you expect there to be an additional filter in the engine also? The leak is definitely not fuel though. Our plan from here is to carefully remove the plate and try address the sheared bolt issue. From what I can tell, the plate was only ever held down by 4 bolts in a zig zag pattern, but we'll update once we've had a look. Cheers
  3. Yep, a bit nervous of the drilling but looks like the best option. Cheers
  4. It's a closed loop system yep, probably drained a pint in 10 minutes. Looks like I'll have to bite the bullet and take the plate off, thanks
  5. Jeffyjeff


  6. Hi all, I've got an old Lister FR3M - I was recently replacing the impeller and brilliantly dropped my spanner on the engine. In the picture attached the blue arrow shows where I dropped the spanner, and this has caused a rupture in the sealant, meaning when the engine is running it's now pissing water/coolant out of this small hole. The yellow arrow shows a sheared bolt, which has made me very nervous about trying to lift this whole plate off as I don't want to shear all the other bolts off too and cause more problems. Equally I don't want to just seal it up as it is, as I think it'll be a matter of weeks before the water finds its way out again. Has anyone got any ideas or experience in this area? Cheers, Bex
  7. Great idea thank you! Good point, I can leave it alone for up to weeks so wouldn't want to run the risk
  8. I'll look into it, thank you! Great stuff thanks, yep, it's steel so it's sounding like it should be alright!
  9. OK great thanks for the advice! Haha nice, thanks, puts my mind at ease
  10. Hello, I'm current moored up in a marina and the boat will be kept here for the rest of the winter. It's fairly windy and I've just noticed my rope fenders are rubbing against the side of my boat and causing paint damage, so I'm hoping for advice please! - any pro tips from you experienced boaters on tying onto a pontoon to avoid damage? Keep the ropes a bit lose or tighten them? - I use rope fenders, should I get some little rubber ones? - how should I best care for the exposed metal where the paint damage has occurred? It's a good few inches above the waterline so maybe I can just move the fenders and repaint? If anyone knows any existing forums on this topic I'd appreciate a link to that too! Many thanks, Bex
  11. Thank you! Really helpful, thanks a lot, I'll check with the boat yard and see which ones have been ordered in Thank you, the only one I haven't researched is BSC because it just recently passed - I'll look into it more
  12. Good shout on the surveyor, I didn't think of that. Thanks It's in Liverpool Marina yeah - he id say he fitted the wrong kind and the new ones ordered in are the correct kind - do you know what I should be looking for?
  13. Thank you, good advice - it's not crt managed in this case - I'm considering proceeding with the survery but won't be rushing into it I spoke to the original surveyor who may be conducting the new survey - thanks for the advice!
  14. Hey, Thanks for the advice! The marina I'm looking at is not managed by the crt - apparently it isn't actually allowed to live on the boats but the marina turn a blind eye to it - this is from a number of sources not just the seller. It's also not particularly busy in this marina so I can't see any trouble, but it's worth a conversation with those in charge in any case, thanks for the idea. So apparently the last time the anodes were fitted they fitted the wrong size - too small - so there's meant to be 6 of the correct size. Hence the fast corrosion, although scouring the forums I can't see any resource on this - have you come across this before? Cheers Apparently the anodes were too small hence the corrosion - does this sound feasible? It has a galvanic isolator - although the marina it's been in for 2 years is famous for stray current corrosion. I think I'm definitely taking the survey option - thanks for the advice! Thank you! Haha Good advice, thank you, survey it is
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