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  1. New to boating so sorry if there is another topic I couldn't find it? Can you drop me a link @Tony Brooks ? I will have my friend check out the light situation against what you've said. It was charging 2 days ago, previously the isolators just weren't switching on properly, the switch was literally just blocked. But it's been like this something simple then kaput 30mins later. The previous owners have had the wiring a bit of a rat's nest if I'm honest too. Glad to hear someone will want our old alternator at least! @Sir Nibble
  2. Not reluctant just have no power & iffy signal near the narrowboat. Think a reply has gotten lost? It is a Lucas blocking diode and the website won't let me upload photos from my phone which is really frustrating! Alternator reads 14 when on. It is indeed an old fashioned set up with a separate regulator, the alternator is a Lucas 11 AC it doesn't have a prebuilt regulator. It has been taken off the engine and fully checked by a qualified specialist as mentioned, so this is why I say apparently. My friend is coming to check on it on Sunday (auto electrician) so will update then if the mystery is solved.
  3. Both starter and leisure are charged from the same alternator. Both batteries will charge at a mains so they are okay. When the alternator is on the batteries don't go to 13v though (both 12v). Think I've managed to follow B+ D+ suggestion nothing has changed 😣 We've had the alternator & regulator off and checked at an engineer's and everything aparently okay.
  4. So we have solved this problem around three times. Originally battery left to go flat when work being done- okay, not revving enough - okay, electrical switch not turned fully enough - okay. Yet again the charging light remains on and our leisure battery is nearing flat! The wires, alternator, regulator, split diode everything have been tested and are fine. We have a Lister SR2 and are about to pull out our hair. Any suggestions?
  5. Hi we recently had to have some work on the base of our hull as well as blacking. Our boat has been in the water for 48hrs and the blacking is appearing faded at the base of the hull? For instance where plating has been added is appearing silver through the water. It is along the side of the bank we have been moored but I would have thought if enough blacking was placed it would appear blac for longer than 2 days? Is this normal/ too soon? Can anyone give advice? We paid someone to complete the blacking also.
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